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  1. dptydawg added a post in a topic AMT display case truck   

    Hey Gator, I resemble that remark.  
    I find that there is a lot of potential in diecast models. They offer subject mater that doesn't appear in plastic. plastic parts are easily combined with diecast metal using Ca or epoxy glues.  Check out some of the work done by the Reid  brothers in Model Cars Magazine. The  Power Wagon in the display case looks like one of the Ertl diecasts. It is a very well detailed model and comes in several versions.
  2. dptydawg added a post in a topic Satin black   

    As far as I know John Deere paints are only available through JD dealerships. TSC store brand tractor paints are way less than wonderful and I wouldn't recommend them for modeling. Their paint is often followed by a dip in the purple bath..
  3. dptydawg added a post in a topic Satin black   

    I'm a big fan of John Deere Blitz Black. it is available at JD dealers and goes straight onto styrene without the need for primer.
  4. dptydawg added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Wheels 08-22-2015)   

    You're coming along nicely, J.T. Its too bad that RoG scrimped on the detail on the power plant. I guess since it is not very visible they didn't bother with it. Looking forward to more progress
  5. dptydawg added a post in a topic Background diorama   

    Your floor looks more like painted concrete than the sandpaper did. I might suggest that you put in a couple expansion joints though. On large floors they're usually 24 to 30 feet apart. the doors look good
  6. dptydawg added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    Thanks Howard
    I hope to be there. I'm not sure if I will have anything to enter this year, but I'm sure that you will try to separate me from my money
  7. dptydawg added a post in a topic Dodge L-700 Stake bodied crane truck.   

    Congratulations Pat on a very well engineered and crafted model. The Dodge L700  id not an easy kit to build and you have mastered it. Great scratch building and kit bashing. It looks like it belongs in your engine shop.
    Well Done
  8. dptydawg added a post in a topic What's your next model purchase?   

    I'm waiting for the Heller Ferguson tractor to make an appearance.
  9. dptydawg added a post in a topic Southwestern Ontario modelers?   

    Good news that Tim is not retiring completely. St Mary's is actually closer for me but it is a bit off the beaten paths that I usually follow.  The last time I was in McCormick's it was a sad place with barren shelves. 
  10. dptydawg added a post in a topic Dodge L-700 with stake body and crane.   

    Hi Pat
     Somehow I missed this project. Just noticed it this morning. You are doing your usual terrific job of scratch building and kit bashing. I like where you are going with the V-10. Way back when I had a Dodge 2500 with a V-10 and 5 gear. I was a great driving truck. I liked that engine better than my hemis. 
    Keep up the great work
  11. dptydawg added a post in a topic Consensus on Plum Crazy   

    If you go to a large Mopar show you'll see about a dozen different shades of Plumb Crazy even though they all specced paint code FC7. Every paint supplier seems to have a slightly different tint. I think that the colour on my Challenger is close to Chrysler original paint code. The right rear rim is factory original paint. The paint on the other rims is a slightly different shade from the paint on the body but both are supposed to be plumb crazy.

  12. dptydawg added a post in a topic Tractors   

    Nice restoration work on those diecasts. I think there is 1/25th scale version of a D17 Allis out there some where. I believe that it is a plastic diecast. I haven't found one yet that was for sale at price I was willing to pay though.

    I have built the there Ertl tractor kits and the IH and |JD plows. I've never seen the kit of the Massey plow. I've also restored a couple 1/25th scale Ertl diecast construction models. Diecast is a bit of a challenge to work with but the results can be quite impressive.

  13. dptydawg added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Wheels 08-22-2015)   

    your making good progress , JT . Half the fun in model building is the imagineering that's required to get the job done right. That's a good solution to the short pins. You could also salami slice some plastic rod to get small disks.
  14. dptydawg added a post in a topic Scratch/bashing a 702   

    An amazing piece of art! Your skills are those of a watch maker. I like the way you have broken this project down into a series of little projects that all tie together to create a masterpiece.

  15. dptydawg added a post in a topic Loader Cat 918 F   

    Great conversion work on the 918, Alain.. This just proves that a diecast can become a great model in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Your weathering is spot on.
    There are a few 1/25th scale construction models now available in diecast. A 941 crawler loader and a Fiat-Allis FL10B crawler loader. Both would make good loads for flatbed trailers.
    Great work