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  1. Hi I recently bought a 1:9th scale Testors (Lincoln Mint) Harley Davidson FXSTC Softail off Ebay. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any tyres. I contacted the seller, got a refund and they told me to keep the model which was kind. I've contacted Testors and Italeri (who originally manufactured this model), asking if spares were available. Unfortunately they couldn't help. Does anyone know where I might be able to get tyres for this model? Does anyone know where I might get alternative tyres or ideas of how I could produce something representative of tyres? It is a custom machine so I figure a different tyre type would be acceptable. My best idea so far is to use something like milliput to create slick tyres (using my dremel to sand them/turn them down onto the wheels) then, with another layer of milliput, imprint tyre treads over the top of the first layer. This would enable me to create treads of a uniform depth, and, when set, sand the tyre down again to make them correctly round. I don't want to leave the tyres slick because that seems to be only acceptable for track racing bikes. I would be most grateful for any advice anyone could give me. This is my first motorcycle model and it is to built for my boss - who has been really good to me and loves American bikes. One option could to buy another Testors kit and use the tyres to make molds and then create my own rubber tyres. I don't like this idea too much because I've never molded parts before so don't know how to do it and am on a limited budget so this could be too expensive. Best wishes Danyel
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