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  1. TarheelRick added a post in a topic AMT 49 Ford coupe   

    Very nice looking street custom.  Really like the looks of the frenched headlights.
  2. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Taking photos of models   

    One downside to making good photographs is that it will show every minor imperfection in your build.  One tip I would like to add is to be sure you really dust your model well before taking the picture.  Nothing detracts from a well-built model more than flecks of dust all over it.
  3. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    I ran across a store in Salisbury, NC and another one in Galax, VA called Merchandise Mart.  They carried quite a good stock of Revell kits, not necessarily recent issues but they were reasonably priced.  Last time I was in one of them, kits were selling for $9.99, but that was four or five years ago. Where I live now Salisbury is 50+ miles one way and Galax 65+ one way, so doubt if I will be able to check into them again.  However, I do run through Ollies  anytime I am in town.
  4. TarheelRick added a post in a topic attaching a model to the clear bottom of a display case   

  5. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby vs Michaels   

    When I am in town I will usually make the rounds of A.C. Moore their app is usually at least 50% and occasionally 55% plus they also offer a 10% military discount, however their inventory is as limited as Michael's which usually has a 40% coupon on their app.  I have scored a few "opened/pilfered" kits for half-price" from Michael's - they make good parts kits, although many were complete.  The HL is usually pretty well stocked, of course my first run is to the Clearance section, then the end-caps to see what they have discounted.  I will usually make a quick swing through Ollies, but more often than not it is a futile effort.
  6. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Another FNG reporting in   

    Glad to see we have another "Flyboy" in our midst.  I gave them 21 years, retired in '89.  Really nice Chevelle, my holy grail is a '65 Chevelle SS with a 327 4 speed in Tahitian Turquoise.  I owned one with a 283, really loved that car.  Looking forward to some of your builds, so "kick the tires and light the fires."
  7. TarheelRick added a post in a topic AMT 1970 Buick Wildcat   

    That is one beautiful Buick, really nice color choice.
  8. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Completed a trade with Xingu, very pleased.  Well packaged and quick shipping.  Thanks.
  9. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Paint removal   

    Can't remember where I read/heard it, but it seems alcohol may do some nasty things to resin.  Makes it rather soft or something to that effect.  I would  possibly try Super Clean or Purple Power or maybe some LA Awesome (Dollar General and reasonable) first. 
  10. TarheelRick added a post in a topic independent front suspension from most any kit   

    PM sent.
  11. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Galion Tandem Roller Under Construction   

    Simply jaw-dropping amazing scratchbuilding.  Are you sure you don't have a bunch of little scale welders, machinists, and metal workers running around your bench?  Looking forward to updates.
  12. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Using the "Purple Pond"   

    A lot is being said about using gloves. I use the heavier kitchen type gloves.  It may be difficult to find a pair to fit our "man-sized" hands, but they are out there.  ALWAYS check your gloves for pinholes, best way to do this is to blow them full and dunk them into a pan of water.  Super Clean and Purple Power will seep into a pinhole and wreak holy havoc on your hands.
  13. TarheelRick added a post in a topic 67 Charger - not too flashy   

    Mighty fine looking Charger.  I have two in the to do line, may have to move at least one of them forward after seeing this one.
  14. TarheelRick added a post in a topic I have this illness   

    The pick-up is a new/old model from the mid 60's.  I built an original issue while a sophomore in high school and I graduated 1967.  It has been repopped a few times in different forms, but has mostly maintained its original pieces.  This particular one may have an updated decal sheet, and some cleaner molds, but it is still a nostalgic piece of modeling hot rod history.  The convertible is also a repop and again may have an updated decal sheet, but is essentially the original kit.  I have two of both them, although the convertible is an earlier reissue, and looking forward to doing something with them.
  15. TarheelRick added a post in a topic Couple of Corvettes to Trade   

    PM sent on '67 Vette