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  1. you know what i might just do that rich i wasn't totally happy with it after I'd acrylic cleared it but wasn't sure what to do to make it pop. thanks for the suggestion and the appreciation
  2. cheers mate. couldn't have a 59 cady hauler without the iconic fenders. yer FWD would be a smart move in the real world if like you said you set it up for hauling something small.
  3. hahaha i hear you Dan, just using the old scrapper to show off the scale of the bed in that you can still fit something as long as a super bee on the back. thanks a lot luna i tried to take this build to a level id never been before. there's things I probably would have done different but as a hole I'm fairly happy glad to hear people like it. tried to be different with the blow thru turbo V8 setup in something you probably wouldn't expect to be turbo'd or a car hauler.
  4. man you done a hell of a graft job on that roof. makes my attempt at chopping my 32's roof a hack job great build keep it up.
  5. geez it's been awhile didn't realize i made this thread back in 2015 time fly's, but anyways here's the finish product after a lot of frustration and alterations its done
  6. looks incredible on those car/jack stands great work
  7. thanks for that in regards to the pics steve, il give it ago. than fully i found a perfect match in my spare glass box for a rear window. its the front thats going to be interesting. might even be forced to buy a complete kit for one. thanks all for the comments.
  8. thanks guys, yer having a box full of random shell's comes in handy, really wanted to replicated the 59 utility rear wrap around glass but wanted to avoide vacuum forming, resining up custom glass... even though im probably going to have to do that with the front because i dont have one. lol
  9. looks really clean! nice work im doing the same kit atm. ive flared my wheel arches but after i'd done it i didnt thing i had done anything at all till seeing your body.
  10. hi all this is my 1959 cadilac car hauler. its started life as a revell convertible that was missing part's " the front wind shield is among that list of missing parts :(" so i decided to chop it up i dont have alot of earlier pics of the build but there's been alot of scratch building up to this point. i always wanted to build a hauler special after i finished a 32 ford alter/gasser so i got motivated started by cutting the body in half just after the rear door jams, save the rear quarters to work in the the tray. so i started to re work the body to a utility also realising i haven't got a roof, so i used the boot from the cady along with a rear window section off a 65 galaxy to make one up. once the body was roughly mocked up i stared building the frame. engine combo is a blow threw single turbo v8. id just done a roots style blower engine in my 32 so wanted something different and had been wanting build a turbo something since i got back in to the hobby. so i started building the turbo kit. from different gauges of soldering lead, aluminium tubing and styrene body wise its about ready for a build coat of primer then final rub back and paint. anyways i could go on but pics are better. going to try and update this build as im fairly motived to get it done. hope you guys enjoy
  11. hello everyone im pat from AUS recently got back in to 1:25 scale cars since about the age of 12, im 27 now and stumbled upon this site. look forward to seeing peoples works special custom stuff so fugued id share what im doing at the moment hope you all enjoy
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