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  1. 63 Stingray Restomod. Duplicolor Bright Red with many Duplicolor clear coats hand polished
  2. Nice kit bashing. Looks like it went together just right and as planned. Cool!
  3. I like that color combo! Black out trim and wheels actually look good with the color, nice build!
  4. That's sharp! Nice build
  5. I really like the suttle customizing you did. Everyone is building this kit it seems, kinda like when the Starsky and Hutch Torino came out, great to see a different variation built. Nice work!
  6. Very nice clean builds.
  7. Started with the newer release AMT kit. Not very impressive kit, low detail chassis and interior. Custom front airdam, custom taillights, arm and headrests on stock molded seats, Pegasus wheels and sleeves with PE Spinners give it an updated restomod look. Duplicolor Bright Red with several hand cut polished clear coats and BMF give it a nice overall finish.
  8. Welcome. A masterpiece of art, well done
  9. Wow, that is fantastic quality work of art, well done.
  10. Super clean and well detailed build, nice work
  11. So nice! Like this a lot!
  12. Nice! I have this kit, need to push it the build list now that I see how well this can look. Well done!
  13. RestoModGuy


    Cool... Haven't seen this kit built before. Nice detailing
  14. Well done! I like the snappers to build as well, helps break the burn-out on the big detail builds.
  15. Just awesome! It's a piece of art...
  16. Spex84 - Thank you for the nice comments. Yeah, I followed the Rat's Glass style with a 32 grill though. The windshield is hand-cut and set in flush to the body. Thank you and a well received compliment from a master craftsman Thank you sir.. Coil-overs are from the kit, I used Aluminum Plate and buffed with platinum buffed in between the springs
  17. Nice build, sharp looking Chv-ell
  18. Excellent! Well done, great finish and detail.
  19. Thanks! The wheels are actually out of an old AMT Matador kit. The rears are Pegasus 19" sleeves to give the bigger deeper look. I chose them because the shape of the openings are matched to the shape of the side window area.
  20. Something I just finished last week -My highly customized build of the 32 Phantom Vicki kit. As you can compare the box art, I added side engine panels, filled in the rear wheel wells to be smooth, channeled the body over the chassis, chopped the front grill-shell, made the grill insert with wire, chopped the kits convertible top and molded it in to the body as a coupe.Filled in the rear panel and added a fuel-cell filler.Custom interior panels The motor is a cross-ram injected set-up. Paint is Duplicolor Platinum on top, with a fine orange body-line stripe above the Electric Current Red.
  21. Yes, a hand mastered one that Modelhaus offered. I have both the HT and I built the convertible as a tribute to one my dad owned for many years, I grew up with the 67 GP's Here's the one I built of the 67 GP
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