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  1. bfreez28 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    New Revell 57 Chevy WIP
    Picked up the Black Widow kit and wanted to do something different with it. Im going for a 50's era custom, shaved, lowered and flat paint job.
    Here is where Im at so far.............

    I love this stance, just what I was shooting for.
    all chrome trim sanded off the body, hood shaved and filled flat, slots in the front fenders filled, wiper arm holes shaved and filled, front bumper is now one piece, front and rear suspension lowered, primered numerous times!
    gonna stay with the stock wheels and tires, put on the hubcaps and try the whitewall thing. final color should be a satin black, no chrome! interior is gonna be white. engine will be the stock deal.

    front bumper now has the hood trim molded into it, gonna try a different grille backround and see if I can dig up a 57 corvette grille bar somewhere.
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  2. bfreez28 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Black Widow   

    brb, searching the dictionary for a word meaning better than perfect.........................
  3. bfreez28 added a post in a topic Who's a cheater?   

    My builds lean towards general appearance, something that looks good on a shelf, not so good under a magnifying glass while comparing it to a reference manual. I dont sweat the small details that wont be seen from 2 feet away. Technically there are alot of things incorrect about my builds so if a shortcut can be made to get the right stance in my car, Ill do it!

    Im building the new Revell 57 Chevy. I want it to sit low so I cut the rear leaf springs a tad short and glued the front lower control arms right onto the upper frame mount. I even left out the front coil springs. It now sits just how I want it to.

  4. bfreez28 added a post in a topic '65 Chevy Impala Wagon   

    That is awesome, cant wait to see that one finished!
  5. bfreez28 added a post in a topic Revell 69 Nova in red   

    no polishing, used some Mothers Detailer on it to get my finger prints off though.
  6. bfreez28 added a post in a topic Revell 69 Nova in red   

    I left the wipers off because model cars dont get driven in the rain! DUH! ahahahahaha

    nah, the basis of the build was a street car turned weekend drag car. Also still attached to the parts trees are the full exhaust, battery (its in the trunk) and sway bars. The lens in the bumper on the driver side mysteriously vanished while installing it. I have no idea where it went, it was on the end of a toothpick, next thing POOF its gone. After wrestling with the side mirror on the door I gave up on any more detail. My patience isnt what it used to be!

    The paint is R/M automotive paint, I even sprayed the car in a real paint booth.
  7. bfreez28 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell 69 Nova in red
    Its been awhile since I finished one, what a great feeling. Finally found this kit on the shelf at a Micheal's craft store not far from my work. Since we arent busy at work (bodyshop) I got this to keep me busy. Its painted Torch Red, base clear. Built the strip version with the slicks, two fours. roll bar and left out the passenger seat. It went together pretty easy!

    At Micheals I got a 50% off coupon so I went back and bought the Revell 57 chevy Black Widow, its already in primer.
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  8. bfreez28 added a post in a topic 69 Camaro Funny Car   

    I started building mine today. Going with a Yellow body/black stripe Z28 style. The box art is just as cool as the kit itself.

    Well a total of 4 hours trying to get the back half of the chassis to align and Im fed up. looks like this one is goin back into the box.