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  1. Ulrich Model Kits 1/25 Mini Men

    David, how many of these kits do you have and what are you looking for in trade? I have a pretty fair kit collection. I will be out of town Friday through Sunday (Apr 27-29). I am in the process of planning a diorama which will require at minimum three people. Let me know. Thanks. Ricky "TarheelRick"
  2. Can't give you any real instructions, but you will have to section the bed and frame in front of and behind the wheel wells to get the correct wheelbase and look.
  3. Wheels needed

    What kits are they from? Would it be possible to get a closer photo?
  4. Ford Galaxie 1966, AMT, metallic blue.

    I agree with all that has been said about this build. That is one fine looking Galaxie. I also have a couple in my stash and really need to build one of them; this may be the inspiration I need.
  5. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Not really sure what is happening with Revell, since I have no business sense. That being said I worked for Pony Express Delivery (anyone remember them) back in the late 90's. They were struggling, poor leadership, etc, strong competition from UPS, FEDEX, and a new upstart DHL. Borg-Warner (the gear people) bought out Pony Express, issued us all new uniforms, poured some money into the operation, then closed it down six months later and wrote it off on their taxes. Just hope this is not what is happening with REvell. But as others have said I have enough kits to last me until my 175th birthday.
  6. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    I got this '61 Impala from a friend on another forum to participate in a Glue-bomb CBP, he furnished all the glue-bombs.
  7. Cheap and easy "braided hose"

    The WalMart "craft" section has a fair choice of sizes of braided wrapping string (for lack of a better name - see picture). Also Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and A. C. Moore has some different size braided wires in their jewelry section. Those two spools of braid are quite small and makes excellent NOS, brake, or fuel lines
  8. What Irked You Today?

    What irked me today was a call from my bank's Credit Card Fraud Division. You probably already know where I am going with this. Some low-life scum sucker got my numbers and placed an internet order with Best Buy for $170. Luckily the bank held the approval until they contacted me. Now I am going to be getting a new card, will have to go into every account where I may buy on-line and change my password and credit card numbers. Why can't these stinking piles of recycled groceries get a job and spend their own money instead of trying to steal mine? Can you tell I am a bit perturbed?
  9. Air brush question

    For thinning acrylic paints I have used distilled water, Windex window cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. All have worked quite well. I have found a good primer base is a prerequisite to give the acrylic something to hold on to rather than smooth plastic.
  10. wood decals, from whom?

    If you are close to a Michael's, A. C. Moore, or Hobby Lobby each of them carry a fair selection of very thin basswood. You can find different widths. These can be cut to length, stained and viola you have a real wood floor. However if you are wanting to woodgrain interior pieces, this would not really work that well.
  11. Great Traders List

    Just finished a trade with Toner283 (Chris Tone), exceptionally pleased. He included much more in the parts than expected. Will be willing to trade again. Thanks Chris for a good trade.
  12. "Super Street" 1969 Camaro

    Really nice, cleanly built Camaro, looks ready to rumble. Just hope the trips are not too long or it is going to run hot without a fan.
  13. 29 Ford Roadster Pickup Hot Rod

    Great looking hot rod. Some high school kid back in the late 50's or early 60's would have been the BMOC driving that to and from school. And as Partsmarty said, leftover/parts builds are some of the best.
  14. When building roll cages and frames I like to fishmouth the ends of the rods and tubes for a cleaner fit and a better glue joint. However I have a difficult time getting the fishmouths centered in the ends of the tube (.080 and .100 size). I also have a difficult time getting each end fishmouthed on the same plane, in other words they are quite often a few degrees off from being parallel with each other. I use a small round jewelers file for this work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get better, more even fishmouths?
  15. The only benefit I can think of is that if the item does not sell, the seller may relist at a lower price. If you have been watching it, Ebay will notify you of the relisting.