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  1. I've got the mold rubber for the visor curing now. I'll see how a resin part turns out in a few days.
  2. I like the master cylinder in the Revell 37 for sedan kits. I actually made a mold of it to resin cast a few extras for those kits that don't come with anything.
  3. I've got this kit, and have been experimenting with resin molds. Would resin parts interest you?
  4. Check out LHP 1320 model products on Facebook. They are doing large scale stuff.
  5. I'll be in for at least one buggy too. Been wanting to see this return. Still have the one I built as a kid.
  6. Very nice Tom. Curious how you finished out the inside of the bed. Body seemed rather odd how it got molded. I built this same Flintstone body a few months ago. Guess I better get it posted up under glass.
  7. Dave, very nice build, the tire and color change made a huge difference. Snake, I think I have one of these tonneau covers, didn't know it was a early issue only piece. I'll have to taka a look. Maybe its worth resin casting it?
  8. I believe that's a rare piece. Drag City Casting used to cast it in resin, discontinued a couple yeats ago. You might message him to see if he has any left. Think he goes by krassandbernie on MCM.
  9. Wow, this is going to be great to watch. Making me want to build one too. Pretty sure I have enough acceptable parts to work with too.
  10. Agreed, one of the best in the resin business.
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