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  1. Beautiful work, really like the way you got the "shine" on the chrome pieces.
  2. Go to "Bing" type in your title to this post and you will get several pictures, some are of models others are real 1:1.
  3. Tamiya has a very good paint stand and it is reasonably priced. Should be available in any good LHS and I have seen them in Hobby Lobby.
  4. Going to be an ambitious build. Love all those 30's you have chosen. Looking forward to your build progress.
  5. That is beautiful.. You really captured the concentration on the driver's face very well, and I love those pie-crust slicks.
  6. That is a real shame. I guess people are just getting too lazy to get off their duffs and go to a store; just let them bring it to my door while I sit here turning into a vegetable. Although their selection of models was usually slim and outdated, they did offer a 10% military discount over their 40% coupons, so a $29 model would be $15.66 + tax. With the closing of all the good model stores and LHS, guess I will have to quit buying and start building some of the 200+ kits I have been hoarding.
  7. Very well done Cobra-jet. Really like the color and wheel choice.
  8. Yep, that's the one. Of course any of the rest would be alright, but I am quite partial to Mustangs.
  9. I think he needs to put it into his space shuttle and send it to Mars with the other dreamers. That thing is butt ugly.
  10. When you get a chance you can come by my house and drop of that Mustang in my driveway. Beautiful build on the rig and the muscle. Hope that driver has a really good insurance policy, there is close to $1 million + on that trailer.
  11. Arrived in Hamptonville, NC today. Dark photos were a bit distracting, but at least I have an issue I can hold in my hands.
  12. As the others have said this is an excellent build. Your color choices and cleanliness of build are exceptional. That being said, that model year was one of the ugliest Dodges ever built, except maybe for the later model K cars.
  13. I am watching this build with amazement at your techniques and precision. I was not really sure what your vision was until you put some paint on it. WOW, that is an impressive change. Never been a great fan of the modern day Ferrari, so any change has to make them look better.
  14. What type fender flares are you looking for - the type used on a hi-riser 4X4 or maybe to cover wide tires on a street/lowrider?
  15. A few more: Monogram 40 Ford Pickup Revell 56 Ford Pickup Monogram 55 Chevy (hardtop and convertible) Lindberg 54 Ford hardtop
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