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  1. Welcome aboard! There are so many great choices and kits. I say jump right in and pick up something that interests you.. Decent paint, brushes and blades can help with an encouraging outcome. Regardless of what you choose or how it ends, you'll feel pretty good about yourself when you're done. I've been out of the loop for a while but glad to help where I can - just ask any time
  2. I remember this kit My big brother and i got busted working on it under the blanket with a flashlight when we were supposed to be sleeping..
  3. Hello everyone! Been a long time since my teenage days of all-night model builds and the smell of Humbrol filling my nostrils and the air. And my mom trying to get me up for school as she would yell down the stairs, "Get outside and get some air!" I'm so glad to be here. Finally - someone who understands me
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