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  1. man this build is bodywork tedious... extended the rear flip spoiler and molded in. Found some Shelby Series 1 side mirrors I'm starting to like on this build so far.
  2. Outstanding build... I enjoy looking at all the detail you did on this. Great looking finish...
  3. All I can say is wow... it's beautifully crafted, outstanding finish.
  4. Wow, thanks all for the nice comments, I honestly did not expect on this one, appreciate the feedback
  5. Thanks for the Model Car group update Mike... Sad it's not as cool as a hooby-craft as other areas of the country. I used to be into Model-RR, got too expensive... That said, so has my model car addiction, easily spent $3k the past 2 years on "grail" kits and parts and supplies. Sadly Caboose Hobbies that I started going to when it was downtown in the 70's then to Broadway is closed as far as I knew. Did they relocate?
  6. Thanks Mike... Wish we had more builders in the area, I never hear of any contests in the area, do you? Thanks, it's been an evolution considering this is supposed to be a bit "PSYCHO" and a widebody racer style the hood is starting to fit the theme I'm after. DrKerry... I appreciate the feedback, and yes it's a bit "large". The width is actually the same as the hood-scoop from a 68 Shelby, it's what I used to mold to. If you look at a 68 it's the same width with the two slot intakes, I took that and raised it similar to the "Eleanor" hood bump, I think I created a blend of the 68 and the Eleanor hood style and made it fit the PSYCHO style I'm shooting for. Thanks for the feedback... I knew this hood would not be accepted by some, yeah it's a bit larger than I would have created or designed, and yes I considered re-routing the air intakes to the side rear, however, the massive DOHC twin supercharger and the air-intakes being up front is a feature I like when you open the hood, in my opinion it makes this build a bit more PSYCHO.
  7. Wow! This is blowing me away with the level of skill you apply to the art of model making. Well done..
  8. Reworking the hood and the scoop design. Went from the curved inward to straight and added depth details. I think I'm fianlly liking this design, just fine-tuning the finish. Comments? Before New design
  9. The rendering isn't scaled of course and when I look at the picture and the designers description doesn't appear to be chopped, however the appearance does give note to a newer Mustang roofline perhaps a 2014. I have made an appearance modification to the side windows and windshield by adding a strip of plastic along what was the top edge to give a "chopped" appearance. It's subtle, but it does give the roofline a updated look Before After
  10. Wow! Simply beautiful Steven... Nice work... Making me want to finish my '63 GP I started several months ago
  11. Nice work on the decals... I hate laying down decals, I will probably never build this kit for that reason, so you have my respect...
  12. Just a quick build that wasn't going to be as I was given this AMT kit and thought I would never build it. I used the body as a Paint test to try out some variations. After polishing it I thought maybe one day I'll finish it. It sat on the bench for several months then I received the Molotow Chrome pens and decided to use it to test the pens. In 5-minutes I had all the chrome trim done and decided I might as well finish it. No BMF on this one. Still will use BMF for trim on big builds, but for these quickie builds the chrome pen is just fine. This is not a very well detailed kit so I decided to "curbside" build it as a showcase piece. It turned out okay I suppose for a a build I never intended to ever build. Paint is Duplicolor Torreador Red Metallic with Duplicolor Effects pearl clear. Bottom is Universal black. It's hard to see how nice this paint looks from a photo-light-box, but I will say it's gorgous in sunlight.
  13. RestoModGuy


    Well done! The paint and color is perfect for this.
  14. South of Denver in Highlands Ranch, you? Thanks for the input on the hood.... It has to be that bulky due to the massive motor I'm stuffing into it. The scoops are evolving still, I'm working on adding some contour lines to visually bulk it down a bit. I'm also going to have a unique stripe that will also minimize the "Mopar flavor" appearance.
  15. Her sister Eleanor got upset and ripped it off.... I haven't set the jambs and hinge yet for the passanger door. Maybe this week I'll have both operational then start on the ground effects splitters and such. Wanting to get this in primer soon. Custom chassis and interior set too. This will be a long build... shooting for mid-April completion maybe, depending how good the skiing is here in Colorado and how much time I spend in the mountains
  16. Worked on fine-tuning the hood appearance factor. Added a center lip and formed the openings... I invite comments on the hood design so far
  17. Very nice. I see you worked on the headlight glass for a better fitment and filled in the molding parts gap at the door edge. Well done..
  18. Just awesome... One of the nicest of this kit I've seen, great work on this one
  19. Nice.. Interesting color combo, really snaps.. Was this a factory color option, I don't know much about factory paint schemes, just curious..
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