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  1. Very nice build. That is some clean cutting around that top.
  2. You really have a working plan in place for this one. As for the engine, I prefer them setting level, but it looks like that may make some oil-pan clearance issues. Either way you decide, it is your build. Just looking forward to more updates.
  3. Floral wire works pretty well, however there is still the possibility the tubing will crack across the outside of the bend. Like Plowboy said, solid rod seems to work better for me.
  4. USPS surprised me today with my issue 214. Just noticed something odd on the shipping label: Expire Issue #69256269 ; what does that mean?
  5. TarheelRick

    Mud Trap

    It's going to be quite difficult explaining that one to the boss. Excellent work and some very realistic looking mud.
  6. My '65 Chevelle 283/3spd car ran P/S in the late 60's. If I had made minor modifications to the engine, it would have been Modified Production. If I had gone further and done wilder mods to the engine, I could have been bumped up to Gas class. But as Bamadon suggests try to find a NHRA rulebook for the time period in which you are interested. Another suggestion would be to acquire some of the drag racing books available on Amazon - "Racing the Family Sedan" would be a good start.
  7. Thanks for that information. I always thought the headlight buckets were more like the ones on the red convertible. Of course, I could have always gone down to my basement and looked at the three or four in my stash.
  8. Definitely some mighty fine creative work. I have a question of the blue w/yellow top '54. Does it have '55 headlights molded on it? That hood over the light and the peak down the side does not look like a 54.
  9. That is the ugliest pile of stuff I have seen lately. But then it has to be ugly to work the way it does. Excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity. Very well executed build. I especially like the "Honk" sticker on the tailgate.
  10. Some excellent photo work indeed. Years ago I took a couple of college courses in photography, using my 35 mm Yaschica TL Electro X with various lenses. Still have that camera, however the mirror sticks and I think maybe the seal around the film door may leak a bit. Like many of you I prefer working in black and white. Just recently dug out my Minolta 35 mm and my Canon Rebel and took a road trip into the mountains. Really need to get out more and practice. As an aside I would like to ask about darkroom equipment. This past weekend I was at an auction and they had an enlarger for sale, I could have got it for $5 but didn't because I noticed it was 250v and had some weird two prong plug. The question is: are all enlargers 250v? I need to scan some of my earlier college work into the computer and share it with you.
  11. PM sent It says Paul Payne cannot accept messages. What type Evergreen styrene do you have in mind: sizes, shapes, lengths. Let me know.
  12. Excellent work on the whole diorama. But I am drawn to the fence/gate work. Could you pass along some details on that part of the build?
  13. Excellent build. I also am a fan of that period of funny cars, also a fan of that period of NASCAR - company logos meant something. That is a really wild paint scheme.
  14. Great, thanks for that information. Will definitely make the CKM show and will keep an ear open for Roanoke. Whereabouts in the great state of North Carolina do you call home?
  15. Beautiful truck. Would love to find one like that and add a few modern touches to it. You have done a really good job with this build. I like it.
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