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  1. International Transtar II double bunk and daycab

    It's been a long time since I worked on this old beast, and I'm still searching for parts, but I decided to convert it into a car hauler instead of a tractor-trailer rig, putting a fire extinguisher on the left rear of the cab and the flat rack from the rear half of the trailer deck of an old Dodge cabover+trailer+40 ford bundle. I was able to swap the little Detroit with the motor I scalped from the Revell Kenworth kit, aside from those, not a whole lot has changed except for that. Oh! And a much better picture quality now!
  2. Johnny Cash "One Piece at a Time" Cadillac

    Thank you Ron Hamilton, that's really gonna help me in my searches and is definitely appreciated. Chris Brame too. As for what Ron Gross has for the other car in the black and white picture from 1976 (which was actually the one I had intended doing until I saw the museum car), I'm sure that with all the parts that I amass from this build to do that one as well, and maybe even a few mashups of other Cadillacs from my own imagination.
  3. Johnny Cash "One Piece at a Time" Cadillac

    Thanks for the info, it's really helped a lot. Like everyone else has said, it's not going to be a cheap build, so this will actually "cost me a dime," or quite a few dimes at that. It's really neat that you got to see the show in person.
  4. Johnny Cash "One Piece at a Time" Cadillac

    I will assume that most - if not all - country music fans and many in favor of other genres know, or have heard of Johnny Cash, sometimes known as "The Man in Black." A few years back I heard the song "One Piece at a Time," a song about John working in Detroit on the assembly line and snagging parts until he had enough to build himself a Cadillac comprised of parts ranging from 1949-70. As a modeler, I thought it would be neat to have a thing like that on my shelf. Well, I listened to the song again today and I figured that I have amassed enough experience so that now I can start to make my moves towards acquiring that mashup display... one piece at a time. The pictures below are of the actual car in a museum (A publicity car built from legally obtained parts), and any tips as to exactly what years or kits the body panels would come from would be appreciated, as it would narrow my search. At the moment, I just have pictures and motivation, though I plan to stop by the local hobby store to pick up a 59 Cadillac kit sometime in the near future to use as a base for the motor, lf fender and such. I know that there will have to be a custom roof and that the front bumper is off a 57, but the rest of the car I'm not quite sure the exact years. I'm guessing the early to mid 60s. For the time being, I'll be on the hunt for whatever kits and parts I need and can find. I don't expect to be doing much for progress for the time being, but I will post updates when they become available. Thanks for stopping by! For those wishing to hear the song, here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWHniL8MyMM
  5. Junkyard Charger

    Revell 1967 Dodge Charger, stripped and redone from a previous black Charger that I once posted a long while back. I used painter's tape for the vinyl roof, a power drill for the empty headlights and a Dremel tool to wear out the rust holes on the body. I used some spare wheels from my parts bin to take the place of the stock kit wheels, keeping only one of the stocks, but otherwise is box stock.
  6. Big Moe and Minime

    Looks great! Like the weathering on the trailer The Ford looks just like the picture! Guess I'm not the only one who had the idea of a mini-me model. Did one of my grandfather's transtar ii dump truck a while ago, (the one I use as my profile pic). Awesome job on both of them
  7. 57 Ford Birthday Build

    Here's a special one, a build done (mostly) by my little sister. She's 5 1/2, an age she insists on us using instead of just 5. It's her car, done mostly by her, though of course, I had a guiding hand in the assembly process, but in the long run, she did at least 75% of the work, I was just a bystander telling her the hows and whys, helping with a few touchy spots and such. She picked everything from the colors to the decals and placement from my box of unused, did most of the painting (except the silver trim, she insisted that I do it) giving light to the uniqueness of this build. Best thing of all, is that we started and finished on my birthday (march 22), and I wouldn't want to spend my 18th any other way than what I did today. It's definitely a keepsake, one that will be cherished forever by the both of us.
  8. Pacemaker Pete with Shell Tanker

    I don't really know, I used a rattle can from the Do-it Best premium enamel. I picked up the first yellow I saw and went with it. I looked at the can, but it doesn't have an exact name for the color.
  9. Pacemaker Pete with Shell Tanker

    I think the nightmare term makes it sound too easy for the one I built, it's amazing that it turned out so good with as many problems and difficulties I had with it. Knowing what I know now, it will hopefully be easier the second time if I ever get another one
  10. Pacemaker Pete with Shell Tanker

    Thanks Brian and everyone else! The decals came with the trailer kit. I recently bought it on Amazon this year. AMT/Round2 used Shell for the re-release. They gave the option to do a regular tanker with the Shell stickers or the red stripes for both truck and trailer to do the white and yellow livery that I did. Other than that, I don't know much else about it
  11. 1929 Ford Truck

    Thanks, I'll keep it in mind for next time
  12. 1929 Ford Truck

    Thanks for the suggestion. When I took the pic, the shot was further away. When it came time to upload, the files were too big to fit, so I had to shrink them down to the size they are now, and maybe that might have done something to make it blurry, maybe not.
  13. 1929 Ford Truck

    In an attempt to revamp a horrible build I did years ago, I came up with this. EDIT: I found before pictures hidden in my computer, so I added them for reference. Red is the original, Green/Black is the new. Enjoy!
  14. Junkyard Mustang

    Had an old, already assembled kit of a Mustang, not sure exact year, and I did what I always do, forget to take pictures of what it looked like before, but as a vague idea, it was red with white stripes. The paint had fingerprints and bubbles and blemishes, the decals were faded and the windshield was cracked, so I made those fit in by expanding my junkyard scene by one more.
  15. Pacemaker Pete with Shell Tanker

    Went all out on what I call the "Big Yellow Torpedo"..... AMT's re-release of the Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker and Fruehauf Tanker Trailer, painted in the 2-tone Shell livery. Took a bit of extra time, and it paid off, with the minor problem of not being able to tilt the cab. I ended up breaking off the pin on the bumper and the glue got into the hinge when I repaired it, so that's a disappointment. I kept it box-stock, with the exception of my own personalized license plate. Many days of tedious work into this, so enjoy!