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  1. I found this out in the new issue of Scale Auto and Gary and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. I never had a chance to meet Gary but reading his magazine ( all issues over and over again ) it's as if I had known him for years. Rest in peace my friend. Jeff
  2. I definitely agree with you about the chassis. Works exellent under all the above and then some. I like seeing posts on subjects like this as I also learn a lot from all of the questions and answers posted. Thanks. Jeff
  3. I am so sad to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Jeff
  4. I enjoy these reviews of the upcoming kits. Always good to know what's coming out. Thanks Mr . obsessive for posting this. Jeff
  5. Great to see you doing another model car review. I for one appreciate you taking the time to review these kits as it not only helps me decide whether or not to buy the kit but it also helps me become a better builder. Thanks hpiguy. Jeff I usually buy the kits!
  6. Another Great Review! I always thought lipstick looked great on a pig. Keep em coming as I always enjoy your posts on kits. Thanks. Jeff
  7. You definitely have a great list of kits. Would love to see a review of the 1967 Sox and Martin GTX and the 1969 Ford Galaxie ,one that I would like to see re-issued again ( soon ). Thank you. Jeff
  8. I've been thinking about this kit and I appreciate your review of it. Thanks. Jeff
  9. Thank you Dave for the update and because you take the time to update us on kits, I will Always be a lifetime customer of Moebius. Jeff
  10. Great stuff Tim, really appreciate the tips and information on improving my build's. Please keep them coming. Thanks. Jeff
  11. Casey, I like this thread and very happy that you brought it back up as I have not seen it before. Really good stuff. Thank you. Jeff
  12. Thank you Tim for this great review. Jeff
  13. Now that is just awesome, absolutely love it. I for one appreciate Dave for keeping us informed about new Moebius kits. Thank you. Jeff
  14. Same here, I have a few of Ken's engines and they are all exellent. Can't say enough positive things about Ken's work and Ken himself. Awesome to deal with. Thanks. Jeff
  15. Bye far the best answer is the one from Ace - Garageguy. I have been through this same thing with many, many different types of tools and I would go with a Sherline, no hassle, no problems and you will save yourself quite a bit of money in the long run while you're making quality parts day after day. Just my opinion. Jeff
  16. Now this is my cup of tea, I really find the history of model kit company's and the people behind them and directly involved with them fasanating. Very good stuff Casey and Thank you for pulling this thread back up. Jeff
  17. Thank you Dave, this is just one reason why I love Moebius. They let us know what is going on. Again, Thanks. Jeff
  18. Yeah, l love Hot Rod Garage. Some of the stuff is off the wall but definitely a great show and the cuda is pretty cool. Thanks. Jeff
  19. Good stuff, I agree with Snake45, as I have not seen one in a while either. I appreciate the review as I am a MPC fan and would love to see this one make a comeback someday. Thanks. Jeff
  20. I've followed his work for a while but did not know that he was fighting cancer. Very, very sorry to hear this and my prayers go out to his family and friends. Jeff
  21. Good stuff, always like to learn more about studebakers and really enjoyed reading this. Thanks. Jeff
  22. Absolutely Awesome Kevin. I really need to start putting a few orders in to you guys at D.R.A.G as I absolutely Drool every time I'm on your website. You will be hearing from me soon Kevin, very soon. Thanks Kevin Jeff
  23. Again, Thank you for the exellent review. I always and I mean always look forward to your model kit reviews. Thanks. Jeff
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