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  1. Must be your lucky day, better go buy a lottery ticket.
  2. Cover shipping and they are yours. I've got small boxes for shipping my louvered 32 Ford hoods, in the 48 states, it's been under $6 every time. Not sure on shipping to Hawaii.
  3. Nearly positive I saw this photo etch ar Pegasus Hobbies in southern Cal a few weeks ago. It was part of a collection they bought, so I highly doubt you will find it on their website. Actually think I saw multiples of them. I know, doesn't really work for doing a trade though. Good luck.
  4. What parts are you missing? I have a box of parts from three kits.
  5. Incredible build to see in person. Congratulations on your MCM coverage.
  6. Sorry you didn't know, I have had them displayed at the meetings a few different times.
  7. I was able to get a louvered roof insert test fit on a 30 coupe, and get a couple pictures. Turns out I didn't mold the louvers backwards after all, like I thought I did.
  8. There are a few differences that make 32,33 and 34 cabs all a little different from each other. However, in 25th scale, the only real noticeable difference is the third beltline on the back of the cab. Here is a couple of links where it is well discussed on the 1:1 trucks. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/32-34-ford-pickup-differences.375939/ https://fordbarn.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37145
  9. Thank you Bernard. I will get my hands on a 30 coupe soon hopefully to test out that roof insert. Those look great, I have considered trying to work with some f'glass for some parts too. However, i am not a fan of the louvers on the Monogram 32 hood. But that's all we had to work with for many years. Thank you Charles Craig, Unfortunately these were molded from the standard Revell roadster/3w/5w/sedan hood and not the Rat Roaster hood which is slightly wider. These may work just fine on the Rat Roaster, but I have not tested one for fitment. However, you bring up a good point, I could certainly master one based on the Rat Roaster hood. As far as getting ahold of these, feel free to PM me or email me @ lookabillj@gmail.com
  10. Drag City Casting resin body. Modified Monogram louvered hood, 409 power, wheels/tires from the Rat Roaster kit.
  11. I've got three different louvered hood for the Revell 32 Ford available. 3 row without center hinge 4 row with center hinge 5 row without center hinge. I'll get you some pictures, or you can PM me.
  12. Pics of some Diamond in the Rough parts.
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