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  1. Here is another experiment using melted styrene leftovers from the red taillight sprue. The AMT 36 Ford kit does come with red taillights. This experiment is just making a drip to form a little round dot for a light. Not sure if this will work or not, will know in a couple days as it dries.
  2. Amt 36 Ford?

  3. Willy's pick-up

    Wow, Jimmy didn't mess around getting mine shipped to me. Ordered Monday about 9pm, was in my mailbox today(Thursday). This little Willy's looks great, needs the normal amount of flash cleanup work that I expect of almost any resin supplier. I'm not sure I like how the bed floor was done, but i suspect there is a reason behind it that I will discover when I start fitting it to the styrene donor kit.
  4. Amt 36 Ford?

    Not that this answers your question. Does your 61 kit molded in gray have wide 5 artillery style wheels? The black ones should have wide 5 wheels but not the artillery style. Basically, I have been told that the first issue of this kit had the artillery wheels, and none of the kits since them got those wheels.
  5. I have also done the stock-ish firewall from the Revell 32 Ford Rat Roaster kit. I didn't have as good of success with it. I have a useable part, but did get a little(very minimal) shrinkage as some mentioned would happen, but I also got a little bit of warping that would be easily fixed once its glued to the car body. The bigger problem I had was pin holes throughout the part. Haven't found a way to overcome that with liquid styrene. However, I do believe that any of these small molds that I have made would easily accept resin also. Which should produce a better part.
  6. I too have experimented with this. I am using Evergreen stock melted into Tamiya ultra this glue. I made my mold from a half used leftover tube of Permatex blue automotive RTV cause I had it laying around. I started with something simple. This is the fan from the Revell 32 Ford kits. On the left is the kit piece, on the right is my first part out of the mold, not really useable in my book, in the middle is the second part out of the mold, this is a pretty decent part and showed me that this is possibly a viable method for a one off part. Your not gong into production with this.
  7. Resin slingshot intake adapter

    Interesting piece Casey. looks like its for a 4cyl motor though. I just found in the RMoM catalog, item FH-83. 1/25 Flathead two carb adapter, kit comes with 'Y' shaped adapter, two stromberg carbs, and two curved carb stacks. For a total of five pieces. I haven't found the intake that I am looking for yet though. Edit: found the two carb intake in the RMoM catalog, don't know if its available yet, but its item DD-9. Will have to see if I can come up with pictures for either of these items.
  8. Willy's pick-up

    Looks like Jimmy Flintsone already has it on their website as item NB328. Website also has a handful of pictures. Looks great. Currently has a list price of $25. I will be needing a couple of these.
  9. Opinions needed

    Built as a modern street rod? Big wheels and lowered a lot? I'd consider a red leather interior with black accents IF the amount of gold on the exterior is minimal.
  10. Willy's pick-up

    Is that bed molded to the cab?
  11. Resin slingshot intake adapter

    I'm looking for something similar. I just want a dual carb intake for a flathead. Preferably for use with the stock center mount generator.
  12. 32 Highboy

    Looking good.

    Really like this red Willy's. Any more pics of it?
  14. 2018 year in review

    Thank you everyone for the comments (and suggestions). It was a fun year building these.
  15. 2018 year in review

    Thank you Dann, that's about what I thought of the pictures too. Just could not decide what I could do to make them better besides outdoor pics. I'll give a white base a try.