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  1. That is indeed one fine looking Corvette, very nice color and those wheels really make it shine. My favorite year is the '63 and my favorite body style Vette is the original StingRay
  2. IMHO that is one ugly waste of sheetmetal. George Barris had a vivid imagination, but I think at times he may have spent a bit too much time in Napa Valley prior to building.
  3. There is no time limit on offers. Leave that one up there and if you think it is not going to move then replace it with something else. Since you claimed the Mopar from 57olds88 it is up to you to provide a kit for someone else to claim.
  4. It is a Mustang, enough said. Beautiful work, and that Fox chassis seems to fit like a glove.
  5. And the final two for this morning. The door and window cranks are pieces of wire to replace the poorly identified kit items. The original idea was to build a street freak, that is why the full exhaust system, front springs are from an AMT 40 Willys kit axle is scratchbuilt. Rear slicks and steel wheels are parts box.
  6. Here are a couple more pictures. Scratchbuilt the headers out of solder and the cross-ram manifold from bits of styrene and putty. The valve colors are chrome without the purple tint. HEI distributor is white metal from R&D Uniques, wish I could find a couple more.
  7. Started this SCRambler sometime back in early 2012. Some major life changes got in the way and I boxed it up. Just dug it out a couple days ago and am trying to get it finished. Added connector bars between sub-frames for more rigidity to help control the BBC I am using.
  8. Beautiful duo of Chevy's. Especially like the Suburban, slap a double axle trailer behind it with your choice of racing machine and it is off to the races.
  9. The only problem is, without TV viewers and money sponsors, there will be no money to save. With all this push toward EPA mandates emission changes and forcing electric cars on the market the death knell rings even stronger. Who wants to pay $100+ to watch a slot car race? The roar of the engines is a major part of the complete experience. Win on Sunday and sell on Monday is a thing of the past. Another issue is the younger generations are not showing the same interest in cars as those now presently supporting NASCAR.
  10. Really cool period correct custom. Very well designed and executed. Your sir, are a custom builder,
  11. Going to be a nice looking truck. I had a set of the Chrysler wheel/tires, but used them on this.
  12. Charles welcome to the forum. You may pick one of the kits offered by 57Olds88 in the last post. Then you post pictures of what you have to offer. The 62 Chevy is no longer in the game.
  13. Great looking build. Those drivers were sitting on a pair the size of softballs. As an aside, my drag racing hole lasted pretty much from Sept '68 - Dec '81. Did get to go to a couple of races then, the Rockingham Pro-Am in '75 stands out in what memory I have left of those days. MSGT, USAF retired.
  14. Oh man yeah! That is a nice duo of Fords. Got to love them.
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