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  1. Now that you mentioned that I remember our local Hyundai (wife's car) dealer has those in the maintenance waiting room along with a Keurig machine. I really don't mind taking her car in for service.
  2. Mold box

    Almost anything that will hold your mold material will work. Many people use Lego's to build up a box, with clay around the bottom to prevent seepage. I have built boxes from cardboard and tape, and they work just as well. I have also used such things as empty pudding cups for small items, empty margarine tubs, etc., of course you have to be sure to spray them with mold release. Simply use your imagination.
  3. Revell/AMT 1/32 '56 Merc; Survivor from 1976 Gets Fresh Foil!

    Really cool Mercury. That sure is a lot of chrome, bet it was a bear to BMF, especially in that small of a scale. Most of my work in 1/32nd scale back then was slot cars, but I also did build some of the static models. Still have most of the '57 Chevy, the Watson Indy car, and a 63 Vette.
  4. That is a beautiful delivery truck; have also partaken of their delicious products. That may or may not be a good idea. On a long defunct forum one of the members used the MOPAR "M" as his avatar. He and the forum administrator received a cease and desist order for copyright infringement.
  5. Nice hauler

    That one is beautiful, here is another one.
  6. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    I have this kit in my WIP pile. That poor excuse for an engine really threw me for a loop. In my kit the block halves did not match, especially around the transmission, it also came with two different sets of heads. The huge hole through the block and the grotesque blob of plastic which I presume to be the starter relegated this plastic blob to the junk pile. I am building it as a gasser with a dual-quad BBC and tube axle. A friend found some replacement decals and sent me a set, I am not sure where he got them, but he told me he had bought the last six sets the person had. Now to your build, it turned out exceptionally well. You have worked around any problems very well.
  7. Another track closing

    Not too sure how much the noise, etc has on the closing. When Bruton Smith made plans to build Z-Max in Charlotte/Concord there was a great outcry over the noise, environmental impact, ad infinitum. Mr Smith, said "Alright I will build it somewhere else and while I am at it I will also move the Charlotte Motor Speedway along with it." The hew and outcry stopped immediately and the opponents suddenly became supporters. Money has a way of talking. Now back to Englishtown, I'm not familiar with the Napp family or their business practices. But since they are only shutting down the Dragstrip operation, I am wondering if maybe NHRA is asking for more benefits, less rental fee (or however they do that stuff). NHRA is getting more expensive, especially in the Pro categories, and I am sure they are having to offer the big name teams more money to show. Just my thoughts and they may be out in left-field.
  8. `62 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible

    Looks like it just rolled out of a dealer's brochure. Beautiful paint execution and color. That interior looks perfect. Great job.
  9. Henry J Gasser

    Really like the looks of this one, Gassers rule. I also have one in the stash and have been avoiding it because of the issues I have heard. One quick question: how do you slow this beast down? I see a "Go" pedal but no "Whoa" pedal.
  10. 49 Ford mild custom

    Really sweet old style custom. Reminds me of the time a couple of friends would get together in a garage and put something together. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    It was still there and now it is not, got it on my shelf. Now I have the Beetle, Rabbit, Corroda (SP), and a van. Would like to find a model of a Squareback and looking for a reasonably priced Westfalia - I owned a '72.
  12. Contest winner from 1993

    Really love salt lake racers. Keep at this one, I know it is going to be a beauty. You mentioned the possibility of two engines, what do you have in mind?
  13. reissued Monogram T-bucket

    I bought one of those from Hobby Lobby early last year. Someone had slit the bottom of the box and pilfered the T-Bucket body and nothing else. I think if I am risking getting caught shoplifting it would not be for a plastic T-bucket. Anyway got it very reasonably, I think around $10. So now I have a good hot rod chassis, engine, and everything else, and I have a couple of different bodies in my parts box.
  14. When you come to the next show, how about browsing by my table. I usually have a couple boxes of kits I am trying to get rid of.
  15. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    I have got to get that kit. I picked it up and looked at it in A. C. Moore just before Christmas, but didn't buy it. Hope it is still there when I get back. I owned a 68 Beetle for almost two years, you could watch the highway go by if you moved the floor mat. Had it parked in my driveway in Oklahoma and went out one morning to find someone had stolen the carburetor off it. Anyway, back to your build it is exceptional. As the others have said, with the right background it could be mistaken for a real one. Nice job.