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  1. AMT '32 Victoria Custom Rear Fenders

    No problem. I may find some use for them, of course I do have two of these kits, I really like the looks of that "butt" on the Vicky
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    I saw this movie in an "outdoor theater", not a drive-in. I was in Thailand in '71-72 and one of our base theaters was outside. Anyway, I remember during the chase scene I was leaning in my seat as the cars swerved and on a couple of occasions I felt my self pressing into the seat as if I had just landed a jump. Beautiful experience, have watched it several times since but have never felt those sensations.
  3. AMT '32 Victoria Custom Rear Fenders

    Any interest?
  4. Parting out two Mono Rolls roadsters, some parts to trade

    Interested in one of the complete engines and maybe a rear axle. If those parts are available PM me with your trade needs.
  5. Merc Rebuild (Mock Up)

    Love these old lead sleds so will be watching this revival. I like the looks of that forward hinging hood, do you have some better pictures of how you did it?
  6. Board Status

    Don't know what you said, but I am glad you said it - that means I am pretty much computer illiterate. Also glad to hear you are recovering. I'm sure there will be some grumbling along the way, yet the finished product will be worth the wait.
  7. Way cool early 50's style show rod before "show rods" got out of hand.
  8. Going to be an interesting project to watch. While in the USAF many years ago I worked on T-28 trainers, they were radial powered. There is nothing that sounds the same as these engines. Similar to a Harley, their sound is very distinct. Enough nostalgia, let's see some updates.
  9. AMT '32 Victoria Custom Rear Fenders

    The Iron Horse reissue has them in gray. PM me your address and I will get them to you.
  10. Eye Test - Find the "8"

    9 up 19 from left, yep.
  11. What Irked You Today?

    Thanks to hurricanes Florence and Michael I now have to spend another $4000 + (guesstimate) on getting my basement waterproofed. For many years one particular corner of my basement had been leaking when it rained. I finally broke down and had a company come in and fix the problem. They only did the east and north walls at my request (stupidity). We had never had problems with the south wall area leaking. The aforementioned hurricanes changed that. These walls are the ones I have my shelving for my models (they did not get wet - whew), all the shelves screwed to the wall for my power tools and other basement stuff, one corner is where my model working area table, etc. is located, and the other corner is where my heat pump is located. I called the company on Friday and they have not returned my call; I was on hold for more than 8 minutes before speaking to anyone, so I am sure they are going to be quite busy. They did an excellent job on the part they finished. One small light in all this is that I have already paid for the sump pump system and dehydrator so the only cost will be trenching out the concrete and installing the drain tubes, still not very cheap.
  12. 1980 Monte Carlo (New Pictures)

    I think it might look pretty good although it would have been better using a lighter background. I think I detect a two-tone on the roof and hood.
  13. Nose to the sky gassers

    It appears to me there are a few members here who believe they know everything about everything and are not open to the idea others may also have a bit of experience in the topic. I grew up in the early 60's as a complete motorhead. I do remember some nose-high (a relative term) drag cars, some that come to mind are the Chevrolets of Sox & Martin and Don Nicholson. The early magazines also ran articles on Gassers and some of them did have a somewhat nose-high attitude. Just to add a bit of trivia, some of the nose-high cars are optical illusions. If you put a straight axle under the nose of a tri-five Chevrolet it will normally have a bit of a nose-lift, if you then remove the bumper and grille, it will have a more pronounced look of being nose-high and it will be a bit higher from the loss of weight of the bumper and grille. All this being said to maybe get some of the harsh antagonism out of posts. And yes facts are facts, but it appears some are more unwilling to accept the FACT their facts may not be 100% accurate factually.
  14. I can't believe it.

    Quite often they will reprice them and put them on the "Clearance" shelf. I picked up a Revell T-bucket w/trailer for $7.49 at the local H/L, it was only missing the T-bucket - very nice parts kit for little money. Although not very common at Hobby Lobby I find this quite often at our local Michael's and A C Moore. At those stores when I find an opened kit I will take a glance at it and make the store manager an offer. I have picked up a complete Revell '69 Charger for 60% off, but I also got what looked like only missing tires '70 Chevelle for 50% off and when I got it home it was also missing the chrome tree and the major engine pieces. Pilferage has been a problem for many years, that is one of the mitigating factors that caused Rose's stores to stop carrying models and I will wager it also had some input as to Wal-Mart's decision.
  15. Nose to the sky gassers

    On all the pictures Steve posted, at least the ones noticeable, it appears as if the engines may be a bit lowered in the chassis, thus meeting the 24" rule. I like gassers either way, nose high or level. To me they were the ultimate drag racing machine affordable by the masses of racers. What I don't really care for are the slew of altered wheelbase cars called gassers, when that is a definite taboo in the gasser ranks.