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  1. anybody trade for these

    Dave, did you receive my PM dated August 13?
  2. Drag truck

    Way cool truck, nice detail work. With no front fenders it would be an "altered" not a "gasser".
  3. Walmart Prices ?

    I haven't seen a kit in WalMart for at least 8 or more years. Big Lots used to get them around Christmas time, but I haven't seen any there in at least 6 years. Right now the only 'big-box store' that carries any models around here is Ollie's, and then only sporadically. Now I have seen some fairly nice 1/43, 1/18, and a few 1/24 diecasts is WalMart, but I am into plastic so they don't appeal to me that much.
  4. Could it pass?

    There are some similarities, but also quite a few differences. Wheels, grille, headlamps, windshield wipers, vent windows, front edge of front fender, front door window, appears to have a more rounded rear roof line, and fender parking lights to name a few.
  5. "The Stig Collection" -Tina's 56 Ford

    Very beautiful build. Really like the color combination and the overall cleanness of the build. Those are some "loud" looking exhaust pipes.
  6. Really tough looking truck, especially like the bed. The only thing I see missing is painting that beautiful welder blue and putting a Miller decal on it - I used Miller welders during my stint in the USAF and really loved them.
  7. anybody trade for these

    Are any of these still available or have they been traded?
  8. Check here: http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/chevrolet/1971-1980/
  9. Favorite Car

    My all-time favorite car that if I won the lottery I would go out and find. - '65 Chevelle SS. Mine was a 283 4-speed car in Tahitian Turquoise.
  10. What Irked You Today?

    Our local TV station's Chief Meteorologist (ROFL) drives me nuts. She is so giggly it is almost sickening. Anyway, we have just come through a very heavy rain system, here at the house we had over 7.5" in four days. The temperatures averaged high 80's every day. The rains have somewhat subsided and the temps are climbing back up into the low 90's with almost matching humidity. Last night when she was doing the forecast, she made the comment "it is almost feeling summer-like again". What the dickens is in her mind other than air? Before the rains it was in the mid 90's and dry for over three weeks. To me anything over 80 degrees is summer-like.
  11. ASA T Bird .

    Beautiful sort-track racer, one of my favorite types of build. Not really familiar with the old ASA, is this a phantom build or a replica? Either way it is sweet.
  12. Revell 76 Gran Torino

    Very well done Torino. Nice shine to the paint, not over glossy; more factory than show-car. I like it.
  13. He shoulda learned to drive stick

    As most have said I learned to drive in a stick-shift. My father was a rural mail-carrier and swore by 6-cylinder, three speed Chevrolets. Now my Dad was only 5'9" but he could sit in the middle of the seat and drive those cars with ease. I used to drive his cars around the yard and the fields around our house. My driver's training was in a '64 three-speed Ford Galaxie. First car a 6 cylinder three speed '56 Chevrolet, followed by a 283 3 speed '65 Chevelle, and that one was replaced by a 283 4 speed '65 Chevelle SS. Nowadays it is much easier on my knee joints to drive an automatic, although I really miss shifting gears.
  14. 1966 Honda F90 Tiller model

    Very interesting build. Even in 1/20 I would imagine some very small parts. I have an older Honda tiller 1:1, it is a center-time model and is not wheel driven, but it will sling some dirt in my garden.
  15. Senior citizen

    Welcome aboard from one old phhfft to another. You have me by a year, but at our age numbers are relative. Looking forward to seeing some of your builds. I have been back in the hobby for a while now after a few years hiatus. This site is a wealth of information.