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  1. Nice build. Haven't seen this color combo, looks great
  2. Built this Custom Showcar Restomod last summer. Lot's of customizing on this one. This was a really fun build and only my third build after not building in almost 40 years. Molded in front and rear bumpers - Front air-dam - rear valance with custom quad exhaust system - increased the rear lip spoiler - modified the twin-door scoops to a single 1970 version - and my favorite is the twin air scoop on the hood with the custom engine compartment surround.
  3. well done! nice blend. I have this similar build started using a 70 Camaro front and tail on the 86 Camino, but I think I like your blend better.
  4. Well done! Master Craftsmanship
  5. Nicely done! I have to admit, if you take your time and do the detail, a Snap kit can be rewarding and come out looking as nice as yours has if it was a level 3 kit. I've build several Snap kits this last year and to have a finished build in a week or less helps me get more into the detailed builds that take so long and become burnouts. Great looking build!
  6. Just finished this new quick builder. I did spend some time doing a few extra detail items. First cutout all the grill areas and replaced with PE diamond mesh. Had to do some trimming of the clear headlight lenses to fit flush, if you don't, they will sit low and not flush. Also painted the headlight details to match close to the actual, however the molded detail is good, it's not exact. Pegasus wheels with knock-offs. I modified the rears for a slightly deeper off-set for the wider tires the kit comes with. The supplied painted rear taillights just didn't look real to me so I made my own from
  7. Calling this one done. Not bad for a snap kit. I would have done a few things different after looking at 1:1 pictures. The body is over-molded in two pieces and along the door edge that seam should have been filled and the rear tunnel areas have a edge that also should have been filled. I didn't like the painted rear taillights so I made my own with clear tubing and red sharpie, I think it looks more realistic. Note all the grill areas I cut out the plastic and replaced with PE mesh.
  8. Hey all, so far a great forum to look at other builders. I started building when I was 7, entering model contests and have some of my best memories from that time as a kid building model cars. never got into military models, just building custom cars. Model cars lead me to building real 1:1 show-cars in my teens and 20's. I stopped model car building after that and just this past year have gotten back into the art of building again, reliving those best memories again. The StarTruk Van built when I was 11 The wing-door Vette I built when I was 12 The 71 Cougar, I was 13 The Scratch built blue c
  9. real nice color, looking great!
  10. thanks for the compliment, I prefer big wheels myself, I rarely build anything stock
  11. Thanks for the nice compliments everyone. I'm having fun with this quickie build. Added some details, the mesh grills in the hood and rear wheel vents. I'm leaving silver-metal look instead of painting black, what do you think?
  12. My favorite model, the old Monogram released in the 70's. I added my updated custom touches to an already beautiful Vette rear wrap wheel flares, side rocker flares, customized Pegasus wheels and change color form orange and black like the original.
  13. Fantastic build. Masterfully executed on all levels. Top Show winner build I trust.
  14. Yes, Testors Diamond Dust with Tamiya Smoke tone on lower edges and hood stinger
  15. Thanks for the compliments. This is actually a Revell Snaptite kit I did as a build-off challenge. Lot's of custom body work and interior work on this one. Nothing is "stock" The front grill is a 68 laid in with a upper nose piece bumper. The air-dam is hand crafted as the wheel flares and rear spoiler.
  16. Just started this new Revell snaptite kit of the very cool 2017 Ford GT. Must say its a fairly well done detailed snap kit. The body is very well done and much work went into molding/tooling you can tell. It's actually a two piece over-molded body due to all the detail cavities. Detail work so far, cut out the grill areas and will be replacing with etched grill material. Went with a "tribute" paint theme of the Gulf Livery decided to use metallic's and different hues, I kinda like the result so far. Pegasus wheels painted to match, deepened the rears a bit for a realistic offset and added kno
  17. Real nice Al... The gold stripes look great on that red
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