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  1. Kind of cute in a strange sort of way. Those rear tires look like they may have seen some street action.
  2. Beautiful work on the weathering. I love that truck, owned a '74 regular cab and a '78 King Cab. Would like to have the King Cab back.
  3. Mighty fine looking '56, great choice of colors and wheels. My first car was a '56 Chevy 150 6/3 that I paid $100 for. The '56 is my favorite Tri-Five.
  4. Some really nice pictures of the way drag racing used to be. Love that T altered and the Jeep pickup in the background of the first picture of it.
  5. Very nice looking Gasser. Really like the flares around the rear wheel wells, adds a touch of completion to the build.
  6. Will be going in Tuesday (Nov 29th) for a total right knee replacement. Once released from the hospital I will be in an in-patient rehab facility for a short time, at least I hope for a short time, probably ten days to two weeks. I will not have access to a computer. Have been putting this off as long as I could stand it and the shots worked, but they are now lasting a few days and the pain returns, so it is time to go under the knife. Had the left one done back in '13 so I am not unfamiliar with what to expect.
  7. Very cool camping rig, should be fun to travel around in. Like the yellow paint.
  8. Just off-hand wondering if anyone had any spare chrome (grille, bumpers, taillight bar) and greenhouse for an original 1962 Ford Galaxie. Bought one at a show and those parts were missing. Have a pretty good stockpile of kits to pull parts from.
  9. That is indeed a front shelf build. Very nice-looking Trans-Am.
  10. Where did you find these punches. I have a set of the Harbor Freight ones, that I have had for several years.
  11. Guess they are trying to get in shape for Black Friday next week.
  12. On the way to the doctor's office, I got behind a truckload of Thanksgiving dinners heading for their demise.
  13. Although it is beyond my realm of modeling, I am intrigued by the craftsmanship that some put into a model. I am simply amazed by the work you are doing with this rail. Although I might suggest you find another block, looks like a couple of pistons have exited that one (groan).
  14. Well, you beat me to it. I have been collecting very much the same kits and some other pieces to build one similar. Just hope when I get to mine it will look as good as yours. You did some excellent work on this build.
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