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  1. I built this 2-years ago as one of my first builds coming back to the hobby after a nearly 40-year break. I had two of these classic Monogram Tom Daniels designed California Vette kits. It was one of my "grail" kits I saved since I was a teen in the 70's. I have never built a kit "box-stock" so to do this with this "grail" kit, I had to spin some of my own design to it, not that it needed it... The body mods include flaring the rear wheel-wells, adding a side valance flare replacing the chrome rocker-panel above the cool side-pipes. Paint is Electron Current Red with Torredor Red top and rear window slats. Updated the wheels to Pegasus with aluminum sleeves with "stance" front tires and painted a bit of black around the front rim to give it a slightly smaller dia. wheel appearance. It's one of my most prized builds and being a "grail" build it's priceless. Thanks for looking
  2. I'm liking this big door concept, well done!
  3. Great looking Tribute build! I'd say you nailed it! I've been building tributes to some of my dad's cars from the 60's as well, really fun to do.
  4. RestoModGuy

    Mako Shark

    Very nice build. I have two of these orginal issues, now I gotta build at least one of them, thanks for sharing yours.
  5. Nice build! I've had two of these kits since I was a teenager in the 70's, one I built very custom and the other I sold last year for a pretty penny, these are cool kits, they should re-pop this this again, it would sell like wildfire I'd think
  6. well done! looks great and nice photography too!
  7. This was my Memorial Weekend build. Nothing super detailed here as this is the recent release from MPC of the Dukes Charger. Absolutely the crummiest kit I've ever opened, nothing fit, horrible flashing, low detail, just junk as a kit goes and this kit almost made to the curb in a trash-can, but it challenged me to fix the problems and build it as a curbside show-piece instead of curbside-trash. Saturday morning did body mods, fixed all the hood fitment problems, replaced the horrible rear valance, notched exhaust ports, added some plastic and molded in a higher flip to the rear tail, added a front air-dam as the Charger in my opinion just needs something low and front to balance it. Tucked and shaved the bumpers and painted Platinum. Paint is Purple MetalCast over Bright Platinum with EFFEX pearl base and several polished clear coats sprayed Saturday afternoon. Sunday was polish and buff day then assembly on Monday. Pegasus wheels painted spokes Titanium, Clearly Scale Pro-Touring Recaro front seats, aluminum exhaust, disc-brakes and a PE gas-filler, gives this crummy Dukes MPC kit a nice curbside build now sitting on my desk. Under lights the EFFEX Pearl really shows I like the stance, used some stance-style strech front tires Thanks for looking....
  8. Fantastic. A true work of art.
  9. Wow! Great looking build. Nice work all around
  10. Nice job on this kit. I was just looking this one over in my stash and couldn't decide yet what to do with it, now I see it could look pretty nice not going the "stock" white.
  11. RestoModGuy

    33 FORDS

    all are very cool well done builds...
  12. Recently re-furbished this build from almost two years ago. Testors Lime Green with Tamiya Pearl clear, over Duplicolor Slate Silver sides, Duplicolor Metallic Gray fenders. Just noticed the crooked right headlight lens... SMH...
  13. Richard, yes, I did a tinted acrylic wash in the panel lines, grill and sidepipes. I don't think you need to scribe them, they are deep enough if you are not painting the body and plan on polishing the plastic as I did. I still can't believe how nice the plastic polished out, it looks a snice as some of my best polished paint jobs that take me hours. Have fun with it, I did and happy with the result for a quickie no hassle build.
  14. Had this snaptite in my stash for years, decided to do a one-day build. I have to admit this AMT kit actually is done very well, no flash of any kind, everything fit perfectly and amazed of the detail included the decal set is one of the best I've used, as for gauges. I didn't like the kits ride height, sat too high, so I did modify the one-piece chassis/suspension to accomadate the Pegasus wheels instead of the stock wheels, added disc-brakes, just because I'm not a box stock builder. The "paint" actually is the molded and painted out-of-the-box, it polished up very nice. I did not paint this, 5-hour build but decided to paint and detail the interior and chrome trim with my Molotow pen. Neat little quickie build to break the big detail builds burnout.
  15. Brilliant! Beautiful perfectly executed build.
  16. Absolutely stunning... Fair to say it's a masterpiece..
  17. Testors RootBeer Metallic with Tamiya Pearl and Wet Look Clear polished
  18. Thank you Mr Stock Headlights in 5,6,7mm - Scale Production http://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p1293_headlights-6mm.html
  19. Does Greg Wann have a website to buy from or am I confused and it's the same as Scale Productions?
  20. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my Caddy, appreciate it
  21. Cool! I'm watching... Think it a great idea to tribute
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