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  1. dptydawg added a post in a topic Galion Two Drum Roller Complete!   

    Excellent job. Always like to see construction models. a real nice work of art
  2. dptydawg added a post in a topic Big Horn with Big Al   

    well done Pat. beautiful work of art. I have enjoyed watching this build come together.
  3. dptydawg added a post in a topic How many of you name your builds?   

    Like Ellen, I name all my dioramas. But there won't  be anymore pics thanks to the greedy clowns a PB
  4. dptydawg added a post in a topic 1/24 White Field Boss 4-175   

    Very nice job of scratch building.   Good looking Field Boss. Are you planning to build any attachments for your tractor?
  5. dptydawg added a post in a topic Nobody Walks Out On Avis   

    And this Avis still has one of those Challengers

  6. dptydawg added a post in a topic TAT International R190 tanker   

    Great looking gas wagon, Pat. 
    As I remember back in the day, gas trucks had a grounding chain dragging along under the rear bumper. I'm not sure when that practice ended.
  7. dptydawg added a post in a topic Garage Dio question   

    12 foot ceilings are quite common is garages especially if you plan to install a floor hoist. You could always install roof trusses on 4' centres to fill up some of the unused space.
    It is a useful looking box
  8. dptydawg added a post in a topic Plowed snow   

    I've built a couple winter dioramas and have used Styrofoam boards for the snow banks. The blue extruded stuff for flat areas and the white bead board for banks and lumpy areas. I used drywall compound and Woodland Scenics flex-paste to smooth things out.
    The white beadboard should work well for the roadside banks in your dio.

  9. dptydawg added a post in a topic Terminal tractor   

    Great looking shunt truck. It kind of looks like an airport tugger.
  10. dptydawg added a post in a topic Workable Plastics Other Than Styrene?   

    I use plastic knitting needles for shafts and rods, They machine well and work with styrene   glues. In Canada they are sized in millimeters I'm not sure how they are sized in the States.  5/16th = 7.91 mm therefore an 8mm needle would be the equivalent size. 
  11. dptydawg added a post in a topic Six more weeks of winter   

    That's the one . He's an albino less than acurate weather forcasting ground hog. Any excuse for a mid-winter party
  12. dptydawg added a post in a topic 1/24 Massey 2680 farm tractor   

    Nice job of scratch building. Ag models are few and far between in 1/24th scale. Where did you source your tires?
  13. dptydawg added a post in a topic Six more weeks of winter   

    Not up here, Wiarton Willie saw no shadow (snowing too hard). So we'll only have a month and a half more winter, followed by another month of not quite spring yet.
  14. dptydawg added a post in a topic Kenworth Challenge mixer   

    Sharp paint job, Jim. That is a very nice model. 
  15. dptydawg added a post in a topic Where do you display your finished models ?   

    When we built our house several years ago I claimed a room at one end of the basement as my model room. This is where I build, store and display my models. I started out by building a 12 x 8 foot display table like a model train board.

    This worked well for my truck models but didn't work for my dioramas. It is now filled to overflowing so the models expanded into other parts of the basement. The first display case i bought was a 100 gal aquarium.

    This works well but is very heavy. I have it on an industrial stand with wheels under it. There is an extension on the lid to accommodate the over height hydro pole. Everything has to be added from the top down which is a pain when working on the lower tier.
    Many years ago a local jewellery store closed and I bought one of their display cases. It is a single level 5’unit. I have a couple dioramas in it

    I later bought a couple more jewellery store cases. Since my wife passed away a little over a year ago I have migrated these cases for my models to the main floor of the house. They are both mounted on casters and easy to roll about. Occasionally I take some of them to construction shows in the area.

    These two cases are the ones that have some of my more treasured models and dioramas.
    Some of the rest of my dios are hanging on shelves in the model room

    Or appear on this photo diorama which is a backdrop for many of my work in progress models that you may have seen in the past

    Out in my garage are a pair of freebie cabinets that I use to keep many of my diecasts and a few models

    And I’m still short of display space.