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  1. The 69 and 70 kits were limited to 5,000. I have heard the 71 and 72 are not limited edition, but one seller on eBay claims the 72 is limited to 4,000. I doubt that.
  2. The 72 should have the same steering wheel as the 71. It is also a little annoying the box art shows the trim correct (there is a piece behind the rear wheels) but the box truck and the kit are missing this piece. Oh well, I guess it gives me an excuse to start minor resin casting. I needed a long bed 72 anyway so I guess I will buy another 71.
  3. Someone was down at Spencer this past weekend. Wish I could have made that show.
  4. Kepley has some interesting stuff in their junkyard you can see from Harrison Road. There are at least two B model Macks at the top of the bank, there was one at the bottom but it disappeared.
  5. Don't know where they came up with the belt arrangement or a three bladed fan, weird.
  6. That 56 truck has a lot of subtle changes, such as the front fender openings being moved forward. It would be hard to build stock but it's a really good looking truck as it sits.
  7. I got one of the Moebius 70 Ford pickups yesterday. Surprisingly I haven't even opened the box yet!
  8. Looks like the 72 Sport Custom is a short bed with a small block Ford (302). I was hoping for a long bed with an SBF to build my dad's truck, looks like I have to buy another 71 but at least we have a different engine. http://www.clubmoebius.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=1220
  9. Withdrawing this entry from the contest. It's just not going like I want it to and I don't want the pressure of even an October deadline.
  10. The cover photo is one someone else built, the guy that runs the group has been working on a resin crew cab for a while though.
  11. A guy on Facebook is working on crew cabs now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/207902202725749/
  12. Meh, I will buy one and be throwing the SBC away for a flathead so it won't deter me.
  13. Had I known they were going to do this, I wouldn't have bothered buying the convertible because a coupe is what I wanted!
  14. Nothing sandpaper and some filler won't fix as of yet. I am a little nervous of the primer, I used it once before and it flaked off pretty easily. I cleaned this truck much better though. It is amazing what all you find wrong once something is in primer.
  15. I tried brand new Purple Power on the same kit, nothing happened.
  16. Does primer count as painting something? Some of it gets to come right back off, apparently I am out of practice with bodywork and painting.
  17. The 69 is a 1/25th kit even though it is designed exactly the same as the Monogram 70 Mustang kits.
  18. Never mind, I can see them at home. Wow this is a cool build.
  19. I will say one thing, it is much friendlier here than the "other" group is. I like it here.
  20. Jhedir6 and socal76 - had good trades with both of these guys, thanks guys!
  21. Geez Ken, what are you going to do until Halloween now? Wow that was fast! And sharp!
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