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  1. They have the Coca-Cola version of Eleanor coming out in August.
  2. I'm excited to see this progress. Also can't wait to hopefully get my hands on one or two!
  3. I'm happy to see the kit bashing! Looks like we're gonna get even more bang for our buck with utility bed out now as well. I sure hope Moebius releases that bed on its own, however I have no problem buying another truck for the bed.
  4. Any pictures of the making of this beautiful truck's cab and bed?
  5. I love these trucks! I have one of each of the 69-72 kits and the '66 so far. Have the '65 with utility bed ordered and will get the Fleetside when available as well. I truly wish that Moebius would take a stab at the 73-79 and then the 80-86 Ford trucks.
  6. I'd be in for one for sure! Especially if I could figure out how to get a front and rear end that would look like my '94 I had!
  7. Looks nice! Always a huge fan of the Fairlanes!
  8. Very cool! It's harder to build a realistic wreck than a realistic vehicle fresh from the assembly line.
  9. Wow, this is incredible! Can I ask where the rear window is? I wasn't sure if they had them or not in those days for limos.
  10. Hey there! I'm noticing that I've got an affinity for the 92-96 Ford F150. I've got two long bed, a flareside, a short box, the lightning and a resin crewcab. I'm wondering if there are any aftermarket suspensions, grills or anything available out there for these kits. Thanks in advance!
  11. Looks cool! Maybe you could get seats out of an AMT '51 or Revell '53 Belair. Also, see if you have any thin clear plastic, like from blister packs or cellophane for the windows.
  12. Yeah, I figured that to be the case. Similar to how they waited a couple years to release the 4x4, ramp up excitement and keep customers buying the trucks as they're released. If I'm not mistaken, they're going to have 4 variations of this tooling. I don't remember where I picked that up from however.
  13. I pre-ordered mine from Mega Hobby. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
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