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  1. thanks guys, I'll have to get primer from automotive touch up. a different brand mute leave same results. lesson learned..
  2. before the scratches appeared, gonna finish up with scratches and all 1/16 mercedes 540k entex kit i think. 60$ shipped sometime july aug. recently saw on ebay for over 200$ kit is a complete headache, body wise nothing fits, good buy at 60 bucks though.
  3. i used rustoleum primer, automotive touch paint and clear coat. paint job was pretty good after a week or two, these scratches began to show up.. wtf happened
  4. i finished a 540k a couple months ago, was tough kit but got it done, paint job is horrible, old paint supposed to be heather but came out like this, side exhaust didn fit do left them off working on a 1/16 version now, fairing much better but still fitment issues
  5. Plymouth been sitting a couple years, I painted the top back then, just needs a buffing out, Gonna go with some leftover fathom green and the charger will be Heather, I got that online somewhere for about 5 or 6 bucks few years ago. All the paint I have thats not useless Gotta make out grocery list of supplies u need mostly paint,primer,glue etc.
  6. Going to do these 2 simultaneously, I got resin Plymouth online somewhere a few years ago, very thick resin you can see from underside pic, charger RT is recent. Plymouth was trouble from get go, needed a hacksaw(So to speak) to trim anything, got chrome pieces from modelhaus.
  7. Good job, I've tackled 2 over the years, tedious, no where near the revell 58 caddy Brigham, even it can be nice with lots of patience
  8. I came across this bottle of paint while looking for something else, I bought off eBay a few years ago. Has anyone else ever seen or used this before? I paid no more than 5 bucks. Gonna maybe paint a 58 caddy Seville with it..
  9. Nice build, i havasse one somewhere down assembly line
  10. Wow very nice caddy...makes my 59 biarritz looks like i had a few cocktails during the the build...lol Very nice Seville. Keep up the good work
  11. Superb build...detailed to the letter..very nice.
  12. Great job yblock, esp. paint and interior
  13. Thanks guys, very straightforward build. Only trouble spot was the windshield(good eyes galaxie guy), cracked it trying to fit in frame, also a sharp eye will notice a missing driver side tailight, went it's own way during removal from sprue, the color is a gm color, found a can in stash, dont know exact name.. Thanks again guys, next up is 63 galaxie or 65 Bonneville. I just love those big boulevard cruisers...
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