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  1. '49 Merc... or maybe something in a early 50's Buick

    Well... and this is thinkin' "way" outside the box - what about 3D printing, I've heard they can do amazing things with that. {I'm sure it wouldn't be none to cheap neither}
  2. '49 Merc... or maybe something in a early 50's Buick

    Nonetheless... still lookin' for "something" larger than what I'm currently working on.
  3. '49 Merc... or maybe something in a early 50's Buick

    That would be true sir... I see your point.
  4. Has anything ever been done for these in the larger scales? Been toying around with a Merc in 1:25th... but, really do love the front of a Buick - would really like to find one if they've ever been done.
  5. Thanks mark... it just an idea I've been kickin' around for a lilt while - {well that and makin' it into a "top-up" convertible}
  6. I've done "longer" and I understand "lower"... But since it really doesn't matter what you do to these cars - I've got a '49 Merc that I wanna make wider. But something in my head tells me that it ain't gonna be as easy as splittin' the car in 3 and addin' a couple of filler pieces - won't that throw off something somewhere along the line??
  7. Now that it's explained out a lil' more I find the chart a lot easier to understand... thank you for takin' the time out to educate a non-mechanical bus rider on some of the more common sizes of things. At least now I feel I can make an honest attempt at doing something right for a change.
  8. I guess I'm lookin' for a simple generalized list... fuel line is this many mm, exhaust is that many mm... that kinda thing.
  9. Very Cool... I can see a lot of work went into this and I'm sure its a huge help to alotta folks. I on the other hand don't even own a car and never worked on one... so I'm still kinda hose'd unless I know what size the original 1:1 part is. I thank everyone for the info... but I reckon I'll keep lookin'
  10. Is there a list of items... fuel line, brake line, coolant hoses etc. where the correct sizes are given for something in 1:24 scale {looking for something as close to accurate as humanly possible}
  11. Convertible Top

    stitch'd The '50 looks like a really nice place to start... appreciate the help!
  12. Convertible Top

    Good point Ace, I can see where that'd be helpful! I've been kinda butcherin' the heck outta a '49 Merc for a loooong time now and thought it "might" make a cool convertible. Thought that if I tried overlayin' something over the hard top I wouldn't get the true ragtop look... and then there'd be the inside to worry about. So, naturally I wonder'd if there was another route to take.
  13. Was just just wonderin' if anyone has ever done and/or seen a scratch built "top up" convertible top done on a kit?
  14. Wider & Longer Body... "49 Merc

    if it weren't for other people... I wouldn't feel so self conscious about the amount of time I spend talking to myself.
  15. Wider & Longer Body... "49 Merc

    A scoop... hadn't thought about that - BUT I LIKE IT!!!!