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  1. Hmmm. I guess i didn't realize there are options to print. Isn't it a STL?
  2. The Thom Taylor car is a variant of the Monogram 34 car that was first available as an unchopped 3W, then as a chopped 3W. Older issues of the chopped car were packaged as the ZZtop car and recently reissued without ZZtop packaging. However, the chopped top is terrible. The chop is uneven side to side and the right side of the roof has a strange shape as it rounds to the passenger window. It can be fixed, but it takes a bit if work. I am working on a resin package of a louvered hood, hood sides, and rear tail panel to use this kit to build the California Kid movie car.
  3. Yes, it's completely cured. I actually have two of these body's. But about this same quality. No doubt they came out of the same mold. I too was hesitant to buy, but I paid $5 for the first one and $15 shipped for the second one. So a total of $20 spent.
  4. Like the second one. But lose the stock wheels and whitetails. Then find some big billet wheels for it.
  5. Jimmy Flintstone resin body mastered Pat Minarick. Used the Revell 41 Willys street rod kit. Intake manifold, carbs, air filters and steering wheel from the Revell 32 Ford 5w, front wheels from Revell 40 Ford Convertible with the Willys street rod tires bored out to fit the larger wheel, modified the frame to lower the front suspension, fuel cell and battery from AMT phantom Vickie kit. Unknown seats from the parts box.
  6. I think you could cut those formed end sections out of the top area of a 2liter soda bottle or something similar. It has most of the shape you need already. Or maybe its a starting point to work with enough that you could resin cast it.
  7. PM me an address and I'll send this out to you.
  8. Also interested. Sending PM with email address.
  9. I have a box of 66 Malibu rebuilders that looks real close to yours. Maybe I should trade them off too. Couple grills in there too.
  10. I've got the mold rubber for the visor curing now. I'll see how a resin part turns out in a few days.
  11. I like the master cylinder in the Revell 37 for sedan kits. I actually made a mold of it to resin cast a few extras for those kits that don't come with anything.
  12. I've got this kit, and have been experimenting with resin molds. Would resin parts interest you?
  13. Check out LHP 1320 model products on Facebook. They are doing large scale stuff.
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