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  1. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Hobbytown USA in Pineville NC   

    Thanks, Mike. You saved me a 160 mile round trip. I was headed up there Saturday, but I guess that's not gonna happen. Oh, well.
  2. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic New Mustang   

    Harry, how is the Mustang shopping going? Still planning to get one, or did you get it already? Haven't heard anything since November and was curious.
  3. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic MYRTLE BEACH CRUISER,49 MERC , MOVED TO UNDER CLASS,   

    You and your wife must be VERY small people. j/k! MB is a very nice place. My wife and I live about two hours away. We rent a condo for three months in the fall and let family and friends buy weeks or weekends. Building starts at the beach have really taken off. Hope you guys do move down this way. We'd love to have you.
  4. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic First Mustang ever sold..   

    Hey, Chris and the board. I just received a book, 50 Years of Mustangs, and the lady who bought this Mustang bought it on the 16th, and they weren't supposed to go onsale until the 17th. She stopped by to buy a convertible, and the salesman didn't have any, except this one. So, she actually bought it a day early. As for the very first Mystang made, it was bought by a Canadian airline pilot. The serial number was 100, 001. Ford didn't know where the car was, but tracked it down a couple of years later and traded the man serial number 1,000,001, a Silver Frost Mustang, for his car. Quite an interesting story, and a great book.
  5. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Revell 67 Corvette Coupe 427   

    Crazygirl, where are you? I think we are all waiting to see more of your stellar work. Please don't leave us hanging!!!
  6. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Just Bought Another For $45.74   

    Hey, Metalmad. You know, of course, that the "missing" parts will show up just as soon as the new kit arrives, right?
  7. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic New 1/24 scale car kits by ICM   

    If these kits are done in 1/24th scale, there are a lot of aircraft in that scale, so a neat diorama could be made.
  8. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Thinking out of the box: a HOT but COOL new 3D modeling tool   

    Why would you want to glue styrene to your stomach?
  9. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic good first model for a 14 year old boy   

    Maybe he could start with an Accurate Miniatures McLaren.
  10. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic END OF THE YEAR ROUND UP (Learned Anything New?)   

    I've learned to make sur my speling is corect.
  11. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Kit Building Then, and Now   

    Hey, Dodger, I would respectfully disagree with you. The aim and purpose of our hobby and any other is to have fun. For most of us that entails trying to get better with every build. However, for some people just the building itself is fun, and they have no desire to go beyond a certain point. You mentioned golf, and I have a good example for you. My cousin's wife decided she wanted to take up golf with him. She got some clubs, and he showed her the basics of the game. Now, he is a very good golfer, and she, naturally, was not. It didn't matter to her if she made an 8 on a par 4 or whatever. For her, the fun was hitting the ball around the course. After several rounds, her husband tried to adjust her swing and stance and all those other things, but she said "I'm having fun like this". He made some comment about if you're not going to get better why don't you quit? Guess what, she did, right there on the spot. Having to do the things to get better spoiled the fun for her, and I'm sure that is true of other hobbies. As has been stated several times, build for yourself and enjoy the hobby. I could never enjoy a build if I tried to go to the level of most of the folks on this board. So, I build to my level and have a ball doing it.

    Slightly off topic, Dan, but thank you for what you did with Aoshima and the 'Cuda model. It's good to have modelers working with the model companies to help us get really good kits produced.
  12. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Remember when?   

    Thanks for the information, ZTony8. Time gets away from us old folks sometimes. Thanks again.
  13. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Remember when?   

    I remember a case back in the 70's when there was a limit to how much prices could rise. Seems like Testor's,or maybe one of the other companies,raised their prices too much, and a young modeler filed a lawsuit and won. The company had to lower the prices back down. I want to say it was during the Carter administration, but I could be wrong. Anybody else remeber this, or have I been sniffing too much paint?
  14. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic Anyone know anything about this?   

    When will you guys tire of this subject?
  15. mikethepoormodeler added a post in a topic the one that got away.....   

    Around 1974 or so the girl I was dating, whom I later married, bought a '68 Mustang fast back. It was either a 289 or 302 with a three speed in the floor. It had a few problems, but nothing too bad. She put a nice set of Keystone Classic mags on it, and it looked sharp. One day I went to pick her up for a date and the car was gone. This was in 1976. She sold it to he uncle for $500. I was really disappointed. Then, in 1994, we were in Matthews, N.C. and ran across a 30th anniversary Mustang car show. We found a car like hers and ask the man what it was worth. He said about $8,000. I looked at my wife and she said "Don't say a word". Boy, I wish she would have kept it. I eventually picked up the MRC Keystone mags and converted the AMT '67 Mustang to a '68 and put the mags on it for her.