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  1. 64 Dodge hemi Charger 6/17 update

    lookin good man! keep up the good work.
  2. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    Just finished the second headlight. They both open and close like butter now. I also started to paint the grill, however a lot of the chrome flaked off so I am gonna paint the whole thing silver to get it one color.
  3. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    Thanks! I really appreciate all the comments from you guys. I finalized the headlight mechanism on that side of the grill and decided to see how it would look when it was on the car, however im not done because I still need to make the other headlight door open and close. Also I need to sand on the driver side fender, because it is scratch built and making the grill sit crooked.
  4. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    I also decided on my wheels, I really wanted to find some steel wheels laying around but didn't find any, so I just decided on cragars. I also decided to mismatch one of the tires, just because why not.
  5. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    well, I did it. After two days of planning, anger, and happiness, I know have one of the headlight doors functioning. Now I just have to get the other one working as well. I am quite happy with this, even though the mechanism to make the door open looks like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. It is the first time i have tried anything this complicated, S I am pretty proud of myself.
  6. 64 Dodge hemi Charger 6/17 update

    Sweet man! I definitely look forward to seeing this build go along!
  7. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    I'm putting a 440 in it, nothing special, just a turquoise, greasy, nasty 440 that is 50 years old. however I don't have any pics right now, I have been very busy the past few days, so sorry about that guys.
  8. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    LOL! I know right! I was also thinking about making the trunk floors rusted out too.
  9. 64 Dodge hemi Charger 6/17 update

    lookin good so far! look forward to seeing more progress.
  10. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    did some weathering to the chassis, put a few rust holes in the frame rails. I just did a brown wash for the base of the weathering. Then I sprayed clear coat on it and sprinkled cinnamon all over it, then sprayed clear coat on top of that. I'm not completely done with the weathering, but I think it looks good so far.
  11. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    Started some rust damage on the tail panel today what do you guys Think?
  12. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    speaking of which I was just about to ask of a good way to make the vinyl top look torn, because I was already planning on it, but I have never done it before.
  13. Hey guys, my dad gave me a model of revell's 1969 dodge charger he had never completed when he was a kid. He started to put dents in it to make it a junkyard car, but I thought it would be cool to make it look like someones ratty project car. I plan to have the doors open and close, the trunk already has hinges that he made a long time ago. I was also kinda thinking about making the headlight doors open and close, we'll see. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
  14. Posrche 918 Spyder

    Yeah, but my phone is old anyway so it doesn't really take good pics. I will try your advice though to see if it works.
  15. Posrche 918 Spyder

    Sorry i meant to say "the frame that surrounds it"