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  1. If you do not want to get involved with the "Pay-It-Forward" that is fine. But you should keep your snide remarks to yourself.
  2. I have an AMT Bantam altered and I used to have a similar 23 T altered. I also believe Revell released a version of Wild Willie Borch's T altered and maybe a copy of the "Pure Hell" Bantam.
  3. How about using the Monogram Model T Street Rod with trailer? It has most of the parts you will need, not sure about engine, but a SBC is easily found, and the Olds rear axle is available in the AMT Willys drag truck/car kits.
  4. I have switched the Flathead engine from the AMT 49 Merc kit into a 34 Ford pickup. Does the Flathead use an external coil and if so where exactly is it located? Is it mounted on the engine or separate in the engine bay?
  5. Really like the direction you are going with this one. A blown I-6 is not really common, but that is why I like it.
  6. Here are a few of the 1/32 scale slot cars I found in my parents basement when I was getting ready to renovate the house, there is also a clear 1/24 scale body I had of the Cheetah - it was my favorite also.
  7. The instruction sheet from the original issue of this kit calls it an Oldsmobile. At that time the Olds engines were used quite extensively in the Gasser ranks, this was before the discovery of the extra power available from the Hemi.
  8. Here are a couple pictures of my Pickup from this kit. It appears to be a tad nose high, but that can be alleviated by modifying the front suspension a little bit. Also pay a bit of attention to the location of the front axle relative to the wheels centered in the openings, I didn't and it looks a bit off to me.
  9. ABP (Anybody But Patriots) will make it worth watching. I am a NFC fan but will be pulling for KC.
  10. Going to be one nice old skool custom. I like what I see.
  11. I couldn't see doing it at all, especially in one of my wife's frying pans. I really like sleeping inside, especially in January and February. And my wife is a pretty awesome cook, so there is that. Might consider a heat gun toward a piece of sheetmetal in the basement, that might work better.
  12. Well executed concept. Beautiful build and some outstanding scratchbuilding.
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