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  1. Issue #208 is in the house. Very well done, especially like the Tool Time section. So glad it is back in circulation.
  2. The ingenuity of modelers is amazing. These are some simple, but very useful ideas.
  3. Really a fine looking build, also love the idea of a "real motor" being used. One suggestion for the bed inner fenders is to use the front inner fenders from an older late model chassis. They could be cut to fit - at least I think they would work.
  4. Just scanning through this and came across this post. I get my prescription meds through the mail. Two of my prescriptions earlier this year were also shipped DHL and sat in Raleigh, NC, one for 22 days and the other for 16 days. When I talked with my local USPS, since both were to be turned over to them for delivery, they verified there seemed to be a problem with that company and the Raleigh distribution center. Going to get a bit political here - blame it all on COVID.
  5. Just finished a great trade with Ken "BigTruck". I really appreciate the communication and ease of trading. Thanks.
  6. I have had fairly good luck with the freezer method. Wet the model pretty well, place into a zip-lock bag, and freeze it for a couple days. Doesn't work all the time, but it is a less destructive attempt than a hammer and chisel.
  7. This is my small collection, not really sure how many - somewhere between 250 and 300. Pictures are just a sample
  8. Looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Great job on the build.
  9. I found one in the AMT 49 Mercury kit, I used it on my '34 pickup.
  10. Looking forward to your progress on this build. Going to be interesting watching that hull take shape.
  11. Some really great pictures. You got me with that peach '64 Mercury big-block 4-speed car and if I can't have that one I would like that black Torino, both are rare beauties.
  12. I really miss my '72 Westphalia. I kick myself everyday, traded it for a 78 Rabbit - what was I thinking!!
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