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  1. Looking forward to the build up of this car. I have the "Ghost Cuda" kit, which is way down in the build que.
  2. Really like the way this one came out. Beautiful choice of colors, really accent that lovely shape of the slantback. Overall very nice build.
  3. Not a bad rig, but could use a bit of 'chicken wire and bondo' to take care of some of those unsightly splotches, especially around the headlight.
  4. Hmmm, never thought about that. May try it if I go back for the '32 SD or the 41 Plymouth.
  5. I have picked up a couple of storage units from Harbor Freight; they have a fairly nice selection of different sizes and formats.
  6. Between doctor appointments this morning I stopped by my local WalMart, haven't been in there for awhile. Anyway, checked the clearance aisle and found two bottles each of a beautiful purple and a pretty nice yellow nail polish, $.50 each. Was walking by the toy section heading for the electronics department and noticed on a center aisle kiosk a couple of the AMT 32 Ford Sedan Deliverys, 50th anniversary Camaro, 64 Olds F-85 Convertible $19.97 and the 1977 Pinto $24.97. The Olds and the Pinto followed me home. When I was checking out I asked the friendly assistant way there was a $5 difference in the kits, her answer was "You have to pay for the Coke logos."
  7. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Where is this stuff available and what damage will it do to my mortgage payments? I have a couple of older junk bodies I would be willing to test this stuff on. One I got in an "ebay box" so I do not know what type paint or for how long, should be a good test mule.
  8. Very well done. Watched the WIP hoping to get pointers on a Willys Coupe I have had in the works for a few years. One thing I noticed missing on this build are indentations in the seat to allow room for the brass ***** need to drive this beast.
  9. Wouldn't that tend to crush the body? Sorry, I had to do this.
  10. If you are referring to the clear type Scotch tape, I would not recommend it at all. It does not conform to curves of any scale and it will often leave a sticky residue which is difficult to remove. What size stripe are you considering. If it is a smaller pin-stripe then it may be possible to find what you are looking for on a decal sheet. If you are able to print your own decals, MS Word has a place where you can select different widths of stripe and the font color wheel may be close to what you need. If the stripe is wider I would suggest masking the edges with Tamiya tape and the rest with blue painter's tape. Tamiya gives a very nice crisp separation line. Another suggestion would be to spray a light coat of the main paint color over your tape before painting the stripe color. That will seal most of the bleed-thru areas and if by chance there is any bleed through it will be the main color. Hope this helps and answers some of your question. Just reread your post and you did mention "very thin stripe", my primary suggestion would be to try to find decals for it.
  11. You are doing some truly amazing (actually jaw-dropping) work on this Camaro. I have followed many of your other projects and did not expect anything less. I see you cut out your fenders the way I used to; now, I use my Dremel with a sanding drum and just sort of sneak up on the line. Looking forward to more updates.
  12. I have two bodies from them: 54 Ford moredoor was a piece of art, beautifully molded, only problem is no hood is included, so will need hood from donor kit. Also got the 55 Chevy moredoor wagon, probably enough resin on the inside to mold another body, really thick molding, but the outside is beautifully crafted. Both will require some cleanup, the Ford much less than the Chevy, but they do seem quite accurate, at least to my uncalibrated eyes. BTW nice score on those two Chevy's.
  13. That is the most convincing diorama I have seen is some time. Beautiful build and as mentioned before outstanding presentation. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. USPS just delivered the AMT Cal Drag Combo (64 Galaxie, Falcon Funny Car and trailer). Noticed even though the Galaxie hood is molded shut the chassis has inner fenders, not sure how detailed . So a few swipes with the back of an X-acto blade and a parts box big block FE engine and viola a full detail Galaxie.
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