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  1. I have been taking three or four boxes full of kits to a local show/swap met every year for the past few years. I will usually sell an average eight to ten kits. Only problem is I have won a kit almost every year in their raffle and I will buy at least two or three more. It is a net loss of kits, but still a problem. Then Ollie's will get a bunch of kits or Hobby Lobby will have a markdown and I just have to restock my sale boxes. They have meetings every Tuesday evening at one of the local churches for people like us.
  2. some corny jokes

    Have you ever seen a Himalayan opossum? Him -a - laying across the yellow line and he's dead.
  3. What Is It?

    I think you mean miscues.
  4. Opel GT

    Back in the early 70's I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Mississippi. A friend bought one of these. When he brought it by to show it off, I made the comment, "Who poured hot water on your Corvette?" He was not amused and in very colorful language told me so. That being said, this is a very cool build, nice clean execution and an interesting color. Got one in my stash with plans on building as a Gasser.
  5. What Is It?

    No idea what it is, but looks like someone was trying to turn a Toronado into a "pimp-mobile". Looks like the top is either from an AMX or possibly a Mustang, maybe a combination of both, and that nose piece is almost a Firebird. Either way, some really questionable styling ideas.
  6. 40 ford roof & parts

    Which '40 Ford are you referring to: Coupe, Sedan, or Sedan Delivery? I have a Sedan gluebomb I may be interested in trading.
  7. `70 Hurst Chrysler 300

    R&R Resin makes a stock '70 Chrysler 300 http://www.resinrealm.net/GALLERIES/RRGallery/index.html
  8. Chassis Building

    I built a "semi" pro-mod chassis for my Ford Escort using styrene rod rather than tubing - tubing seems to crack too easily. I also use MEK as a solvent. One word of CAUTION is to allow plenty of ventilation around your work area, MEK is some pretty nasty stuff and can cause 'drain bamage'. I used the Revell '55 Chevy Scott Carpenter knock-off as a pattern, just reduced the measurements to fit within the body of the Escort. Here are a couple of photos:
  9. '70s Paint Jobs

    I am always amazed when I watch someone create one of these paint jobs in scale. I will probably never try one because I have a problem visioning in the negative required to do these. Not negative as in bad, but as in where not to tape to get a certain pattern. I have a few simple ideas I want to try on a '72 Impala, but each time I get close to doing it so far I have backed away.
  10. Real or photoshop?

    I would like to say I hope it is photoshopped, but unfortunately I think it is probably real.
  11. Broken A-Pillar?

    One thing I found to work on occasion is to get a piece of very small wire, run it from the very edge of the roof down to under the dash, and super glue it in place. Glue it all the way down, this will add some stability to the A pillar.
  12. Freightliner FLA (fsba) 1/25

    Oh my that is a riveting update (sorry, I couldn't help myself). Lots of beautiful detail work you are doing.
  13. Are these the same pieces included in the GMC Sonoma? If so I may be able to help you. A picture of the pieces from the Sonoma:
  14. 49 Merc gasser

    Very nice build. Looks like something a high school auto-shop class may have built in the 60's. Close to my school colors also, class of '67.
  15. Tamiya 2017 NSX with LB Worx kit

    That is one sexy beast indeed and you are knocking it out of the park. Very impressive build, thanks for sharing.
  16. Check out this topic, it should cover any questions you have.
  17. What did you see on the road today?

    Was going into town yesterday on a model buying excursion. Approaching my exit I was passed by a blue Lamborghini and in hot pursuit was a red Camaro; shall we say both were well above the posted speed limit. My next move was to dial *HP, that sort of behavior is not only stupid but extremely dangerous
  18. Hmmm, I wonder what an air-fried model would look like. Not really sure I would want to use a kitchen utensil I use for cooking to dry model paints with. But if it works who am I to question.
  19. For the Jeep / RVer in all of us.

    I have one of these in my WIP pile, but using the AMT Firestone Ford kit. Saw one in Ohio many years ago hauling a Falcon Modified Production drag car.
  20. round 2 66 nova problems

    Thanks for clearing that up. Guess I need to get back to the bench and start trying some of these different procedures.
  21. 1966 GTO Pro Street

    Really wicked looking pro-street. I hope you have plans to add some form of front fender supports.
  22. round 2 66 nova problems

    Not sure I completely understand your painting sequence. Do you primer the kit, then add the sealer, then another primer coat prior to color coats? If so, what keeps the first coat of primer from crazing the plastic?
  23. MPC Firefighter Mustang II Pro Stock grill, taillights

    PM sent.
  24. 1966 Buick Wildcat (AMT)

    Excellent build of a beautiful yacht. The wheels really set off that color. I like it.
  25. 2016 Ford GT Le Mans

    Very good looking build, really like the looks of the engine. That being said, I just cannot get used to a V-6 in a Ford GT. It really should have a 5.0 or better, IMHO.