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  1. Grille insert

    Anybody have a grille insert for a Lindberg Dodge? My Color Me Gone insert has disappeared.
  2. Grille insert

    Got the insert Wednesday. Thanks!
  3. Grille insert

    Thanks guys.
  4. What do you do with a member here

    who seems to not want to complete a trade we've had going since January? I got one excuse first, then another. Now, no replies to messages or emails to his email account either. I sent him my stuff in January and still don't have mine in return.
  5. Been a while

    AMT 40' van trailer. Scratch built spread. AMT tires on Revell of Germany wheels. "California" hookups underneath, "Teflon slick disc" installed. Sides are Reynolds Wrap foil glued with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive rubbed down with Qtips and microfiber cloth. Paint is Testors Fiery Orange One Coat. Tractor is AMT 352 with kitbashed rails from AMT kit and Revell of Germany 359. Comments welcomed.
  6. Calling it finished

    AMT cab and front frame clip, Revell of Germany 359 rear frame and suspension. AMT van with scratch built spread. Testors Fiery Orange. Aluminum foil sides on trailer.
  7. New International HX Line

    I work for a dealer. There are no plans for any updates to the 9900. The new models will be available in many different configurations for both severe (dump, mixer, etc) and for OTR type tractors. I have seen several layouts and these are really nice trucks.
  8. Ivan Yoder's 379 Pete.

    How did you do the framework for the curtain side? I'd like to do one soon.
  9. KW Aerodyne in blue(s)

    RoG K100 pretty much out of the box. Added aluminum stacks up top to go to 6". Testors Deja Blue chassis, Icy Blue and Diamond Dust cab. This one will be auctioned off tomorrow to benefit St. Jude at the Convoy for Kids truck show. Comments welcomed.
  10. Sooooooooooooooooooooo.. which way is up?

    Guys, the truck Rick used had been crashed and was beat up pretty good. He used what was good and built this unique ride. He has also built a large version of the Radio Flyer wagon.
  11. Rollin Transports Black 379 Pete

    Very nice combo! Do you have pics of the framework under the cover? I would like to do the same with the trash bag but not sure of the framework. Did you use aluminum tubing or styrene and bend to shape?
  12. Freightliner COE

    Here is the red White Freightliner COE from the WIP. Testors Revving Red and Sterling Silver. OOB except for hubs and wheels from AMT Pete COE, deck plate, hoses, visor lights. Comments welcomed.
  13. Newest project. AMT Freightliner. Revving Red and Sterling Silver. Nothing fancy, straight from the box except maybe pipes and a visor.
  14. Freightliner COE

  15. Freightliner COE

    Thank you sir. It was built for my friends Shawn & Penny Brownfield. He asked me to build it for him, he never has enough time.
  16. New project, MOVED TO UNDER GALSS 7-16-14

    Moved to Under Glass
  17. New project, MOVED TO UNDER GALSS 7-16-14

    Sorry, updated photos added to first post.
  18. KW Aerodyne in blue(s)

    My RoG KW K100 Aerodyne in the works. Straight out of the box, through the paint shop to the assembly shop. Paint is Testors Icy Blue and Testors Deja Blue with Testors clear. Comments welcomed.
  19. KW Aerodyne in blue(s)

    Thanks everyone! The final results are over in Under Glass. I donated this one to the Convoy for Kids fundraiser show yesterday. She brought $135 in the silent auction. Glad I could do a small part to help.
  20. KW Aerodyne in blue(s)

    Thanks everybody. She brought in $135 at the auction today. The voting buckets alone for the real trucks brought in $4900! There were 40 really nice trucks there and a great cause was supported well!
  21. 352 COE & Race trailer

    Revell 1/32 snap Pete 352 and the race trailer from the old Jeff Gordon set. Paint is Duplicolor Pearl White and Tamiya Mica Red. Its not perfect but it was fun putting it together.
  22. Pretty much done 352

    AMT 352 with Revell 359 rails. Front 4" of the frame are AMT rails. Paint is Testors Fiery Orange and Inca Gold. Revell stacks, tanks, tires, wheels. Aluminum upper stacks scale out to 6".Needs mud flaps, hoses, and a couple of touchups to be completely finished. Comments welcome. ( I need to fix the upper cross bar I see.)
  23. Here is my LoneStar and refrigerant trailer, pretty much done. Can't get the image, but at least the link seems to work. http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w467/Modelcollector/0612-8.jpg
  24. LoneStar & refrigerant trailer done

    Thanks everybody. The truck's been done for awhile. Trailer is a Fruehauf tanker frame, scratched box, fenders, etc. The tank is Plastruct tube and ends. Wheels from a Freightliner COE.