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  1. Two really sweet builds, and a beautiful contrast in finishes. Some mighty fine modeling.
  2. Sinister looking and with that Cobra mill I'll bet it is loud too.
  3. Very good-looking restoration, beautiful choice of color, and nice BMF work. I do find the boxes to be a distraction and make it difficult sometimes to focus on the build itself. I am often distracted by the pictures of what is in the boxes as I reminisce of the days of my youth.
  4. I can see why you won that best detail award. That is some fantastic work and in your outdoor shots there is a very 1:1 look to the build. Extremely nice work.
  5. Wow, don't know how I missed this one. That is some excellent scratchbuilding, beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Where did you acquire those wheels and tires? Most of the 1/32 kits I see have open backs on the tires.
  6. Really cool Shoebox, color look just right. Wonder if that Caddy mill wouldn't require a 12- volt battery though.
  7. Quite often a few thin layers of ordinary clear lacquer will work. But you need to keep the buildup very thin so they will conform to any surface irregularities and not stick out proud of the body surface. Testors also offers a decal spray designed to be used on their decal paper, you may want to try that.
  8. I would keep the 180-degree headers if at all possible. They add that complete racing touch to a short track car, and their sound in 1:1 racing is just out of this world, much better than a street Mustang.
  9. Beautiful piece of work. No matter which view I see a '67 Chevelle wagon, its amazing how Chevrolet used some of the same body lines on the Corvair and the Chevelle.
  10. Very nice looking rig. Did you build the under-bed workings (hydraulic cylinders, slides for rollback, etc.)? If you did can you show us how that was done. Several years ago I built one on a modified 1/32 Mack firetruck body without any of the underpinnings. I am wanting to take it off, widen and lengthen the bed and make it operational if possible.
  11. $129.95 for each kit!! What has happened to the world today?
  12. I don't know - using a Dodge color on a Shelby Mustang is some kind of sacrilege. But it does look really good, more updates.
  13. Was in WalMart yesterday and came across their display of models. I picked up the 64 Oldsmobile Hardtop, already have the convertible. I think it was $21.97.
  14. I built one several years ago. I used pegboard for the floor and a vacuum cleaner motor for the suction power, had to disassemble it and put blocks of wood under the pegboard to keep the vacuum from pulling the floor down. I had a slide in furnace filter under the pegboard. Worked pretty well, although the vacuum motor was quite loud. We moved and I decided I needed a larger booth. I have it built and have used it occasionally, but I need to work out a better exhaust fan and vent system.
  15. Looks might good. Where do I send my money and how much do you want?
  16. Beautiful pair of 34's. Each one is a piece of art by itself, together they are perfect.
  17. That is one wicked looking Austin. Really like your paint work.
  18. Very nice collection of Ford's finest racing machines. Excellent build on the transporter.
  19. Wouldn't want to see that bull bar coming up in my rearview, especially with Jimmy Spencer at the wheel. Very nice build.
  20. That is one fine looking 55 ragtop. Beautiful color choice and some very convincing photography.
  21. This is one of my all-time favorite GT racing cars. I have the Monogram 1/32 kit and just dream of the day someone will produce a 1/25 scale full detail kit. What you have done with this slot-car body is simply amazing. Very nice rendition of a most beautiful car. Happened to come across a you-tube video of Jay Leno's garage and he had one of these with its owner. It was silver in color and the owner, who worked on the original design said that was the original color; he bought the car for $3000 sometime back in the late 60's or early 70's, minus engine and transmission.
  22. It's back. Used to use this site quite often a few years back, but it disappeared, glad to see it available again. Comes in really handy when trying to determine drag race classes for stock cars.
  23. Got a good deal in trade with BIGTRUCK, smooth trade.
  24. Very nice build, the paint work and everything about it is superb. Like the '63 Ford taillights. When I saw the title, the "K" did not quite register and I was expecting a "Z" car.
  25. Interesting build. Decals came out quite well. What body is this?
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