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  1. Super work, especially that grille. But it needs about 500 pounds of mud and dirt on it, or at least some McD's fries on the floorboard; it is way too clean.
  2. Very nice looking wagon. Subtle changes but still very eye-catching.
  3. I think that is a requirement for all AMT/Round2 kits. That being aside, this one is looking really good. Would like to have one of those, but it would only add to the many I will never get built. Really need to start thinning down the inventory.
  4. I got a 'few' sitting in the to finish pile. 61 Ford Custom bubbletop, 57 Chrysler 300 C custom, Escort Pro-Stock, '65 GTO AWB, Magnum SRT8 RPU and there are several others.
  5. I would really like to see Round 2 reissue this kit for the 400th time but with the original full-custom parts. I have scoured model shows for the past several years and have scrounged most of the major part to build this custom. Some of these older original full customs were pretty wild and now in my twilight years of building I would like to try my hand at build them. I have the '61 Galaxie in work right now; the bubbletop is from the Monogram 58 T-Bird.
  6. Haven't tried it in years but I used to use plain old masking tape pressed down firmly then pulled off. It removed most of the decal and after a couple applications all but the tiniest pieces in recesses and panel lines were removed.
  7. This is probably only the second time I have logged on in ten days. My wife has been suffering with severe back pain for a couple of months. We finally got her an appointment with a neurosurgeon NEXT MONTH. This blasted virus has so disrupted every part of decent civilization. Anyway, Saturday the 13th she complained of being extremely cold (78 F outside) and was shaking uncontrollably. Thinking it may be coming from the back I called 911 and had her transported to a hospital (at least that is what their sign says, that is another story altogether). They did some CAT scans and discovered a severe infection of the kidney/bladder area. They also discovered some thickening of the adrenal gland and some malformation of the lymph nodes in that area. Long story short she has been diagnosed with cancer around the kidney. They also performed an endoscopy and discovered two ulcers. Right now we are waiting for results of a bone scan to see if there is any correlation between the cancer and her back pain. Once all that is done they will develop a treatment plan. The wife and I discussed it and our decision is to transfer her to another hospital, closer to home, less crowded, and I hope a better organized operational staff. So, not knowing what is coming down the road I will probably not be on as much as I would like. SHE is the most important part of my life right now and I am going to do everything I can to get her well - GOD willing.
  8. Not really familiar with year models of the later Corvettes, but saw a red one gaining ground in my rearview, He was not excessively fast, just slowly inching up. So I moved over to the right lane. As it got closer I noticed something askew about the hood. When he cruised by I got a better look and there was a hole cut off center and the top portion of a large tube was visible for about a foot or more. As he passed I saw an emblem on the rear that said Z-06. Didn't have a camera so I just watched him slowly move on down the road out of sight.
  9. I use these paints quite often, takes a bit of trial and error but they work very well and the color palette is unbelievable, they are even offering metallic paints now. This El Camino interior and the Willys modified were both done with cheap acrylics.
  10. Dropped by Micheal's today to see if they had anything worth looking at. They had the '83 Hurst Cutlass and it was marked $18, almost picked it up but then saw hidden behind some other kits the latest Dodge Pickup release. Decided I could do more with that one than I could the Hurst, although it was $30; but with a 20% coupon it wasn't too bad. May stop by tomorrow and pick up the Hurst.
  11. Also a big McQueen fan and really enjoy your collection of his cars. Just last night I watched "Bullitt". Had not seen it in its entirety since the first time in a theater at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in 1971. I still remember going over those hills and slinging side-to-side in my theater seat.
  12. Not sure, but I'll bet under full throttle there would be a whole lot of torque steer.
  13. Ace, will these industrial suppliers sell the smaller quantities needed by us as individual hobbyists? I know there are many of these companies that do not want to bypass their retail markets and many require a business license for tax purposes. What has been your experiences with them?
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