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  1. The all colors Project.

    Well done.
  2. David, if you read into this thread a bit, I think it will be more fitting to your concern about making a resin copy. I don't think it will ever come to a final answer, but will definitely share some moral insight into the issue.
  3. 1940 Ford

    Looking excellent. I have a build planned that will turn out similar to that. Will keep this one in mind for reference.
  4. Hasegawa is asking what kits you would like to have in future

    Made my request too. Thanks for the link. Is it just me, or is their website very similar to the Revell website? They aren't under the same ownership are they?
  5. Ford COE cabs:'37-'47, '48-'52, '53-'55(or 6)

    This one isn't one that Ford ever made as a COE as far as I know. Jimmy Flintstone makes this 53 crew cab. Its based on the AMT 53 F100. And here is what I did with it. It is typical of all the JF resin that I've worked with. Quite thick in places. Takes some effort to make something nice.
  6. Wow, that looks incredible.
  7. Free Models!

    Thats pretty darn cool. I have the wagon and the Sunliner in Hubley boxes. Not sure if that is the same as what is offered in the ad though.
  8. 37 ford sedan front

    That's going to look really cool.
  9. Just another Willys

    That looks like it was really fun to build.
  10. Jet Powered Train / Dragster : On The Workbench 2/8/18

    OK John, I'm in for the ride. This should be interesting to see come together.
  11. 32 Chevrolet fenders

    I can confirm that they did in fact have fenders with wells on both sides. Sorry, I can't offer them up for trade though as they are in un-built original kits. Some good info in this thread about these cars.
  12. chopped '37 Chevy coupe....last call

    Guys, don't think twice about these castings. Absolutely amazing quality. I have a few items from Ed, and all of them are incredible.
  13. Identify these resin bodies

    Did some more searching and found pictures that match my pictured roof perfectly. I guess I never put up a pic of the body it goes too. But it is a Flintstone NB243 1926 Ford Model T. Craig, I wish the Woody body that I have was half as nice as the one you pictured, Mine is a pretty rough casting. Actually not sure it is even worth building. Maybe I just need to spend some time cleaning it up to really see what I am working with. What it looks like now just makes me want to put it back in the box.
  14. 60's promo parts

    Hmmm. can't seem to get my picture to upload... working on it, will edit it in. Must be something going on with the forum, tried from my phone and from my computer, getting an upload failed error each time.
  15. 60's promo parts

    Looking for a couple parts for some promo cars I have. Would like to find a few parts. front bumper and both rear taillight lenses for the tan 62 wagon. Hood and wiper cowl for the blue 60 wagon. Mine is cracked down the middle, possibly repairable though, haven't tried. Trades. Not sure what I'm going to do with the 66 galaxies yet. It kinda needs everything. I think I have everything I need for the red 61 convertible, and the white 63 galaxies. Not so sure the 63 galaxies is a promo though.