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  1. Yea...I'm 25 and recently started getting back into this and haven't touched one since I was really young. I ran across the scale modeling channel on YouTube and it made me want to get back into it. But all I see on here is really old cars and cars way before me. So I like to build more recent cars. And maybe a few older muscle cars (70s). But like I stated earlier, this was a really fun build, and EXTREMELY detailed kit.
  2. I would place panel lines definitely on this kit. That would make it stand out a lot better. Other than that. Good job.
  3. Overall, it is the most fun kit I have ever had and the most irritating because I was starting to shake up a bottle of paint and didn't realize I didn't screw the cap on well and paint flew all over me and my floor. Wasn't a pretty sight. My wife was pretty upset. But overall everything placed easily and not much holding pieces until glue dries.
  4. Actually went together way better than I thought. The thing that gave me a little trouble was the whole door configuration due to them opening and closing. And the door jamb where the door would latch it real life is a little guessing game on if you should move it up a mm or 2. This may be only me, but those were the troubles I faced. And the door where it closes at the top, I had to take a heat gun to it to bend it in a little so it would sit more flush
  5. I just completed this model. Very new to modeling. I have learned a lot through this kit and will continue to get better. Sorry if it's not as good as a lot of yours.
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