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  1. I've gotva couple of the LT1/4 style engines from the WagonRod kits.

    Got something to trade? PM me.

    Probably needs to me 30's era or oddball resin to catch my interest though.

  2. 2 hours ago, Modlbldr said:

    Actually, I kept two sets of the 32 fenders. What do you have to trade? PM me and I'll check tonight for the grille too.


    Are you looking for anything in particular?

    I was eyeing these fenders, will need to look closer at them on my computer when I get home. Phone screen is just too small.


  3. Any chance you have a chrome tree for the Henry J kit? I recently got this kit with everything but the chrome tree. 

    I'd be happy to find just the grill even. I'll build it into a hot rod anyways, so don't really need the gasser parts.

    Also have my eye on a couple of those fender sets.

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