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  1. I think the Anglia you're thinking of might be the Skipper's Critter by Revell although it's not an altered. Couldn't find a decent enough pic to determine it's class, but I THINK it's A/G.
  2. For a few years, I couldn't figure out why I stopped building. I think I have my answer now.......
  3. First things first, incredible (as per normal) work on all aspects and details on the build. Secondly, props on the prop. Yes John, I did have to do that and you know it. Secondarily, yes, (Thanx 4 Askin'), I'm fine. For those of you who know me, since I stopped building models, I changed course and have gone ape doo-doo on Legos. In my ongoing depressive state, I couldn't generate the motivation to do what John and y'all do to compete. Painting was never my strong suit, but construction, now we're talking. I've done Star Wars Legos on and off while still modeling. Now it encompasses my entire home. I've added display cases and about 40 new builds in the last year. Easy peasy, no wiring, plumbing or paint. Old modelers never die, they just move on to a different phase. Anyway, I'm always watching, so if the question ever comes up, "I wonder if Zilla saw that?" That would be a yes. A special hello to all of the MCM Family and all of the friends I've made here. I'd start naming you all, (Chris, Tim, Brad, Dave.....), but we'd be here all day. Hi-Jack Complete. I now return you to Southside Johnny's Traveling Automotorcar Show.
  4. Talk about persistence personified. I'm poking my face in to show you there are slower builders than yourself, sir. I remember the effort that went into the hose and v-band clamps. Great to see you back at it Chris.
  5. Good thinking Tim. Just what one of the coolest builds ever needed. Another cool factor. I'm jazzed to see things are progressing. Stay Frosty
  6. .....and now we know where Junior Dragster dug in it's roots.
  7. Golly John, that's a very nice model. Everybody else thinks so too. Not everyone can build like you. I see great things for you in the future. Usually I like to keep my comments brief. So I think I'll end right here.
  8. In 1969, my first car was a 1959 Dodge Coronet. It too had a push button transmission. I couldn't decide whether to stare in awe or laugh out loud. So I did both. In that order.
  9. Just when we were starting to think we could rule out insanity, you keep providing evidence against yourself.
  10. First, but not most importantly, beautiful finish on the Nova Luis. It reminds me of root beer candy. Num. And now, to life. I feel you man. I lost both of my parents to lymphoma. At the far too young age of 64, I feel daily like a ticking time bomb. But if this nasty affliction can claim a baby, we got no room to complain. Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!
  11. Thanks Luis. I'll hit them up soon
  12. Never saw anybody give the term 'realism' a run for the money like you do Tim. It's a thrill to see your efforts pay off the way they do.
  13. Since I hate bugging people for info I can search on the GoogleNet, when I spotted the bottle of Gauzy, I said to myself, "Self, what the heck is that stuff?" I then performed the aforementioned GoogleWeb search and found the website for AK Interactive. I then bookmarked them for future possible purchases. Unfortunately, it spawned questions I can't do a GoogleSearchie Thing on. Are they the company you use? If so, how are their products and service? Also, do you always use it or is it to help a finish you're not totally thrilled with? Beautiful work Luis. Thanx for sharing.
  14. Stop me if you've heard this before. "That's my new favorite Southside Johnny creation!!!!!" We need to bottle whatever it is you've got Bro 'cuz that's worth zillions. I would have settled for donating a fuel cap. Amazing my friend.
  15. Yeah well, that's out the window. First I was floored when I saw the base paint. When I recovered from that, you punched me with the decals. Then I got a left hook with the pilot figure. Now you know why I donated the figure. Most outstanding models are fine on their own. This one needed to be honored by Gary's presence. I'm glad he's standing as opposed to being in the seat, hidden when the body is down. You and his daughter should be proud Bro.
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