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  1. I never imagined that I would of received this much feedback about this issue and I can not thank everyone enough. I'm trying to figure out how to upload some pictures of what kind of crushed boxes ( damaged kits) that I have received. I questioned one company about not sending me anymore banged up kits and they blocked me from buying, I wasn't complaining, I had never mentioned anything before about it and to boot I was doing quite a lot of business with them. Needless to say after that experience I found other places to buy kits and I never received anything that had any damage of any kind until about 6 years ago and here we go again paying for new kits and receiving kits that should be on the discount shelf. So because of the experience I had on getting blocked I didn't say anything and just decided to try some other places and things would go good for a while and it seemed like the cycle would repeat itself until I had enough and voiced my unhappiness about how much money I'm spending and getting junk. I can't thank everyone enough for the responses about this issue as I should of asked a long time ago for advice on who to buy from.
  2. I want to thank everyone who has responded to me, I do appreciate it very much. I have Google searched for model kit sites and I can't believe how much did NOT show up on many searches that I have done in the past compared to how many places that are being mentioned here, most of these places being mentioned I have never heard of and am looking forward to trying them, again Thank you everyone. I want to answer your question peteski. Yes, never any visible damage to the box that the kits are shipped in but for example my most recent order came from one of the companies that is listed in one of the threads above, 9 kits ordered 6 of the 9 with damage to the boxes themselves, 4 of the kits are to me extremely squished, I have not opened any yet because I was so disappointed again I just walked away shaking my head, I am going to open some of the kits tomorrow morning. Here's my thing, I like to buy doubles and build one and display the other one up on a shelf in my model room and I don't think anyone wants to put a smashed box on display even if you're the only one who's ever going to see it or not. Also I have a very hard time paying the prices for kits today and receive junk weather the kit is damaged inside or not. Peteski, Thank you for your excellent input on this as I appreciate it. Louie.
  3. I'm in Massachusetts, a little south of Boston. I didn't mention any names because I don't want to bash any company, not who I am. I m just looking for any places that people have had good luck with.
  4. I have a question about online model buying. I mainly buy car and truck kits online and have been having a problem lately with damaged kits. They arrive with no damage to the shipping box but damage to the kits inside of the shipping box that leads me to believe that they where sent damaged to begin with. I have contacted a couple of well known online companies to not really complain but to ask them please do not send me anymore Squished kits and I have had the same answer each time "we never mail out damaged kits. Any and all damaged kits go to our scratch and dent section " and I'm like yeah ok. I guess what I'm trying to say is where can I find a large selection of current model kits with a good reputation for sending you "new" model kits and what do others do when they receive kits that are damaged. Thanks.
  5. I found this out in the new issue of Scale Auto and Gary and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. I never had a chance to meet Gary but reading his magazine ( all issues over and over again ) it's as if I had known him for years. Rest in peace my friend. Jeff
  6. I definitely agree with you about the chassis. Works exellent under all the above and then some. I like seeing posts on subjects like this as I also learn a lot from all of the questions and answers posted. Thanks. Jeff
  7. I am so sad to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Jeff
  8. I enjoy these reviews of the upcoming kits. Always good to know what's coming out. Thanks Mr . obsessive for posting this. Jeff
  9. Great to see you doing another model car review. I for one appreciate you taking the time to review these kits as it not only helps me decide whether or not to buy the kit but it also helps me become a better builder. Thanks hpiguy. Jeff I usually buy the kits!
  10. Another Great Review! I always thought lipstick looked great on a pig. Keep em coming as I always enjoy your posts on kits. Thanks. Jeff
  11. You definitely have a great list of kits. Would love to see a review of the 1967 Sox and Martin GTX and the 1969 Ford Galaxie ,one that I would like to see re-issued again ( soon ). Thank you. Jeff
  12. I've been thinking about this kit and I appreciate your review of it. Thanks. Jeff
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