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  1. Nice! Sharp ride and great looking build, welcome to the forum
  2. Thanks Curtis. Yes Modelhaus did not supply a chassis and the AMT 69 Cougar was recommended and fit perfectly
  3. I want to thank all for the nice comments on this 67 Cougar build. It was a fun one to do, glad you all like it
  4. Great looking Duster build, really well done detailing work Jim
  5. I've always liked the stance and look of a Cougar, one of my best friends in Highschool had a 67 light blue with Cragers and Radial TA's. While I chose a darker color blue then the actual Mercury light blue, this is Duplicolor Medium Maui Blue metallic. Wheels are Pegasus "T's"
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. Having a lot of fun building this Sweet-16 Series. Next up will be the Python I think
  7. Sharp looking model, I like your color combo
  8. Very nice! Followed your build, you did a lot of detail work on this.
  9. Very cool! Nice work on making this appear so real. Where did you find the correct mirrors?
  10. Excellent, really sharp builds, especially the blue one
  11. Nice build! Love the 62 Vettes, yours looks great
  12. The past 2 years I've been working on all the original 1968 Sweet 16 Redline Hot Wheels cars. I have acquired all the 1/25 kits to build all of them into Hot Wheels. So far I've built 6 of the 16. This is the Custom Corvette, started with Revell 1969 427 kit, a nice detailed kit actually. Shot Duplicolor Metalcast Orange over silver base, complete with "chrome" chassis and engine compartment, and off-white interior. Wheels are Pegasus "T's" big and littles. Used a red and black Sharpie to create the Redline look. I've included a pic of each of the other tribute builds. Custom Cougar
  13. 63 Stingray Restomod. Duplicolor Bright Red with many Duplicolor clear coats hand polished
  14. Nice kit bashing. Looks like it went together just right and as planned. Cool!
  15. I like that color combo! Black out trim and wheels actually look good with the color, nice build!
  16. That's sharp! Nice build
  17. I really like the suttle customizing you did. Everyone is building this kit it seems, kinda like when the Starsky and Hutch Torino came out, great to see a different variation built. Nice work!
  18. Very nice clean builds.
  19. Started with the newer release AMT kit. Not very impressive kit, low detail chassis and interior. Custom front airdam, custom taillights, arm and headrests on stock molded seats, Pegasus wheels and sleeves with PE Spinners give it an updated restomod look. Duplicolor Bright Red with several hand cut polished clear coats and BMF give it a nice overall finish.
  20. Welcome. A masterpiece of art, well done
  21. Wow, that is fantastic quality work of art, well done.
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