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  1. Thank you I ended up posting this in the wrong column but oh well thanks again
  2. I use colored electrical tape ( black leaves nasty marks on light colors) and also 3m makes a body shop tape that works very well- i usually just spray the base coat of white or gray primer , clean it with alcohol, depending on the size of stripes I'll use quarter inch or half inch tape wrapping around the drum 3 to 4 times , then spray your colors, lightly wet sand it and then Clear coat it - when using the rex kit drum with the big lap welds it is difficult I usually try to push the tape up close to the line somtimes blow dry it works or use a lil rubber cement soo it sneaks down tight , either way somtimes u get a lil paint bleed u can use an exact blade to lightly scrape the paint off the paint underneath if your very careful or just touch it up and lightly wet sand it before clear coat - for other patterns like diamonds , polka dots I usually go with decals
  3. After my friend Dave Natale mentioned to me that the late great Tripp Anderson started working on a crane carrier dcm cab years ago and sent it to him and it never got finished I had the honor to complete it soo it could be casted - it is a complete cab chassis kit available threw aitm , i scratchbuilt the crossmembers rear suspension and front tubular axle the frame rails are I beam plastruct -this one was inspired by a real monster that certified concrete of nyc ran back in the day but with my own door logo - the mixer is the kit rex 232 , scratchbuilt water tank and tower( available threw aitm also ) the drum has been heavily modified the front half is from the mtm mcneilius to make it more alongated with welds and lap welds added and front rex spider added - drum gaurds and hatch loading walkways are brass tubing , 12x24 rear tires with 13x24 fronts , Cummins 250 with spicer air shift trans
  4. The very last truck which is a crane carrier still in progress- scratch built chassis- aitm challenge mixer with extended drum
  5. After having pics of my models on allreadymix.com I was contracted to build for mixers for a guy in Massachusetts of trucks his dad drove back in the day - the first is a chicopee concrete autocar which was the first truck he ever drove the last 3 are dauphinias trucks which he worked for 30 years until becoming I'll a week before retiring and sadly passing away
  6. Here's a Gary Wallace ( GW trucks) dm690 conversion - extended dm600 frame rails with fishplates ,12x24 wheels n tires , the mixer is my own scratch built mcneilius mtm body which I had casted by Dave Natale of aitm and is available to purchase- if somebody is looking to do an 80's or newer mixer this is the body u want !
  7. Most people on here who know me know I build alot of mixers and they are mostly blue n white but I decided to do somthing differant and a good cause - it's a Dm800 with 80,000 rears 12x24 tires n wheels wheelbase has been altered ,it has the later after '73 dash but with the flat back cab ( the idea was to create a u model replacement cab this was a parts box truck soo what the heck) the mixer is a resin cast by plow chaser that was mastered by Tripp Anderson , the drum was extended to 15 yards scratch built water tank and fenders
  8. Personally the first thing I would do is tear the whole thing apart - I've seen the model in person and it sits on a paystar chassis which doesn't splay out in front like macks and brockways do ur better off using mack dm800 frame rails ( many people don't realize that Brockway frame rails were almost identical to macks considering they owned them since the 50's) next I would call dave Natale ( aitm ) and get the rest of the challenge mixer running gear ( u have a challenge drum with a rex front and rear pedistall the tip of the drum doesn't line up in back ) - here's some pics of 2 brockway 361 mixers I'm working on
  9. Here's a b81 mixer and b815 dump in progress- both sit on slightly narrowed dm800 frames - i too cut the hood open on the mixer and after going threw all that I said screw it on the dump truck
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