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  1. 1975 Monza Wipers--Better Shots 12/18/2018

    Simply an awesome piece of work. Everything about this build just screams perfection. Great job.
  2. I realize many do not frequent Michael's for kit-buying. However they will occasionally have an older kit I am looking for and they do have a 40% coupon when using their phone app. Over the past few days I have been in two different Michael's and their kit shelf is completely bare. Both stores had only three car kits and maybe one or two airplane kits, plus the shelf space has been drastically reduced. I have bought several pilfered kits at reduced prices from one of the local Michael's stores. I am beginning to wonder if maybe they are going to quit models altogether? Anyone heard anything?
  3. Brushes

    I have picked up a few from Hobby Lobby, they will put them on sale for 50% off quite regularly. Their selection is very good.
  4. Great Traders List

    Just completed a great trade with Larry Ray, very satisfied. Quick shipping and excellent correspondence.
  5. Bonneville Speed Week

    Really appreciate these photos, I have saved several to my LSR file. Speedweeks is on my bucket list, but will probably never materialize.
  6. 57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

    Very well built 57 Vert; and it is not the typical red that so many are. Nice color choices.
  7. 69 AMX Cannonball car

    Really good looking weathering and as said the six-cylinder is a different addition. Kind of concerned about the exhaust dumping directly on the rear tire; the heat might change the air pressure and affect handling.
  8. The future of offroading?

    Driving across the backyard to unload a couple bags of playground sand is considered off-roading to many people; and of course you need a lifted, 1-ton, diesel, dually for that. Now back to this electric truck. I am sure they have some kind of seal around the electric motors, but one on each wheel and a 36" fording depth just seems to spell disaster. I have found very few electric motors that work very well when submerged.
  9. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Outstanding work. Really like the stucco look on the building walls, and that El Camino definitely needs a bit of TLC.
  10. Wood Brothers Fairlane

    Beautiful work on that Fairlane, has the look of the real thing. The Wood Brothers have always been one of my favorite race teams, ever since I saw Glenn drive a modified at Bowman Gray Stadium (yes, I am that old).
  11. Wow, you are a real licensed plastic surgeon. That is some intricate work you are accomplishing. Really like the overall look. You mentioned not liking the look of the rear fenders, to me they look a bit long behind the wheel openings. Of course that look may be exaggerated by the fact the bed has been shortened. Anyway, whatever you decide to do with it is going to look good. Keep on doing what you are doing
  12. Decal emblems in 3D

    Great idea and that is one beautiful Ranger.
  13. Beautiful hot rod. That paint combination really sets it off. Leaving the light bar off makes it look like a completely different truck.
  14. 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

    Absolutely one of the best Mustang builds I have ever seen. The paint and overall finish is superb. Quick story - I knew a guy who owned one just like this one, totally rebuilt on a rotisserie, lots of dollars expended. The local Ford club was returning from a show, he was between two other Mustangs, a deer ran out and creamed the right side fender. Needless to say he was not very happy. However he whipped out his wallet and got the parts and had it fixed.
  15. Revell Ford GT Le Mans, 2016 GTE Pro Winner

    The original Ford GT was IMHO one of the most beautiful cars ever built - it was sexy, powerful, and just exuded performance. Now this one comes along and shatters that opinion.. Looking forward to your build of this gorgeous beast. Those are some really nice, crisp separation lines on the paint.