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  1. Right now the local wind speed is around 15 +/-, temp is 23F with windchill of 9F. Snow turned to sleet/freezing rain about an hour ago. I can really hear it pelting against my windows. Guess it is about time to fire up the old fireplace.
  2. Started getting a wintry mix here sometime early this morning. It is still coming down, we are predicted 2-8 inches. Current temp is 19 degrees F with a guesstimated high of 30, so this will stay around for a couple of days. I have heard a couple of snowplows go by, and just a couple minutes ago some idiot in a van came by revving his engine. He will probably be off in a ditch pretty soon. When this mess stops, I will be getting out my new-to-me tractor with scoop and see if I can get my driveway cleaned off, maybe a couple of neighbors also.
  3. I got parts of one of these from ebay a few years back. The plastic was quite different from what my other models are made from. Is this one the same way?
  4. Got to go with #2, really like the look of narrow steelies. Also like the work you are doing with this one.
  5. As a veteran I thank you for the recognition. This is one awesome build. Love every detail of it.
  6. Don't think I could handle that one. Just looking at those individual exhaust pipes would make me crawl back under my comforter with a cup of hot tea
  7. Not only is that an excellent model, the photography makes it look like a GM sales brochure. Very well done.
  8. Very nice cutter; I really like the weathered look you have given it. BTW, be sure to count your fingers after each use, these things are notorious for nicknames such as "three finger Louie"
  9. I drive one of these every day, twice a day --- Wait a minute, I don't spell it that way!! But oft times the contents are the same. Very nice, original build. Thanks for the giggle.
  10. Hobby Link Japan is showing them out of stock on backorder, not listed on Modelroundup (at least I didn't see it).
  11. I have to try to get one of these, I also had a 1:1. In a moment of insanity I traded it for a 78 Rabbit - what was I thinking?
  12. Ditto to Keavdog, of course these are now only occasionally. Back in the day almost anything would work, except Budweiser, I have never been able to drink that stuff. While in Korea, similar to Alexis post, the go-to beer was Crown. It seemed to be anywhere from 3.2 to 70 proof. You could sit there drinking until curfew, get up, take a leak and walk away or wind-up crawling on the floor after only a couple. A youth misspent.
  13. Very fine Ford, but then most all of them are. Nice detail work also. Is this a kit or did you do some kit-bashing and clean fabrication?
  14. ?? If it is ruined, it is runed in the right direction. Very nice looking pro street pickup.
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