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  1. The C-130 and B-52 have both been flying since the mid 50's and are still in service, back then the primary tanker was the KC-97 with its howling brakes, now it is the KC-10 or something later. Now for my selection: C-130 (any variety) got my "cherry" in my USAF career and have been in love with it ever since - if I win the lottery I am going to buy one and park it in my front yard; second would be the F-4 Phantom (again any variety) worked it at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC, Kunsan AB, ROK, and Shaw AFB, SC; and my third choice is the B-52 (BUFF - Big, Ugly, Fat, well you can figure out the rest) that thing makes the ground move beneath your feet when it is on take-off roll.
  2. Beautiful rig. The weathering and the worn tires show plenty of road miles. I well remember McClean Trucking, I live just a few miles from their homebase of Winston-Salem.
  3. I also love these older drag cars. You are doing an outstanding job on this one. If you are not satisfied with your fenderwell headers, simply roll out the pieces of solder between two boards to get them straight and try again. With a bit of trial and error they really look sweet. This was a set I built for a SCRambler gasser. I started with four pieces of solder glued into holes in the block, the engine is tack glued to the chassis. I then bent each one to fit the fenderwell area, allowing for tire clearance.
  4. Really enjoying watching this creation take shape. Are you working from any kind of drawing or is this project all in your head? I have found that the simplest, roughest sketches of a project will help me keep focused on the final outcome. That being said, keep those updates coming, I am anxious to see what develops.
  5. Umm, no. Looks like something Matchbox might have created.
  6. Excellent work, very nice weathering. The only thing I see missing is the tow eyes welded to the front frame rails for the tow bar to flat pull it to the drag strip. Beautiful build.
  7. Wonderful rendition of a very beautiful car. I really enjoy that era road racer, they had style.
  8. Evil, wicked, mean & nasty. One fine looking Chevelle gasser, your detail work is beautiful.
  9. That is one fine looking T-Bird. Really like that blue color, sort of a throwback to FORD racing colors.
  10. Some nice slicing and dicing. The coupe look is definitely different, looking forward to where this one goes.
  11. I have a dozen or more started I would like to finish maybe one or two of those before starting something else. But my #1 priority is finding a dependable electrician to wire the two 240 volt heaters I have in my basement so I can work comfortably without having to wear a heavy coat.
  12. Beautiful weathering and an outstanding build. Reminds me of the local dragstrip back in the 60's, many of those cars were built for speed and not for corporate sponsor looks.
  13. Whimper, whimper, snivel, snivel, I give up. Watching a piece of art come together such as this makes me want to give up modeling. Sir, your work is right on the verge of excellence and your vision is impeccable. Looking forward to more updates.
  14. Just completed a great trade with Blacksheep214. Communication was great and packaging was outstanding. Will trade with him again if opportunity arises.
  15. Kind of late getting into this thread. My first ever model kit was the Trophy Series '40 Ford Coupe. Got it for Christmas in 1959 and it was molded in black. I am going to presume that was probably an original issue. Also remember the '32 Vicky and the '32 Roadster were also molded in black. My first issue of the '29 Roadster was in white (around '63-64) but I have since found light blue and tan ones. Last year '2019' I won one of the flat box kits at a show raffle, it has the molded in orange sticker and the parts picture on the bottom shows the sedan delivery rear door. The kit is still sealed so I cannot verify the accuracy of the parts. It comes with mag wheels rather than the good original issue stuff.
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