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  1. Just picked up this kit today, primarily because of the sprue drawings on the bottom of the box. It shows two different engines. Got the kit home and immediately ripped it open to see what it's got. Molded in black 😠, but now to the reason for this post. It does have both the 426 Hemi and the 440 6 pack. Now for the really interesting part there are four intake manifolds in the kit: 1X4, 2X4 in-line, 2X4 Cross ram, and the 3X2. Only noticed one transmission. I didn't open the sealed bags, but each sprue is bagged separately and I only noticed one 4bbl carburetor and the three deuces. I was just this morning getting ready to seek help finding a 2X4 inline for the 440, guess my prayers have been answered. Now a question for all you MOPAR nerds, what carburetor would have been used on the in-line 2X4? Carters, Holleys, Rochesters (ROFLMA) ?
  2. It is possible I may be adding too much pressure when cutting. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Nice start on the Torino. As for an engine in the '56, just drop a 5.0 Coyote in there and call it perfect. The best of both worlds, a beautiful tri-five Chevy body and a beast of a Ford engine.
  4. I have one of these and am not really thrilled by it. I am having some difficulty keeping the blades from closing together. What are your suggestions?
  5. If that is all that is included in the reissue and they have it at the same price point as a regular kit, then can you say "ripped off".
  6. Just went to the Wikipedia website and noticed a couple of things. On the original color list the "Indian Red" was renamed "Chestnut" and on down the selection of "skin-tones" no longer has a "flesh", but there is one named "Peach". I think I am just going to go crawl into my safe-place and whimper.
  7. I was heavily involved in the last PIF and enjoyed it until all the crying and complaining started. But what I believe killed it was the value differential of kits offered., or the "This is the only kit I have to offer." PIF works very well for those of us who have a sufficiently large collection and are looking for a good trade. I understand the beginner wanting to get involved, and I know a couple members on here did trades with those just to keep the PIF going, but that is asking a bit much. If this does go forward will I get involved? Probably, will see something I want and will try to get it. It is up to the judgment of the Moderators, are you willing to be deluded with PM's about discrepancies?
  8. If it has not been robbed of parts this one is a gold mine. The two I have (not fire chief) has two different sets of mag wheels besides the stock covers, and a pretty nice set of long-tube injectors for the big block.
  9. Don't want to hijack this thread, BUT, here are a couple of tips I use for flocking. First, I use a small handheld kitchen strainer, pour the flocking in it and shake it, any flocking that stays in the strainer I will gently rub against the inside of the strainer. I then dump any residue out of the strainer and run it through one more time. To apply flocking, I have never had any luck using the diluted white glue method; instead I will mask off any part not to be flocked and spray the area with spray glue. Keep the flocking close by, because the glue dries rather quickly. The glue I use is called Elmer's Craft Bond. Once the glue has dried, remove the masking, and lightly dust off the residue.
  10. One of my favorite hidden mistakes are the builders who cut off the tops of tires for fender clearance so they can get the car lower to the ground. It is not seen and it works.
  11. "If ignorance is bliss, then this buyer is a blister"
  12. Just went through the build WIP and now the finished photos. That is one excellent '40 tudor. Your attention to detail and overall coherence to theme are outstanding. Did I say I really like this one and the coupe also. The '40 bodystyle is my favorite all time Ford.
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