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  1. My turn...the 1/12 AirFix 1930 Bentley Supercharged....I started this thing 3-4 years ago and stopped because nothing fit...the instructions sucked...it would show an arrow like put this here, but never designated left or right..up or down...nothing exact...3 steps later you realized it was supposed to go on the top not the bottom! After prying apart pieces and snapping parts off to realize the left was the right and the right was the left...this kit went back in the box...then to the back of the model car closet where the sun don't shine and paint overspray will never get to it! Fast forward to Coronavacation...and now that after a few models under my belt...I feel like the man after this thread...yeah...like I'm eating a York Peppermint Patty..standing atop the NNL stage...with the wind blowing through my hair (I'm bald)...I'll give it another try!
  2. Need an accent color...so I went with Black...
  3. Guys (and Gals) its been a month of Sunday's and then some since I posted anything...been real busy on other things. So without further ado, catch up time! I happen to love the Tamiya 1/12 models as you can see from my last post 9wow that was 2016! anyway). I decided to do something totally different...and I know I may get a few people upset...but what the heck it tuned out fantastic. I picked up the Tamiya Wolf WR1 1/12 F1 car brand new for a steal on eBay for $80.00 like 2 years ago. As with all of us model builders...it sat there in the top of closet next to all the other models, that was supposed to be next in line, untouched sealed in plastic gatherings dust...Then I saw the Orange Porsche Jagermeister...and thought that color would be cool on this car as opposed to that boring 70's color of dark blue and gold! Well sit back and enjoy the view...(Original photo of kit attached)
  4. Really great and excellent attention to detail!! I have that same kit (unstated) and I can't wait to finish my current F1 to get started on it!!
  5. Excellent stance and great attention to detail!
  6. Love the paint job and the interior is coming along well!
  7. I wanted to make this look as real as possible, and they don't come with racing harness, wires etc...( Found one on ebay...but $120.00..anhhhh) So I decided to make my own racing harness out of spare model parts and...yes surgical tape! Here is the progress
  8. Hey guys...thanks for the shoutouts! Yes they are Tamiya 1/12 kits. Crazy Ed...thanks man, I accidentally flipped the pictures in preview before uploading them accidentally, I fixed it!
  9. I can post the individual works, but I figured I'd post the finished product...all together!
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