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  1. OutaFocus added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger Dick Landy's Super Stock   

    Look at the tail lights, it's a '70 Challenger. Not the '70 Landy paint scheme, but a '70 car. I can't read the class designation over the number on the side glass, but I think it's an SS car based on the engine callouts on the hood scoop.
  2. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    Here is a ink to images of some of the Revell built ups. This isn't my album, bu the pictures are on page 7;
  3. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    I got to see test shots/ buildups of the Foose C7, Nickey Camaro, and some others at the Southern Nationals NNL this weekend. Ed Sexton said there were no changes to the basic body of the Camaro, but the Nickey parts, especially the hood, looked good. It's also an RS, so there is a new grill, taillights, etc.
    The Ford GT looked great, it appears to be a snap kit and the built kit on display just about nailed the color of the show car.
  4. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    Motorwheel Spyders. They were in the kit along with the nicest 3pc rear spoiler I've seen. The Shartman car ran with the scoop in both positions.
    Interestingly, I had several re released Comet kits with the boxart shown in the beginning of this thread packaged with decals from a Shartman Comet kit. They were decals for the Gold(?) car with the orange and blue squares.

  5. OutaFocus added a post in a topic "Half a Hemi" Cuda build using a 3d printer - Adventure Begins 8-27   

    I looked at the M3D site and could find little technical information. I like the looks of the head & valve cover, but how much finish work after printing did it take to get to the point you showed? Is the printed surface smooth?
  6. OutaFocus added a post in a topic New decal and resin body   

    The hood has the cowl in place as was common for P/S cars of the era, so no, it isn't stock.
  7. OutaFocus added a post in a topic WHICH One to build w/ 1972 CHALLENGER Funny car   

    Since the original issue of that kit was of the Gene Snow car, it's only natural that the chassis is more correct for that version than the others. For the sake of accuracy, I would build the Snow car.
  8. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    Nitpick all you want, but compared to the stuff coming out of Revell these days, this kit and company are a breath of fresh air. Well done!

    Now....where's that A990?
  9. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Best Cragar SS wheels?   

    As stated earlier, the best Cragar SS wheels come from Johan. I especially like the wheels in the original issue AMX S/S car. The detail in the center caps is unbelievable and the overall shape is spot on. In the AMX they have both shallow and deep offsets, perfect for 70's SS and PS cars.

    Johan is often overlooked for quality well detailed parts because the kits were issued over and over and the molds were in bad shape, but for their day and even into current times, the detail and shapes were great.

    Consider that in the 60's they were producing kits with combustion chamber detail in their Hemi heads, Cylinder detail in their Oldsmobile blocks, etc.

    For 60's and 70's SS and PS builders they produced the best wheels including fantastic Keystone Kustomag Klassics in the Sox & Martin 71 Cuda, Great Fenton slots, and even superb Motorwheel Spyders in the Eddie Shartman Maverick.
  10. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    First year for the Street Hemi in production was 1966.
  11. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Revell 67 Camaro   

    For T/A racing in 67 and 68, the Penske cars ran American Racing 5 spokes, so one of the Revell C3 Corvette race cars would be a good kit for those. In 67 they ran a flat (not the SS) hood with a NASCAR-like cowl induction air cleaner ducted into the cowl panel. They also ran yellow stripes.

    So we need a base car flat hood, AR 5 spokes, Stripe decals, etc to make an accurate 67 Penske car.
  12. OutaFocus added a post in a topic NEW resin Demon pro stock   

    Straight Repop, Still no corrected front wheelwells.
  13. OutaFocus added a post in a topic MPC 1/20th 1970 AMC AMX   

    Didn't the original issue of that kit include the optional parts and decals to do the Craig Breedlove Speed Record car? If so, I hope Round2 includes those parts too. What a surprising and interesting release!
  14. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Revell Sox & Martin Pro Stock Cuda   

    Here is a scan of a magazine article on the 70 Cuda. It shows the original Six Pack scoop, but also an IR manifold with 4500's:

    I also ran across this picture of a 71 Cuda in what looks like 70 trim. It might be the converted 70 Cuda:

  15. OutaFocus added a post in a topic Revell Sox & Martin Pro Stock Cuda   

    Judging by the picture above, it looks like the original six pack scoop was cut open. So it was probably a modification done later in the season. I lived in SE Pa as a kid and made many trips to Englishtown. I saw the 70 run, and I do remember the crossram, but I also realize they were race cars and they changed throughout the season. I can admit when I'm wrong, it looks like it did run during the 70 season in the configuration shown on the box art.