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  1. So, with all the knowledge of resin 58 Chevy's, can anybody tell who cast the 4dr wagon? It's no doubt a rough casting, but I can work with it.
  2. I have one of these four door resin bodies too. Quite nice casting actually. Look forward to seeing how you build this one.
  3. 68shortfleet

    TPI engines

    I've gotva couple of the LT1/4 style engines from the WagonRod kits. Got something to trade? PM me. Probably needs to me 30's era or oddball resin to catch my interest though.
  4. Where did these artillery wheels come from? Curious what diameter they measure out too.
  5. I'd be in for several if it gets backdated to a 68. My user name might suggest that as well.
  6. Are you looking for anything in particular? I was eyeing these fenders, will need to look closer at them on my computer when I get home. Phone screen is just too small.
  7. Any chance you have a chrome tree for the Henry J kit? I recently got this kit with everything but the chrome tree. I'd be happy to find just the grill even. I'll build it into a hot rod anyways, so don't really need the gasser parts. Also have my eye on a couple of those fender sets.
  8. I like the sound of that. If Ed cast those too, I'd be in for several. This car is looking excellent, I like everything about it except the wheels.
  9. Pretty cool. I really like that 32 Chev PU.
  10. 68shortfleet

    TPI engines

    Do the LT1 engines from the WagonRod kit interest you?
  11. I am the builder of that truck. Happy to share anything about it, or more pictures if you want them.
  12. I had never heard of this site. He's got a lot to choose from. Thank you.
  13. I would really like to have the Sandman dune buggy kit again. Still have the buggy I built in the early 80's. Recently found the decals are available to rebuild it too.
  14. Let's see that Austin built. I've got a couple of them to build. Have a resin prostreet chassis for one of them. Should be a fun build.
  15. Bowser; I believe i have a few of those kits that I'll never build. If you have any interest in them.
  16. That's really cool build.
  17. I found images of this black 33 Willy's and decided it would make an excellent build, what I didn't realize is the amount of body mods needed to do it. It has been lengthened in the body and hood, widened through the middle, sectioned(pie cut), A pillars leaned back, B pillars leaned forward, grill leaned back and rear wheel arches moved up. I will try my best to get close to that, but doubt I can build a perfect replica. I'm starting with a couple of AMT 33 Willy's kits. I started by un-chopping the kit body by adding 4" to the rear of the cabin area, which moved the roof forward 2", that gave me a perfect B pillar forward lean. The rear of the car was too long so i removed 6" from it right through the middle of the trunk area. Then I added 6" to the doors and leaned the A pillars back as I un-chopped some of the windshield height. Next came widening of the body in a pie form. Two inches at the cowl and three at the rear.. Then did a section cut out of each side. Next came the hood, I cut the rearmost 6" and the grill area off one hood and glued the 6" to the rear of the second hood. This made the hood 2" wider to match the new wider cowl. Here's some pics to help it make sense. Right now, between the two kit bodies and the Evergreen pieces, this body consists of at least 41 pieces I've glued together. The hood has about another five pieces so far.
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