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  1. Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

    Wow, John you are killing it. Freaking amazing.
  2. Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

    This build should be a walk in the park for you. Looking forward to all the build progress.
  3. Flat Head finned head ?

    These are included in the Revell 32 sedan kit. Might be another option for you.
  4. eBay part seller now gone

    I have noticed that, and somehow has also managed a 100% feedback rating too, at least as of yesterday. I saw a clue of his items that interested me and wondered if it would be worth the chance with ebay/PayPal buyer protection. Just can't convince myself that it would be worth it.
  5. Ya, I'll be following this too.
  6. Mill City Replicas

    I have a couple of his bodies, but have yet to build one. They are definitely going to take a bit of work to get all the flash cleaned up, then decide how to deal with the casting thickness(very thick). Pretty sure everything I have from Jimmy Flintstone has less flash and a thinner thickness profile. All said though, mine are very buildable into a nice car, just going to take some work. And he is the only game in town for a few items, so not a lot of choice.
  7. Freemont Racing Specialities

    I have also received some excellent resin from Joe. Will happily be sending more money his way.
  8. Experimental WagonRod

    Thank you all for the positive replies, I was hoping that's how it would go. I have a couple cars I want to build that require some woodgrain, so this car was just an experiment for those.
  9. Experimental WagonRod

    This one started as an experiment with attempting wood grain. Basically built out of the box except a couple things. Split the front bumper and shortened the front and rear number mounts to get them a little closer to the body. Also cut the headlights out and moved the up 0.180", they just look wrong out of the box. Criticize the woodgrain please, that's what started this build.
  10. Fremont Racing Specialities

    I don't see them listed in the pdf he sent me. But, i only did a quick look with a migraine. They might be there. Might be best to just sent him an email and ask him for his complete listing of stuff. I bet you find something else that you want anyways.
  11. I like where this is headed already. I have a couple very similar build ideas for the 41 Willy's using the new Revell street rod as a starting point.
  12. Great Traders List

    Excellent trade completed with mikemodeler. Thank you Also, and excellent trade completed today with HNTR. Thank you Great communication and prompt shipping from both of you. Thanks again
  13. revell 32 ford still looking for 1 of these

    Ya. I'm looking for one too. Why has this sedan become harder to find already. Seems it wasn't that long ago it was on the store shelves.
  14. Kits for trade

    Man, if I found that kit stash at a swap meet, my wallet would end up empty, and likely the closest ATM too.
  15. 1960 Ford Starliner

    Thanks. This was a fun build of a kit that has been around a long time. Almost all the builds of this kit I could find were done close to stock, just not my style.