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  1. Oops, is this not the right place to be posting? Sorry, let me know where the best place to continue would be. Anyway, I know you're all on tenterhooks to see my progress, I've taken cobraman's advice and just covered the top chassis with primer. It took a few coats, but made it a lot easier to start on the new colors. like I've said before, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I went to my local hobby store and bought some Testors gloss enamel in the aisle with all the model supplies. My only current problem is that I don't know what to use to clean the paint out of my brushes. I've included some pictures of my progress- I'm trying to turn a Thomas the Train into Gertrude Crampton's Tootle. (The blue is a little more "robin's egg" than sky blue, but I'm not going to let it bug me)
  2. it seems painted enough to smudge, here's a better picture of the side "progress" I made. I can't tell if the base coat is supposed to be blue or black . . . Thanks, I'm looking into it!
  3. Ok, so I know you guys are all pros and I'm totally new to all this, but I want to do it right. So here's the plan: My son LOVES trains and has a lot of battery-operated trains (Mattel TrackMaster Thomas the Train). We have several duplicates and I would like to be able to repaint a few as different characters to add some variety to the tracks, and one of his favorite characters isn't available. Using my (very limited) knowledge of this kind of thing, I used nail polish remover on a train (pictures below), which just resulted n the paint/ink smudging, and getting rid of some of the gloss. What paint stripper/thinner/remover would you suggest and what type or brand of paint would you recommend when I start the repainting process? Thanks in advance!
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