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  1. That grille looks very realistic! You really captured that aspect. Great job.
  2. JULY 2017 Production

    Very nice thank you for posting extra pics!
  3. So guys... heres a heads up for anyone who trys to de- foose this truck. The embossed "foose" on the tailgate is a bit of a pain. I sanded it smooth, real smooth. After 2 coats of high build primer and 3 coats of color it STILL had ghosting letters "Foose" showing through quite clearly. So on went the putty. Kind of side tracked me I had hoped to have it cleared by now and curing.
  4. JULY 2017 Production

    More detailed pics of the foose truck please!
  5. Thanks for all the positive comments guys... I decided on a color finally... Nighthawk Black Pearl a duplicolor perfect match Honda color. Heres a test spoon... Phones camera doesnt really do it justice though in real life it has much more noticable blue.
  6. Hi there I am new here to this forum. Long time lurker but new poster... I figured I would share this build I have been working on the last few weeks. Been a few years since I sat at the bench so I am a bit rusty... had to relearn my airbrush. My plan for this truck is to put my own twist on the foose mods but still build mostly box stock. Probably make it a quick build (under a month) which for me is flying. First thing I usually do on my builds is the engine and chassis. So this update will show what I have done in 2 weeks on that... The engine painted aluminum from a rattle can. I have this trick where I blackwash the engine and through handling it alot during the build process it ends up looking close to real aluminum on a driven car. The frame was airbrushed using craft acrylics and brushed painted the front A arms. I didnt like the cheesy rear shocks in the kit so i spiced em up a little. I painted them flat black and coiled an actual spring around them. Turned out decent I think. Added a Detail Master distributor. Probably use DIY or pre wired in the future as it was kind of a pain. I do like that it came with looms. Still needs some touch ups. I will take care of that before final assembly. Included a side by side of one of the foose photos I am attempting to replicate. I really dig the look of that Roush motor. Finally got the chassis rolling. Installed the engine, exhaust, and drive shaft at the same time. I then sanded the tires and installed them with the metal axles. I think its ready for an interior and body. I will blackwash the U joints and misc things after final assembly for realism. So... if you have made it this far thank you for looking... I appreciate all feedback negative and positive and suggestions always welcome. I am still undecided on body color. Throwing around ideas like metallic copper or a really dark maroon that looks black until the light hits it. Interior will be black. Let me know what you guys think so far. Thanks!