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  1. Preach on brother, unfortunately I am afraid you are preaching to the choir.
  2. You might could consider an aircraft hangar, those are some big birds.
  3. Excellent build of the D model Buff. Brings back many memories from my time at Carswell AFB, TX (now closed). The ones I worked were all mostly painted solid black. They may be called "BUFF", but to me they are beautiful birds. Most enjoyable watching those wing tips lift during takeoff, they lift an average 18 feet from taxi to full flight. While in Texas I lived five miles away from the base, however my house was under the flight path of these monsters. When they took-off, I could not hear my TV. What was really awesome was when we were in practice alert and launched flights of four at a time. I am now receiving 20% disability for hearing loss.
  4. Forgive me, but I thought that was a standard MOPAR paint scheme after a couple of years - said the FORD worshipper. Really good-looking work, very well executed weathering job.
  5. Went to local HF looked for them in the drill bit section, no luck. Associate offered to help me, couldn't find them so looked up on computer, still no luck. Anyway, I browsed the store to see if there was anything else I "really needed". Just happened to stumble across a couple sets hanging on the rack with Dremel bits; both are mine now. Looking forward to using them.
  6. With that cavernous trunk space, if this one was cleaned up it would be great for wine tours (a rather new industry here in NC). Of course, you would probably want to have rubber floor covering; wine 'spew' can be messy on a carpet.
  7. Just completed a great trade with Hi-Po, very pleased with the complete transaction.
  8. That is one might fine looking Gasser. Nice work, just enough weathering to make it plausible.
  9. #213 hit my mailbox today. After a quick glance, it looks pretty good. Two articles that will require more time is the VW Westphalia, I owned a '72. The interior layout was a bit different on mine; there was a rear facing seat behind the driver's seat, the table folded down between them, and my "kitchen" was just inside the sliding door behind the passenger seat. For some unknown reason, maybe a lunar brain freeze, I traded it for a '78 Rabbit. The other article was actually the kit review of the Drag Combo. I bought this kit a few months back and just last month I scored a mostly complete '64 Ford annual kit at an auction sale. Plans now are to use the annual custom pieces on the curbside from the drag combo kit. If I can get my hands on a "60 Starliner chassis I will use it to build the '64 annual into a superstock drag car, which would look really good on that trailer: maybe even drop in the SOHC with two fours and go B/FX.
  10. Excellent work, especially in such a small scale. I think if I were driving that particular stretch of roadway I would prefer a sturdier guardrail. If you can accomplish such perfection as this diorama, than the weathering project should be simple.
  11. Really am enjoying the work you are doing downgrading this old Chevy. My first pickup was an orange '72 C-10 Custom, longbed, 350, auto. I had kidney-bean mags (not Halibrand) and an aluminum shell on mine. Oh yeah, that is some really nice work on that camper shell. Harbor Freight usually carries a pretty good set of those riffler files.
  12. A bit off topic but thank your Dad for his service. I started my second tour in the USAF in 1972.
  13. Keep on Truckin'. Really like the direction you have taken with this build. Some excellent detail work.
  14. I lucked into a new F-150 LT STX. It has all the bells and whistles that I wanted, plus many more that I don't really need or will ever use. Only problem it was not the color I wanted, looking for a nice medium or dark blue and this one is a bright "Race Red", but I will get used to it.
  15. Not sure I really understand the microprocessor shortage. I have been shopping for a new F-150 for the past couple of months. One of the largest local dealers of fleet vehicles has 3 or 4 acres of white vehicles (F-150-450, Transits all sizes, Escapes, even some Mavericks), none for sale to the general public. All he had on the lot for general public sale was two $58K+ F-150's. So why is there not a shortage in microprocessors for these fleet vehicles?
  16. The results you have achieved are very promising. I especially like how the letters are not filled with silver paint. But as mentioned by Peter and Charles what will be the results once the body is painted?
  17. Now that is a good reason to "wait for it", beautiful job.
  18. Very nice looking build. I think I have one in my stash, may have to dig it out. Just for kicks, what size motor does that represent?
  19. Parts box builds are so much fun, sparks the creativity in all of us. You have done a masterful job on this one, also like that color.
  20. Here is a copy of the instruction sheet. Those are the original custom pieces, even shows the use of an Olds F-85 grille.
  21. Was just getting used to actually seeing the kids at the bus stop, then the time changed and they are all in the dark now. So I have to really look close to see if they are there, amazing how popular black clothing is with today's youth. If I had my druthers I would druther have standard time.
  22. Got to love estate auctions. Drove 40 miles one way yesterday for an auction because I saw a couple of items that piqued my interest. Took a couple of C-notes just in case I wasn't the only one there. I walked away with these two. Both are in the original boxes, and both have most of the extra pieces with them. The Starliner is open hood with an engine, makes me wonder why the Styline kit is a curbside Galaxy. I am thinking I will keep the Starliner as is with a bit of cleanup and polish, both have been brush painted, so the polish may be a disaster. As you can see the '64 has the dreaded tire/wheel chemical reaction. I will probably make this one into a modern day cruiser; it does have the parts for the operating lights. Did you notice the hood clip with the '64, the '61 is supposed to use a rubber band. Oh yeah, both of them cost $35.
  23. Got a rather large envelope in the mail today, all the edges had green scallops. Looked like a typical piece of junk mail, until I noticed there was real postage on it in the amount of $1.36. It was from the Three Oaks Quarry Company. They were 'kindly' informing me they were in contract negotiations for a 498 acre piece of property with the prospects of opening a quarry for the purpose of producing aggregate. The letter was 10 pages long answering all sorts of imagined questions. The area set aside for the quarry is a 62 acre piece less than 1/4 mile from my back door. No, it will not affect my water quality/quantity. I will hardly notice the cracks in the foundation of my house from their blasting. They are going to pile up the dirt overburden to form a noise abatement. I live more than 1/2 mile from the interstate with houses, timber and natural berms and can still hear when a semi hits the rumble-strips or a well-exhausted Mustang decides to let-er-rip; no stinking pile of dirt is going to abate the noise of 24 hour a day rock-crushers. There will only be approximately 136 trucks entering and exiting daily, on a two-lane highway with curves and houses; which btw is the primary route to our high school (you know, buses, teenage drivers, and soccer moms). They compared a typical development with 350 houses will have over 3900 vehicle trips daily - that means every house in that development is making more than 10 trips daily. Anyway, the neighborhood is getting up in arms over this issue, just hope we can convince the county powers-that-be their political futures weigh heavily upon their decision, but then, thousands of dollars in tax revenue will make their eyes water. I am almost 73 years old and live in the house my father built back in 1963. I am well set here and do not want to move, however I may be forced to if I want to enjoy my last golden years in some peace and quiet.
  24. Some excellent work on this one. Sure wish Round 2 would reissue this one or the 63 Bonneville.
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