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  1. Looks great. I know this thread is a couple months old but if I may ask, where did you get the spare tire from? Of the 3 or 4 places I found, a couple looked shaky and Bestbalsakits doesn’t look like they will ship to the US unless I spend about 350 euros. Thanks, Al
  2. I looked up American Industrial Truck Models. Looks like real nice stuff. I guess I’ll get to see some of it in person at NNL East next Saturday. I’ll check out the First Gear B models also. I guess online. In the meantime I picked up an AMT Mack R685ST and a White Freightliner cabover at Hobby Lobby. (Two models, two trips with the coupon, lol) Thanks again for the information.
  3. I’ve built model cars on and off since I was a kid, but never a truck, meaning a big truck or semi. So I was thinking of getting a model of a Mack B model, (tractor), and I’m surprised that I haven’t been able to find one, either a newer issue or an older issue. Kind of hard to believe one has never been produced. So I guess I need an education. We’re there ever any made? What’s available? Resin? Thanks, Al
  4. Like others, I like the box art. I thought of un-folding the boxes and putting them in a poster frame. I also thought of stacking them on a wall. (I may have seen that somewhere) I did a quick search but didn’t find anything. Has anyone done anything creative to display the boxes your kits came in?
  5. I’ve been a member, (looker), since 2015 but realized I never did an intro. My son, Austin, was on here before me and introduced me to the site. I built models as a kid and I’m slowly getting back into it, after collecting some kits over the years. I really enjoy the site. Lots of good information and inspiration. Thanks, Al
  6. Nice score, ranma. BMXNBULLDOG, I'm curious. What do you do to keep the front wheels from "steering" when you race them?
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