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  1. Surprisingly it says 10/25/2010 Shaun
  2. Hello All Im starting work on the cab of a AMT Ford C600 and have run into my first issue. The interior tub drops right into the cab no problem but the left and right inner fender wells don't seem to fit. I'm sure others have had the same problem so before I get any glue going or get too far how should I correct them? Thanks Shaun
  3. Hello all Good news for big rig/heavy truck builders! Today I went to my local hobby shop and picked up AMT's Ford C600 stake (yes the one with the yellow truck on the front) and to my surprise I found inside the box on the parts tree were the short frame rails for the tractor version along with the regular stake body frame rails. I know it was mentioned in the past these short frame rails were missing it seems round 2 is including them again. Makes sense since they would be cast every time the other parts on the tree were cast and they must of been going back and removing them from each kit before.. Juat at thought I would let everyone know. And yes this is a very recent casting of the kit as it wasn't in the shop a few weeks ago so if you see a new issue of one of these kits on store shelves I bet it has the short frame rails and the longer ones, unfortunately there's no way to tell from the outside of the box so I would avoid buying one online in hopes to get both sets of frame rails. Shaun
  4. Next project on the bench is the 1/24 Ford ranger pickup from Revell. Before I dig into it is there anything to watch out for in this kit? Never built this one before so here's hoping it goes together well!
  5. Very nice truck, I'm working on the 72 version and was planning on doing a step side conversion as well, do you have any photos showing how you mounted the bed to the frame? Thanks
  6. Picked up the Moebius Ford 1972 F100 pickup from my LHS, heard good things about these kits and it certainly look good from what I can see.
  7. Working on the revell 65 Chevy step side kit today and got thinking I'd like to build a flat bed or wrecker body for it, however I'd like it to have dually rear wheels but I'm not sure where to start on that? Has anyone done this before and what wheels/tires did you use? Thanks Shaun
  8. Picked up the new re issue of the revell 91 Ford F-350 dually kit yesterday, anyone know if parts from the revell Ford ranger pickup could be swapped between the two like the shorter cab and older grill and such?
  9. Those look nice but the font dosnt match up to the "white" letters I'm seeing on the real trucks. Guess I'm stuck without! Something about the round single lights really looks nice on these trucks too Maybee I'm best off getting a road boss as it's got the look I'm after too
  10. I was thinking of a period truck so I might sand off the emblem . Anyone make photo etch "white" emblems then?
  11. Hi all I recently picked up AMT's reissue of the white western star and had a quick couple of questions. First off is the front grill Emblem correct on this truck? Every white western star I look at has the word "White" spelled out in the front grill however the amt kit has a western star logo cast in. Secondly were single round head lights an option on these trucks in those years? I've seen a photo of one or two with single round lights and thought it might be nice to add that to the amt kit. Thanks
  12. I just picked up one of the Revell snap Pete 359's as well, told myself it would be just for stashing away but wasn't long before I had it opened up! Toying with the idea of making a day cab out of it along with a few other changes...
  13. Any idea where the fuel tank(s) might be on a Ford c series pumper truck? Stock they were on the outside of the frame rails but with a pumper body it looks like that's not possible. Did they put one between the frame rails perhaps?. Thanks.
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