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  1. When we moved into our retirement home, the home we will leave in a body bag, I took one corner of the basement to build into a hobby area. It is a great place to work in the warm weather, but that basement gets a bit cool in the other times of the year. Trying to figure some way to economically warm the area. Anyway here are some pictures. The flames on the back of the chair is actually a BBQ apron I wear while working - I have ruined too many pants/shirts over the years.
  2. Well they are still working on the I-77 parking lot through my county in NC. Since this project started last summer there have been three major pile-ups resulting in 6 deaths, and all three happened within 100 yards of each other. On a good day there will be 5-7 mile long two-lane traffic merging into one lane traffic jam. But the crews are still working. The estimated completion time of this project is sometime in 2021 or 2022.
  3. Looks like you have your engineering in the right place. This should turn out to be a believable conversion. Let's see more.
  4. Wow that is a beautiful bus. I have driven a couple of those as spares when my bus is in for maintenance; when they are worn out they are real hogs to drive. What scale is this and where did you get it? The only thing I see missing is trash and bubble gum all over the floor.
  5. After all these good words it is difficult to add more, but I will try. That is one beautiful FORD, the paint and decal placement came out excellent. I really like it
  6. Oh yeah, they are plenty cool - as long as they are empty. I've been driving one for 12 years and still have my sanininity, umm, I mean my insaneness,; no that's not right either. Oh well, you get the idea.
  7. Some very nice looking dirt trackers. Saved a few to my "Would like to build file".
  8. Wow, that is one beautiful FORD. Bob Glidden was one of my favorite drivers, may he R.I.P. You have done some excellent work on this build.
  9. Agree with you 100%, I also have traded with Brandon and have always been very pleased. Do not understand why you interjected this snarky, baseless comment into a post in which you have no interest.
  10. Wow, I somehow just came upon this build. What you are doing is excellent scratchbuilding work. I am going to steal some of your ideas. I have an extra Falcon Ranchero body I have cut and slipped forward, added some extra kit custom pieces to; body has not been extended. Right now it is in the "to get to pile", this build may inspire me to move it forward.
  11. Excellent build of a fabulous pro-stocker. All the work you put into this one is very well represented. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. Very nice looking build, especially from the dog you started with. Really convincing weathering.
  13. Looks like a good kit. How are the panel lines? I built their Hyundai Azera and the panel lines were almost non-existent. My wife owns a 2016 Sport (I-4, FWD), it is her second one the first was a 2003 V-6 AWD. Would like to find one of these.
  14. Never have had a real taste for many of the pre-sweetened or flavored cereals. My favorite is plain old Corn Flakes with a banana, some strawberries, or peach slices over the top. I do like Cheerios, favorite is the Multi-grain, although I will eat some of the Honey Nut on occasion. I will eat Raisin Bran only when I need the "Drano effect"; yeah, I know TMI. I do remember a mail-in two box tops and $.10 for a set of four fire-trucks.. Really disappointed when they arrived. They were about 1.5 to 2 inches long, made of red hollow plastic and the wheels were molded to the side. Of course I would like tho have them now, they would probably be worth much more than that.
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