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  1. Made my request too. Thanks for the link. Is it just me, or is their website very similar to the Revell website? They aren't under the same ownership are they?
  2. This one isn't one that Ford ever made as a COE as far as I know. Jimmy Flintstone makes this 53 crew cab. Its based on the AMT 53 F100. And here is what I did with it. It is typical of all the JF resin that I've worked with. Quite thick in places. Takes some effort to make something nice.
  3. 68shortfleet

    Free Models!

    Thats pretty darn cool. I have the wagon and the Sunliner in Hubley boxes. Not sure if that is the same as what is offered in the ad though.
  4. That looks like it was really fun to build.
  5. OK John, I'm in for the ride. This should be interesting to see come together.
  6. I can confirm that they did in fact have fenders with wells on both sides. Sorry, I can't offer them up for trade though as they are in un-built original kits. Some good info in this thread about these cars.
  7. Guys, don't think twice about these castings. Absolutely amazing quality. I have a few items from Ed, and all of them are incredible.
  8. Did some more searching and found pictures that match my pictured roof perfectly. I guess I never put up a pic of the body it goes too. But it is a Flintstone NB243 1926 Ford Model T. Craig, I wish the Woody body that I have was half as nice as the one you pictured, Mine is a pretty rough casting. Actually not sure it is even worth building. Maybe I just need to spend some time cleaning it up to really see what I am working with. What it looks like now just makes me want to put it back in the box.
  9. Hmmm. can't seem to get my picture to upload... working on it, will edit it in. Must be something going on with the forum, tried from my phone and from my computer, getting an upload failed error each time.
  10. Looking for a couple parts for some promo cars I have. Would like to find a few parts. front bumper and both rear taillight lenses for the tan 62 wagon. Hood and wiper cowl for the blue 60 wagon. Mine is cracked down the middle, possibly repairable though, haven't tried. Trades. Not sure what I'm going to do with the 66 galaxies yet. It kinda needs everything. I think I have everything I need for the red 61 convertible, and the white 63 galaxies. Not so sure the 63 galaxies is a promo though.
  11. Built this sedan a couple weeks ago, only spent four days on it. Proposed a same kit quick build with a friend in a modelling slump. Builds were to be displayed that weekend at our club meeting. Basically all parts came from one of the Revell 32 kit boxes. Lowered it a little bit. This was my fifth Revell 32, but the first time I built one with fenders. Paint is very generic Testors 1210 Gloss bright blue enamel. Built alongside the blue car. I made so much progress on it the first of four days, that I started another 32. So, this copper car was built in three days. Its a chopped flintstone 3w that I had put back in a box multiple times cause I wasn't happy with the drivers side window lines. Figured it would be perfect for a quick fun build that couldn't possibly turn out perfect in a three day build. The rest of the build is just kit parts from the Revell 32 boxes with the exception of the distributor wiring and the window glass due to the chopped top. Paint is generic Testors 1251 gloss copper.
  12. Built this car last year. Unfortunately, I channelled the body little further than I did the grill shell, so I doesn't look quite right.
  13. Steven Zimmerman has some excellent wheels available. I think he is only available via Facebook though. Not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer.
  14. Sorry I didn't get a pm to you sooner about the one I have. Looks like you found another one though.
  15. Thank you. That allows the TRR markings to make sense. I have never heard of them though, will have to check out what else he might have.
  16. I have a similar pile of revell 32 ford parts waiting on a build direction.
  17. Unfortunately no floorboard piece came to me with this one, but I got them second hand so who knows. I did find the body that the roof/visor parts go to. Will get a photo of it up a bit later.
  18. I have this one. Pics make it look way worse than it is. It has a radiator glued to it and will take a little effort to get it removed, but doesn't look too hard. Somebody cut the mounting tabs off the bottom of the radiator portion, then tried to just glue the shell to the front of the frame. These glue marks should clean up easily and hide anyways once installed. The glue marks on the front side all hide when the grill insert is installed. Yours if you want to work with it.
  19. I just might have that grill shell. Maybe.
  20. Wow, wish I could have built that nice when I was 12.
  21. I have three resin bodies I would like to identify. The woody has a 32 shaped cowl. Want to say poorly cast, but I actually think it is just poorly mastered, so the casting was never going to be great. The phaeton style body has the three pieces, must be model A. Who made it and what kit was it designed to be used with? The last body i don't know, assuming it is a 27 T by the markings. The interior tub is marked TRR 02, and the body is marked TRR 2002. The bag of parts has a roof, windshield frame, and a sun visor in it. Will guess this might fit the AMT 1925 model T 3-n-1 kit. But I'm not sure. What does it fit , who made it?
  22. Wow, that looks pretty cool. I too would like to know about the conversion parts to a 38. I guess i don't even know what the differences are from 37 to 38.
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