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  1. Bought the kit put it together went to the box no tail lights, s I am asking if any one has a spare set?
  2. I have one u can have, I am looking for the 68 charger tail lights
  3. I might have some from the 64 Chevy
  4. I use to date this one girl in the 80s and her mom drove a gold duster , thanks for the meomories
  5. thats an awesome build, question, what do you call that color? my dad had a f100 that color and I would like to build it for him
  6. I watch the show and seen this van on the shelf, didnt know if he was selling them or a viewer built it, it is awesome very nice
  7. outstanding work! I have a qyestion, where did you get the topper for the chevy pickup? or did you build it, if so what did you use?
  8. please keep me up to date if you sell them, I need one
  9. I Liked the capris, I am trying to build one that my roomate had way back in hghschool, it was the 79 rs turbo, I am looking for the rs decals, do you know of any body thatmakes them?
  10. great job, i too been doing family cars but not much for pics of them, like my sisters college car that she let me drive when she came home on weekends, my brothers bronco back in the day orange truck was the farm truck blueone my little brothers truck, i have 6 siblings
  11. haave you seen the 2019 Auto Value calender? there is one on the front cover with a canvas canopy that reads us mail,
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