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  1. There are several restrictions concerning prior driving records and, at least here in NC, they do a pretty thorough records check. The first day of our training the instructor said, "If any of you have had any of this list of violations there is no need for you to come back tomorrow." The next day he told four people to leave the class; I guess they didn't believe him.
  2. There is a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. We have had a few take the class and get their licenses, but once they drive a couple of days and realize the pure h e double hockeysticks some of these kids raise on the bus they quit. There are a few major issues in my county: 1. really stupid pay scale, 2. unruly kids, 3. no discipline support from the school system, all the way from the school superintendent down to the individual principals. There is no concern shown for the bus drivers. A neighboring county's drivers threatened to go on strike for better wages and a couple other issues. When they met with the school board, with a news crew present, they were asked to talk in a private session. Once you go into a private meeting with politicians and no cameras or recorders, then you are fed male bovine excrement and a bunch of hollow promises. No doubt the lack of drivers is a critical situation and until we are removed from underneath the totem pole it will stay that way.
  3. This past week I got "invited" in to speak with my supervisor about a pay raise. Once he finished the required BS about how much we (school bus drivers) are appreciated and how he recognizes the difficulty we face daily, he went into a spiel of how he had worked for the past three weeks on developing an effective pay scale for drivers. He than told me the good news of how much I was going to get: from $15.38 an hour to a whopping $15.60 an hour. This is my 9th year driving for this school system. The offer of $.22/hour increase in pay was one of the most insulting points in my life. I let him know the meeting was a waste of my time.
  4. Excellent weathering on this beautifully built F1. Photography is also on the spot. Saw a lot of these in my younger days, one thing though is most of the ones I remember had some kind of dent along the top of the tailgate. Really like this build.
  5. There is one in the AMT 'Wild Child' Ford Falcon A/FX kit or any of the renditions of that particular mold.
  6. 😲 WHAT, you mean the plug-in heater units do not work as advertised. Wonder if I can get my money back? Also a bit concerned about that instant weight loss pill I ordered. Just so thrilled with "modern science/technology". And "No, I do not want to buy an extended repair warranty on my car or to have my (non-existent) time share taken care of!."
  7. Exceptionally nice looking boat and that is definitely an impressive engine. Don't think I would want to ski behind it - would have to hope it would dislocate your shoulders before the exhaust burned you. Very nice build.
  8. Cool looking Trike; really like all three. Just wondering how anyone could get inside that thing to drive it. Recently purchased the Taco Trike at WalMart, don't know why I am not a motorcycle person.
  9. This is a great little pickup. Have built a couple over the years, still waiting for a repop of the dually stakeside version. Here is a picture of one I built last year, Has the modified flathead from the AMT '49 Mercury kit.
  10. Haven't had much experience with embossing powder, I still have a large supply of many different (useless) colors of flocking I bought off Ebay several years ago. However, I believe embossing powder can be painted over once applied to the interior, therefore allowing you to have whatever color interior you wanted.
  11. Just be sure you don't get the filters mixed up; could make for some mighty toxic coffee. I also have a strainer I use. It looks similar to a funnel but the bottom is a really fine mesh. I place it in the funnel I use to return the SC to the jug; it will remove 90%+ of the contaminants and it helps me find those really small pieces I forgot I put in the strip tank.
  12. Will probably get a warning for this response. It is difficult to hire those who do not want a job or want to come back to work. The government sponsored free-ride is a large part of the problem.
  13. Really cool dragster, nice clean build. Looks like the box art, even to the improperly placed steering link - should be under the headers next to the frame. The instructions also show it on top of the headers.
  14. This is an often asked question, you might want to look through this thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/search/?q=paint booth&quick=1&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=and You should be able to find almost any information you want.
  15. That is one fine looking Mustang. Had to look at that first picture a few times to determine if it was a model or for real; the background diorama is beautiful. Excellent work on a mighty fine build.
  16. For some really colorful language, just drive a school bus. Actually, please do drive a school bus, there is a nationwide shortage of drivers.
  17. Just received couple bags of suspension parts in a trade, let me look through them and see what I have.
  18. Some really awesome builds. The Double Dragster kit was my grail kit for many years, so when it was reissued I picked up two of them (tin box and regular box). They are still languishing in my stock of "to build" kits. Only issue I have with this kit is the overly large front tires
  19. Got my box of "parts" from Chris Chabre in today's mail; WOW, much more than I expected. Really appreciate the trade.
  20. Very nice model, especially from what is considered a 'pig' of a kit. Looks like you solved many of the problems.
  21. Those are definitely some nice pieces of artwork. One of my favorites is the blue and orange station wagon/Nomad. The school I drive for has those colors. Thanks for sharing your work and reminding us we are getting older.
  22. Or you could scratchbuild one. It is a little bit of work, but with some sheet stock and some half round styrene it is possible. I searched for pictures on the internet and copied them to the best of what I wanted. This is the engine and chassis of my SCRambler gasser. http://
  23. Very pretty Galaxie, really like that color. Must have been a lot of fun foiling that beast; I had a real headache when I did my Starliner conversion of this kit.
  24. Actually, I think he said, "then one will find another room". At least that has been my experience.
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