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  1. MASH is one of my favourite TV series of all time, but maybe my user name makes that obvious
  2. When looking at the grille, I got the idea to do a Taro conversion if I ever get one, probably could work with using for example a Mk2 Golf grille as a basis and cut out the Toyota badge and grille bars...... Or...now when I think about it, I have got an Aoshima kit of this generation, probably possible to do there too, thanks for the inspiration you gave me without knowing....
  3. I guess that I have to save some scrap corian at work then....
  4. Don't know what year Civic you got, but they were improved in 1996, but before that they crumpled up like beer cans in crashes (and yes, I understand the concept of crumple zones, we're talking about the passenger compartment now), that, combined with less weight makes me doubt that one would automatically fare better in a pre 1996 Civic in all kinds of crashes, not trying to defend the Impala now..... But the traffic sure has changed in the last 20-30 years, and also, not all old land barges are the same, there was lots of improvements in the 60s and 70s, and to put it this way, generally speaking in a sea of lightweight 80s asian subcompacts with beer can rigidity, you probably could feel safe in a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado in the 90s. In a vehicle 20 years older than that, nowadays when everybody is driving huge ass SUVs and even the weight of subcompacts are reaching the weight of a Volvo or Mercedes in the early 90s, maybe not so much. I shake my head when people are telling me that my daily driver (lifted Nissan 720) will crush everything in its path, it's lighter than a modern Volvo wagon and is basically a cracker box bolted onto a primitive frame, probably both rigid where it shouldn't be and weak where it shouldn't be, since it didn't have to pass any safety standards due to being registered as a light truck, I don't think that it even has a collapsible column, only a single U-joint that maybe will make it slightly less of a spear. But I don't care much about that to be honest since people are riding motorcycles too and survives more often than they don't, and where I live I think that I have a higher risk to run into a moose than being in a head on collision, and there the height will be in my favour compared to a regular car where it will land on the roof and crush the A-pillars......
  5. If I had to choose only one wagon, Volvo Duett! ­čśÄ Yes, I know that I'll have to wait forever, but you said regardless of commercial viability, so.... To keep it more realistic, a Falcon wagon based on the Ranchero tooling would not hurt.
  6. And it's so fun to do, too!
  7. We make lots of stuff out of Corian at work, but I never thought about implementing it in my model builds. Interesting to see.
  8. Fun project indeed, I like this generation Hilux very much (as well as most other old minitrucks of course).
  9. Now this is something I like, great amounts of imagination going into this one. Well done!
  10. Some more work on the body. I don't like decals so this time I woodgrained it with a brush.
  11. I guess my DD Datsun pickup diesel would lose at the redlights, lol.....
  12. Some of the parts collected in the bath. The frame was ruined by gallons of glue so I use the frame from the yellow car, also the fenders since I apparantly thought that I needed another gallon of glue to fasten the headlight bar to the old ones. It probably would have been better to use the yellow body too but the spirit of the build is in the body IMO, it's no restoration anymore if using a different body, so I save the blue one. The firewall is from the yellow one since I couldn't make it come loose in one piece, probably another gallon of glue there. The yellow one had no hood and the blue one was ruined by....yup, you're guessing right, glue. So I have gotten a hood from another builder. Most of the interior are still from the blue one, except for dash and steering column, since for some reason I had glued the steering column and wheel upside down on my old dash... Got some paint on the body and fenders. Interior is much better looking this time, I think that I can only have painted it with one coat of too thin paint last time, it was white plastic shining through everywhere.
  13. Probably blown the headgasket on my pickup.... Why does vehicles always break in the coldest parts of the winter?
  14. I like the build, it is kind of crisp and sharp in the details with some kind of depth that makes it look realistic.
  15. No it doesn't look bad at all, I was just curious since all built up stock AMT 41s I have seen seems to have this nose high stance and since I have never seen a 41 Plymouth IRL.
  16. Cream was the first one that came to mind for me.
  17. Great looking build. As I have said many times, I don't envy the decal work you competiton car builders has to do......
  18. The Plymouth engine is dependable and great as long as you keep it stock but any performance mods and it will fly to pieces. I like the build, but I must ask one thing, I have always thought that the AMT 41 has a very nose high, almost gasser-like stance. Were they like this from the factory? I have never seen one IRL since 1940-42 american cars are very rare in Europe, but I don't remember our 1946 sitting like that....
  19. Whatever it is, it is a fun little build!
  20. Very nice conversion!
  21. It's a beauty, crisp detailing and what seems to be a really nice paintjob. Well done.
  22. I would go for the wires, I think.
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