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  1. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Looking back at my pictures, I guess I need to go back and install the battery and at least one mirror. It also looks like I could have gotten a little more dust off of it before pictures, Maybe better pictures after the additional parts get installed.
  2. Mill City Resin - 33 Willys four door sedan

    Thank you Casey. email sent, haven't heard back yet though.
  3. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    And it's now under glass.
  4. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    So, here is my completion from the Swap-n-build project. I received a 69 OLDS 442 from Modlbldr. Build thread can be seem here. My build intention was to be of a modern restomod theme. Attempting to keep the majority of the car in a factory form with updated drivetrain and suspension. I attempted to keep the engine bay appearing stock for the theme. My research found that these engines had a whole bunch of iron(block/heads/manifolds), all of which was painted a goldish color except the exhaust manifolds. I chose to keep the block gold, but updated with aluminum heads and intake manifold, and headers. Then a couple pieces of chrome. Interior is 100% kit stock. I lowered the suspension a lot, didn't measure before to know how much, but until it looked good to my eye. Some how I didn't get it level side to side either, but it isn't a three wheeler, so I can deal with it. Wheels are Pegasus 19 front and 23 rear with centercaps I machined on my lathe, along with a Pegasus brake rotor and caliper hiding inside of the wheels Paint is MM Italian red No. 28109, with the kit rallye stripe decals. Seems to show every single little dust particle too.
  5. Would anybody happen to have any contact information for Mill City Resin, or know if they are still in business? I found a mailing address for them, who know how old it might be though. I was hoping to find at least an Email address, maybe even a webpage of Facebook page, but so far I am not finding anything. I am hoping to find the 33 Willys four door sedan phantom that I can find pictures of on Google. Or does anybody have one of these they want to part with?
  6. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    This car is now completed. Took second place with it on Sunday at the SABAnw monthly meeting. Pics tomorrow under glass.
  7. '93 S-10

    Not often you see a first gen S10 show up. I have an unbuilt 1/20 Linberg S10 sitting on the shelf that I would consider trading to somebody that wanted to build one.
  8. My New Years Modeling Resolution

    Resolution for me I think will be to build for ME, This year I fell victim to several club build challenges. One of those competitions is already over and two other get displayed in March. For some reason I"m just not feeling the same passion for the build on these two I am finishing up. Second resolution would simply be to finish what I start.
  9. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    Getting close to finishing this car up after my hood decal mistake. Got the chassis/interior glued into the body, then got the bumpers installed. Hood repainted, decals on, and first coat of clear applied(still wet in pic).
  10. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Art, here is a quick pic of the Elcamino I built. I'll try to make an Under Glass thread for it here soon with some additional pictures. Nothing too special, Basically just the resin body, and rear bumper. I think all other parts came from the donor kit except the Pegasus wheels and centercaps I made. This car was a few firsts for me. First resin body, first hinged hood, first bare metal foil. Also had to splice the rally stripe decals on the hood to get them long enough(another first). Donor kit didn't come with any decals, so I swiped some from a Camaro kit. And let me know if you want my images out of your thread.
  11. AMT ' 37 Chevy street gasser

    Wow. Well done.
  12. Early Years Resin products

    I think that Big Donkey resin offers tr center steer and the quick change.
  13. 69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    Haven't taken any new pictures, but have made a little progress. Body has been wet sanded, the polished with meguires scratchX 2.0, and then waxed. Windows have been glued in place. Got the hood primed and some color back on it. Still need to get color on the bottom of the hood though. Making small bits of progress. I'm still running with a moment of inspiration on another build which is taking a lot of time.
  14. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Sorry Art, feels like we are hi-jacking your thread here. Hope you find some of this useful info for your build. I found the resin chassis to be about 2mm too long(for the body) and very poorly cast. Basically it was going to take a massive amount of cleanup to be acceptable. While the styrene chassis was about a 1mm(maybe 1.5) too short and just needed normal chassis mold line, ejector pin and sink mark cleanup. The styrene chassis front suspension(spindles) were really easy to modify to fudge a little bit of wheelbase length. this same method could have easily been used to "shorten" the resin chassis too. I think that is was a combination of several things that made the wheelbase length an issue. I think the chassis was easy for somebody to have accurately lengthened it 4mm(4in), I think that if we were to really get into measuring one that the rear fender arches are not long enough. I think the front side of them was really close to correct, but the rear of them should have been closer to the rear bumper. I also felt like the wheelbase didn't quite match from left to right, really close, but I struggled with getting both front tires centered in the wheelwell, it seemed different every time I mocked it up.