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  1. wow, nice work, you certainly went all out on this build, looks great
  2. Thanks for all the comments, loud and clear the big wheels are not favored here in this forum. Funny I can post this on most any FB group and not one negative comment about the wheels, this is more a stock build group for sure. I don't build stock, many here are excellent craftsmen with stock builds, I admire all of them I see and sometimes wonder how cool the build would look with custom wheels, I just don't post that as a comment on your posts. Happy building in the New Year!
  3. My last finished build of 2017 I think... My tribute to Modelhaus, of their 1972 Buick Riviera Boat-tail. This is the last model I ordered from Modelhaus in May 2016 and received it November 2017. I will miss them like all of you will I'm sure. Another excellent cast, very detailed body, interior and parts. I chose a custom metallic brown paint, actually slightly two-tone below the chrome body accent strip. Lot's of hand-polished clear coats, this is mirror smooth and shiny Interior is Coffee Bean mixed with Mocha craft paints. Drilled out the headlights replaced with resin lenses
  4. Wow! Excellent build and thank you to post build pictures.
  5. Your Camaro is spot on and looks top-shelf
  6. Thanks Don, I changed the pictures to outside, much better
  7. Thanks Bruce, I actually was testing that background and didn't care for it myself. Changed the pictures to new outdoor shots
  8. Modified Monogram Tom Daniels California Vette Paint is Duplicolor Electric Red metallic
  9. Johan 64 Cadillac kit. Customized the interior with bucket seats front and rear. Paint is Rootbeer with pearl clear and several polished clear coats
  10. Cool! Nice work with bashing this. I like it!
  11. Thanks! Yes, opening some grills from the backside works, this one had enough material to sand off the back and still look decent. Took 10 minutes and the result was well worth it I think
  12. Thanks! The hinges are part of the kit, they are fixed and glued to the hood and slip into a slot in the firewall. While this is not accurate, it works for me.
  13. Excellent craftsmanship. Well done, and welcome to the forum. Post more models please
  14. Just finished a long-time build of the Revell 70 Torino GT. I have to say, one of the best detailed kits I've built.Kept it mostly stock with exception of a custom Emerald Green pearlized and highly polished paint job. Lots of detail, opened the front grill center section, and spent some time on engine compartment detailing, which I actually do not enjoy doing unless I'm in a specific mood.Lowered front and rear suspension to "stance" the car better than stock and added some Aoshima custom 6-spoke wheels
  15. Wow! that's impressive! You should build one of your kits, all you really need are the Pegasus "T's" big and little's, a red and black Sharpie, you'd have a 1/25 tribute Hot Wheel. Thanks for the offer to send one out for reference, much appreciated, I'll see how far I can get with pictures I have filed from some of the Redline groups when I first started researching doing these.
  16. Mike, thanks.... I should have got the IMC VW kit since it is already front engine V8, however when I was scooping up all the kits I needed its was crazy expensive and I ended up buying the Revell kit. I'll be modifing it to have a chromed V8 up front. Think I'll do the Hot Pink color, as that is what I recall I had as a kid
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