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  1. Very beautiful rendition of a classic Ford pickup, one of the original F-series. Really like the subtlety of the two tone paint job. Clean overall build. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. That is one fine looking, well-polished Corvette. Job well done.
  3. Just finished a great trade with Paintaandwrenches (David Ingle). Good communication and quick shipping, thanks.
  4. Cool idea and very believable execution. Here is a picture of a Lambo I saw at a car show a few years back, that is a Chevy engine.
  5. Since I am beginning to get the "old man" shakes in the hands that paint bottle holder idea looks really good and I have plenty of lids from empty cans.
  6. Those are some good looking tyres, really look the part. How did you get the cuts so symmetrical?
  7. Just recently drove by my local low-inventory Ford dealer and saw a really nice F-150 that was begging me to stop and look at it. Except for the factory steel wheels and no Sirius/XM radio it was pretty much what I wanted. I should be able to find a good set of aluminum wheels at a wrecking yard for a reasonable price (finger-crossed) and may consider changing out the radio. Anyway, I went back the next day with the title of my 2010 Ranger in hand and drove in in the 150. They are a local dealer and have been in business since before WWII, of course they have been almost closed by the super-dealers, but they still deal honestly and made what I thought was an excellent deal. As an aside, a friend of mine said he saw me in my Ranger driving through town a couple days after my trade; guess it didn't remain on the lot very long. IMHO the best deals on used cars are still made with local dealers, and yes I have heard the stories of the vast difference in trade-in and the gold standard at CARMAX.
  8. Not really familiar with dirt racing, but from what I do know many drivers had their own "secret" design that worked for their driving style. So any design you cut should be an acceptable pattern. If anyone complains about the design, you can always blame the rookie team member that cut the tires for you.
  9. Very nice 1-ton. I really like the color and the interior details set it of nicely. Good job.
  10. Yeah, but at least you would be there when a new shipment comes in and would get first choice.
  11. Very nice looking deuce coupe, would love to find something like that sitting in some little old ladies garage and she would be willing to sell it. Just wondering about the lack of taillights.
  12. Except Gorilla Tape residue, the only thing that removes that residue is "Goo-be-Gone" and even then it requires quite a bit of elbow grease.
  13. Excellent build, really like the hard work look. What scale is this and what company produced the kit?
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