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  1. How many do you need? The two on the left have a longer axle stud area on them.
  2. I believe I have several sets of those. I'll try and remember to get you a picture tomorrow.
  3. Very impressive work as usual Dennis.
  4. I've got a set of skirts. Since it sounds like you are building a convertible. Would you trade the coupe top?
  5. I've managed to get my hands on a few sets of artillery wheels the last few years. The first set are resin pieces that were enlarged to fit the 41 Lincoln kit tires. These came from Drag City Casting(Ed Fluck), and I'm nearly positive he has discontinued them. The second set i found at a swap meet, but they were still listed on a showcase hobbies website or Facebook page recently. They are normal 1/25 size measuring .605" where its going through the wheel and .650" at the wheel lip. Pictured in a tire from an AMT 32 Ford kit tire.
  6. I have this Southern Stocker Monto Carlo. It is missing the chassis though.
  7. Those are the wheels out of the Revell 37 Ford PU. The wheels in the original 36 Ford kit look entirely different. There is a thread here on this forum about the 36 Ford wheels and possible recasting of them in resin. The grey wheels are original 36 Ford artillery wheels. The black wheels are what's in the 36 Ford kits since I think its third release.
  8. I believe I have this kit missing some parts. I'll have to take a look.
  9. Sorry, unfortunately that's all that I have. Ed Fluck(Drag City Casting) posted that picture a couple months ago on Facebook and i shared the picture to one of our local club Facebook groups.
  10. Is this the instructions that you might be looking for?
  11. Very nice. Looking forward to building one using this body from Drag City
  12. Interested in the nomad and Lincoln Any interest in prostock drag cars?
  13. Ed(Drag City Casting) made a very nice 34 5w chopped body. Very very nice casting. Worth checking to see if he still has any.
  14. Beautiful build. Please tell me that you had Ed mold that louvered hood too.
  15. Sounds like you have an engine painted gold that is ready to put into an Amish buggy...
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