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  1. Impressive! Nice work all around and first C7 build I've seen with opening doors, well done!
  2. Wow! Just my style, great looking build and well executed pro-touring look
  3. Thanks, Dave. Yes, this is the 6th of 16 I have completed. Here are the other 5 completed so far
  4. I have been on a building quest of re-creating the original Sweet 16 Hot Wheels cars from 1968. This is #6, the Custom Cougar. Started with the Modelhaus 1967 Cougar, shaved the door handles, emblems, wipers, and drip rails. Molded in the hood "bumps" most all Hot Wheels have some variation. Wheels are Pegasus "T's" big and little's, used a black and red Sharpie to recreate the Redlines. Aluminum tubing for the "zoomies" side exhaust. Color is Peridot - FolkArt craft paint and several coats of Duplicolor clear polished. Interior I used Desert Beige to replicate the darker interior c
  5. Very nice! Great color choices
  6. Nicely done! I like the finish as well for a stock build.
  7. No offense at all! Corvette generation layout: C1 > 1953-1962 / C2 > 1963-1967 / C3 > 1968-1982 with three variations I call C3.1 > 1968-1972 / C3.2 > 1973-1979 / C3.3 > 1980-1982 - NO 1983 model Corvette even though it was the 30th Anniversary. C4 > 1984-1996 with two variations of the front and rear bumpers and interiors 1984-1989 and 1990-1996 / C5 > 1997-2004 / C6 > 2005-2013 / C7 > 2014-current Sounds great, do a brick/maroon theme, can't wait to see them, I'm a Vette nut by the way...
  8. Thanks, Mike, appreciate the comment and the C3 has become one of my favorite builds, I owned an 81 for 6-months back in the 80's. Yes, I'm building all generations in this same theme, a complete C1 to C7. Next on the bench is a 1990 C4. I'll also be building the other two C3's because they are different, a C3.1 -1969 / C3.2 - 1976.
  9. Looks great, nice work on this basic kit especially
  10. Snake, that's cool, thanks for the tribute picture, yours all look great, even the diecast, you should build a C6!
  11. Jim, thanks, the wheels are Pegasus Elite wheels and the deep rears are Pegasus aluminum sleeves that the smaller wheels slide into
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, appreciate the feedback.
  13. I am building a series of Corvettes with the same Bright Red paint, wheels/tires, and tan interiors
  14. Well Done! Nice detail work
  15. Fantastic build, excellent trim details.
  16. Thanks! This kit everything fit great and minimal flash. Body mated to chassis no problem on this stock kit, I have not built the C5R, sorry can't confirm
  17. First finished build of 2018, Revell 1997 Corvette Coupe. Excellently detailed kit, so much better than the AMT versions. This the second build of a series of Corvette Coupes I'm building Bright Red with tan/black interior and with the same custom wheels (Pictured C2) Paint is Duplicolor Bright Red with several polished clear coats. Only custom part is the aluminum exhaust tips. C2 in the series
  18. wow, nice work, you certainly went all out on this build, looks great
  19. Thanks for all the comments, loud and clear the big wheels are not favored here in this forum. Funny I can post this on most any FB group and not one negative comment about the wheels, this is more a stock build group for sure. I don't build stock, many here are excellent craftsmen with stock builds, I admire all of them I see and sometimes wonder how cool the build would look with custom wheels, I just don't post that as a comment on your posts. Happy building in the New Year!
  20. My last finished build of 2017 I think... My tribute to Modelhaus, of their 1972 Buick Riviera Boat-tail. This is the last model I ordered from Modelhaus in May 2016 and received it November 2017. I will miss them like all of you will I'm sure. Another excellent cast, very detailed body, interior and parts. I chose a custom metallic brown paint, actually slightly two-tone below the chrome body accent strip. Lot's of hand-polished clear coats, this is mirror smooth and shiny Interior is Coffee Bean mixed with Mocha craft paints. Drilled out the headlights replaced with resin lenses
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