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  1. Issue #206 ????

    I realize there has been quite an upheaval in the Hawaii area over the past few weeks, just wondering if it has had any affect on the magazine. That being said Issue #205 was sent to the printer in February and I received my issue. Just wondering if #206 is anywhere close to being in print, or do I need to change my address to the old folk's home down the road?
  2. It appears to me the majority of the stretch is in the door area.
  3. Celebrity Crushes?

    Cote De Pablo from earlier versions of NCIS
  4. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    Just picked up a drawer organizer from Harbor Freight a few days ago. It was way too hot to work outside yesterday so I decided to try to reorganize my tool drawers. My work area is a hodgepodge of old bedroom doors for a work surface and a leftover assortment of drawers from discarded pieces of furniture. Had to split the organizer into two pieces to fit in the drawers. I am amazed at what I found in those drawers. How many 34 tooth X-Acto saws does one person need, I have two of the narrow and one medium with handles, I also have another brand narrow and wide blade saw. I removed one complete set of jewelers files, since I have two more sets, a pin drill (kept two), two different sets of small screwdrivers, kept one. All this not to mention the number of different X-Acto knife handles with an assortment of blades, also several different measuring devices (put two cheap plastic calipers into the Goodwill box),. Anyway I can now find most of my tools, but my bench-top is a real mess. I am currently working on two builds of the Lindberg 53 Ford convertibles, one is OOB and the other is a short track racer, so trying to keep those parts separate is a real balancing act.
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Picked this one up today. Saw a few on Ebay and they are all priced at least 75% higher than I paid. Thanks to Ollies.
  6. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Got this one in a junk lot from Ebay, and I really do have plans for it.
  7. Z-7 Debonder

    Thanks for the reply. I'll have to look for that. I have a couple of glue bombs I need to dismantle and really do not want to break the parts.
  8. Z-7 Debonder

    Not familiar with Z-7 debonder. Where might one find it and what does the packaging look like?
  9. Fiat Fuel Competition Coupe - W.I.P.

    You have my attention on this one. I have a heavily modified Willys coupe body I want to build into a fuel coupe. Keep those detailed updates coming.
  10. Weird cars Post em here.

    Saw this one at the Food Lion Auto Show and Swap Meet at Charlotte Motor Speedway several years ago. It is completely fabricated of wood, except for the mechanicals of course. Notice the name "Splinter".
  11. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    This is my own glue-bomb. The only original build I have left from my early builds (other than some 1/32 sports cars). I found it in a box in my parents basement when I was cleaning out some stuff after they passed. So far I have stripped it and repainted, however for some reason the left front fender has taken a nose high attitude. When I get back to it I will probably cut out the radiator support and try some hot water on the fender. There are no pictures of the renovations. I was lucky enough to get a replacement hood and grille from Modelhaus before they left the business.
  12. 1994 Dodge Ram 3500

    Mighty fine looking Ram, the weathering is exceptional. My only suggestion would be, most of the 1-ton Rams, Chevy's, or F-350's in that condition have at least one or both of those fiberglass rear fenders ripped to shreds JK . Very nice work. I do have one serious question, where did yo get the 5th wheel?
  13. Chaparral 2C LS (Arai)

    Back in those days there were only three C's is automobiles: Chaparal, Cheetah, and Chevrolet. Since then I have grown up and dropped the last C, but the first two are still way up there. Really nice looking build.
  14. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Got the look just right. Mighty fine "old" roadster.
  15. Ford Fusion road course conversion

    I'm not sure if it is Sonoma or Watkins Glen, but I seem to remember one of the road courses pit layout required the fuel filler to be moved to the passenger side of the car. Of course I could be totally wrong, I have been at least once before.