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  1. I am looking for a 6.7 Cummins motor for my next build it's going to be a tow rig for my mud truck didn't know if someone has mastered the 6.7 yet or not. I know a guy has made the 5.9 12 valve Cummins. But I would really like to have a 24 valve. Or if their are any tips on how to make the 12 valve look like a 24 valve that would greatly appreciated.
  2. I was wondering if anyone on here has any tips or idea's on how to make a jesel belt drive for the front of my motor?
  3. Well I have got some work done on the mud truck the last couple of days got some of the roll cage made but bare with me it's the first time I have made a custom cage so the quality is not like most of the ppl on this forum. But if any of you guys could give any tips or tricks to how make custom cages fill free to tell me. I have also made the seat brackets an also made a cover for the from of the scoop made out of foam.
  4. I am back into building models again. An I was juse wondering wha are the best places to order aftermarket parts an stuff for your models to get tht more relistic look to your model. I know of detail master an some others but I wanna know if there are anymore out there.. it can be for drag cars or lifted trucks does not matter im into both.
  5. Okay sweet when you get them done hit me up I'd like to buy a few.
  6. Is there anyone out there tht has made any aftermarket bumpers? I really like the look of the Iron Cross bumpers or Road Armor ones to put on ford model. But wasn't sure if anyone out there makes any for sale?
  7. Just the bed sides the rest of the bed is good... an tht would be great if you can!!!
  8. Well got some bad news. As I was strippin the paint off the bed it ate the plastic :(. So kinda mad. But now I need some major help an hints, tips on how to make a flatbed. An wha styrene to use. In need of some major help plz!!!
  9. Im not real familliar with Powerstroke myself. I am a cummins guy myself. But when i put the 5" exhaust on my buddies 6.4 the exhaust is pretty simple. Just like the cummins Once you go to an aftermarket 4" or 5" exhaust from the down pipe back. It's usually just straight piped. I mean they do come with a big muffler but most ppl don't use them they just straight pipe them. So thts wha I did with this model just straight piped it with a 8" tip. But I will try an get you some more pics of how did the exhaust on this truck. It's pretty simple lol.
  10. Well got the cab part painted don't look to bad what's your ya'lls take?
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