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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Had some serious steering issues with my lawnmower all last season, but did not really want to take it out of service during mowing season. The issue is I had a really bad toe-out, took it to a "reputable" repair shop, before last season began. When I got it back my yard needed mowing . Did not really notice at first, but the steering was really wonky in reverse. When I first begin backing the tires toe-in, then they will begin to turn in some rather odd directions from each other. Eventually I am dragging the front tires in reverse and the mower decides which direction it wants to go. So far I have replaced both tie rods and just this past week both drag-links. The system is very simple, I cannot figure what the problem is. I have checked on-line, but cannot find any help. I did come across a review section for the drag links (Craftsman/Searspartsdirect) that mentioned the same issue when they replaced the drag-links. They are a very poor design, I had to get a replacement for one I received, it was in just as bad shape as the one I was replacing, those ends are wrapped in plastic. What irks me is I can find all sorts of repair sites, but none address this particular issue.
  2. Hot Rod 51 Chevy

    Looks like hundreds I have seen through my younger years at the dragstrip. Very well built model, clean and subtle. I like it.
  3. Willys Jeep Twin-Turbo Dragster

    Excellent build. That would be a terror to drive. Noticed the beautiful work on your seats, they look like real vinyl/Naugahyde.
  4. Paint Experiment

    I have use it quite often and it works quite well for me. I have cleared over it, not sure if I used Duplicolor or some other brand, I haven't painted in awhile. Here is one I used it on,
  5. Really sweet build of one of my favorite all-time trucks. I owned a '74 regular cab and a '78 King Cab. You have created a real street screamer out of this one. One thing I have noticed about this kit is the lack of support for the pickup box. I put a California Stepside on my '74 and remember there are stamped steel channel crosspieces on the underside of the floor of the bed to attach it to the chassis.
  6. 1950 Ford F6 Tow Truck

    Beautiful build. Really like the subtle weathering on the inner wheel wells of the bed. Very nice scratchbuilding on the box and boom assembly.
  7. Motorama Toronto

    That dog is thinking, "Look at all these wheels and tires, where's my water bowl." "I pointed the Corvette pic at a few people, and nobody got what was wrong." A couple of things I noticed wrong, 1. It is not in my garage, and 2. I have never seen surface rust on a fiberglass body.
  8. Hmmm, never heard of 'iconic red' before, is that related in any way to 'tasty blue'? Good looking ZZ car.
  9. Taillight Lens

    Need a set of taillight lens from the Monogram Ford Escort Street Machine kit. Have parts to trade.
  10. Taillight Lens

    I have a complete taillight from my 2010 Ranger. However the Escort taillight has some different striations and a sort of flat stair-step effect. Would be really difficult get two matching pieces, actually just getting one would be a lot of work, and not really worth the effort for this shelf model.
  11. Great Traders List

    Feel the same from this end. Quick shipping, well packed would trade again.
  12. Warped body

    Looks like there is still some lean to the roof pillars, but they should be simpler to get straight. That one is buildable. I may have to give this a try on my '66 Fury III. For some reason when I shot it with some Duplicolor, the left front fender did a bit of a nose-up attitude.
  13. Bobby Johns 66 Chevelle

    Another name from the golden era of the true NASCAR. Very nice build, exceptionally clean and well-detailed.
  14. Charles Carpenter 55 Shoebox

    Never got that far north, but did spend a couple of years at Wright-Patterson - survived the blizzard of '78.
  15. Charles Carpenter 55 Shoebox

    I did pass through Dyess once. we were returning from a TDY to Shaw AFB, enroute to Pope AFB in 1970; they would not allow us to fly back to our home bases direct. I retired in 1989, was Airborne Communications Repair, Welder, Airborne Communications Repair (not by choice), and finally Ground Communications Operations.
  16. Charles Carpenter 55 Shoebox

    I would have to agree with the others, a one-off build would be much more satisfying. BTW, I really like your background, the C-130 is my favorite aircraft of all times. It was the first airplane I worked on in my USAF career, and we crossed paths a few more times in those 21 years.
  17. Really like what you are doing with this old Effy. Looking forward to updates.
  18. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    May be a while before I open it. But then, I just may decide to check it out.
  19. 2019 Ridler winner

    Did anyone else see the Ridler Award from the Detroit Show? https://www.foxnews.com/auto/1959-cadillac-station-wagon-wins-ridler-award-for-best-hot-rod It has possibilities in plastic, but that chassis could be a formidable challenge.
  20. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Stopped by Hobby Lobby expressly looking for the AMT Firestone Ford F-150. They had one on the shelf, however right next to it was a '32 Ford Sedan Delivery and since coupons are limited, I picked up the Deuce Delivery. Looking at the parts picture on the bottom of the box it can only be built as a hot rod, but I do have two Vicky's and a Phaeton that could possibly provide the stock parts.
  21. 1965 Dodge D700 Dick Landy race car hauler

    Excellent build. I especially like the slight nose-high rake to indicate the weight of the car on the rear.
  22. Revell 32 ford 2 in 1 special edition..

    What are you looking for in trade?

    Only have one real hot-rod in my meager completed collection.
  24. 1966 Nova Pro Touring

    Excellent detail work. Nice clean overall build.
  25. Porsche 959 camera car

    Definitely a one-of-a-kind build. Your scratchbuilding abilities and attention to detail are phenomenal. I have really enjoyed watching this one come together.