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  1. California Ain't What It Used To Be

    This is not only happening in California. I was born in NC a Tarheel, raised a Tarheel and will die a Tarheel. However, what used to be a beautiful state is slowly turning ugly. Our major city, Charlotte (home of the NFL Panthers), has been nicknamed the "Queen City" for many years, unfortunately it is quickly becoming a real "queen" city. We, as a state, have lost our values and are cowtowing to the demands of a very small minority view. The once beautiful mountains are being destroyed by the affluent buying property and building "summer homes" along the ridgelines, ruining pristine mountain vistas. Most of our cities with larger populations report at least one murder on every daily newscast. Yet I will stay here, because I really have not found anything better. Throughout my USAF career I lived in several different states, the only other one which could possibly attract me away from North Carolina would be Missouri.
  2. Some odd and cool old drag cars

    There may be a passenger seat, but I sure wouldn't ride in it; that thing is scary. That El-dog came to our local dragstrip, but they could not get it fired up or were having problems with the engine so it didn't run. Of course there were five others there that put on an excellent show.
  3. Sauber-Mercedes C9 # 61 1989 Le Mans

    Wow, this is becoming one beautiful build. Looking at all that detail, I think I will stick to original AMT kits . Keep those updates coming.
  4. 66 ford galaxie 500 ltd promo

    Cool save. Good job on the restoration.
  5. chevy shop truck

    Very cool looking shop truck. As far as the door handles, just drill a couple of small holes at the rear of the indentation and stick some wire with a loop on the end into them. Several of these older trucks had their handles removed because they did not work correctly and the driver simply hooked a piece of stiff wire to the inner workings and ran it through the hole in the door. Or you could also leave the windows down and open the door using the inside handle.
  6. 1/25 Mopar parts and Chevy Monza wheels wanted

    I have the Roadrunner inner fenders, PM me your address.
  7. a midwestern late model and a southern modified

    Those are a couple of really cool builds. My first racing experience was with my Dad at Bowman Gray Stadium watching modifieds just like that one. Thanks for the memories.
  8. The Mustang's 55th birthday TODAY....let's see them.....

    Here is a couple I have done, love the Mustang.
  9. Texas Trouble 31 Ford

    Several years ago I decided to strip the coating off a Coca-Cola can so I could use the aluminum. You all know the outcome. That was when I decided to read the side of the container, lo and behold, it says not to use on metal. BTW, that is one cool Tudor you are building.
  10. Lacquer clear coat

    My understanding of the original question is the builder intends to shoot clear on bare plastic. Will the clears mentioned have any negative interaction with bare plastic? Years ago I shot some clear on an unpainted body and it bubbled very badly.
  11. Wanted Hemi Hunter Kit and Revell Baja Bronco kit

    I do not have what you re looking for, However, you may find more looks if you move this down to the "Wanted" section.
  12. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    I have a real desire to see a '63 Pontiac Catalina or Bonneville 421 Super Duty and maybe a 64/65 Olds F-85. Both were original annual kits and I imagine the tools have been modified (the 63 into a 64) and I believe the Olds was turned into a topless funny car. Still would like to see them resurrected.
  13. The BIG hole

    The universe is an infinite entity and therefore will never be understood. What we are seeing is in our neighborhood and that is about all we will ever see. There is always going to be something beyond anything discovered by our feeble methods.
  14. Title editing

    So, to re-ask the initial question, "How can a title be edited"? If I have a trade or wanted post that has been completed, how do I annotate "Found" in the title?
  15. Monster of a truck

    Maybe you could put some diesel in the tank and see if it will crank. Definitely going to take an oversized display case to keep the dust off. Very nice looking build, however.