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  1. dptydawg added a post in a topic Canada Post delivery van   

    Thanks Guys for all the positive comments.
     I didn't think that it looked right with the small tires on the rear.  Those tires will not go to waste though. I think they are the perfect size to put under a snowmobile trailer. That will be a future build.
  2. dptydawg added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Canada Post delivery van
    I picked up a Tamyia Toyota Hiace van kit awhile back. The van is right hand drive, has tiny rear dual tires and larger front tires. I decided that the most likely use for this vehicle in Canada would be as a mail delivery truck. I built it with larger rims and tires both front and back. I had to alter the rear suspension slightly to get a level stance.
     After I got it painted I some how misplaced the rear door panel. Its large red with blue and white stripes and gone???. So I fabricated a roll up door as a replacement. Since the body was already painted I left the hinge halves on the side panels. The ribbed sides were difficult to mask cleanly and there is a bit of bleed through on the edges. The graphics are printed on plain paper and covered with packing tape then attached with 2 sided tape




    Thanks for looking
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  3. dptydawg added a post in a topic Plum Crazy - 1971 Plymouth Duster   

    Great looking model. I'm a bit partial to Plum Crazy with white stripes and dog dish caps. I have a pair of 1;1's in the garage
  4. dptydawg added a post in a topic Lonestar Car Hauler   

    JT, That's another impressive build to add to your orange fleet. The Lonestar looks right under that rolling parking lot.
  5. dptydawg added a post in a topic Ford LN8000 Refuse Truck   

    Excellent craftsmanship. The tour through your build pictures is  pure art at its best. What a great model!
  6. dptydawg added a topic in Under Glass   

    70 Challenger SE
    This model started out as a 1/24th scale  Monogram 2 in 1  Street Machine. Its basicly a T/A with some extra goodies. I tried to convert it into an SE addition with some extra goodies also. The back window was closed in to SE size and a vinyl roof was added from masking tape. The T/A  exhaust was converted into a scratch built dual resonators and muffler system.. I added torque boxes to the sub-frame and a headliner and roof consul. I used the T/A hood without the scoop and scratch built the shaker air cleaner. It has a parts box Hemi auto. The paint is MM British Racing Green Metalic and the roof is some cheep shade of nail polish. 






    Thanks for looking
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  7. dptydawg added a post in a topic International Harvester Tractor w/frontend loader   

    Since we have been chatting about Ertl's tractor kits, would it be worth while to start a string that displays our 1/25th-ish ag models? . There could be some interesting scratch builds and kit bashes out there.
    There was a rumour awhile ago that Heller was coming out with a 1/24th scale Ferguson tractor, but I haven't seen anything about it lately.
  8. dptydawg added a post in a topic Glasspack Mufflers `60-`70 vintage   

    This is a Cherry Bomb muffler that I turned out of a 5mm plastic knitting needle
  9. dptydawg added a post in a topic open testors paint jars help please.   

    I use a rubber lid gipper to hold the bottle and a jar opener that I bought from Lee Valley to open stuck lids. If excessive force is required I hold the lid under hot tap water which softens the paint and allows lid removal.
  10. dptydawg added a post in a topic International Harvester Tractor w/frontend loader   

    Great job of scratch building the loader and blade. Its good to see built up models of Ertl's tractor series. It should look good when you finish weathering everything
  11. dptydawg added a post in a topic AMT display case truck   

    Hey Gator, I resemble that remark.  
    I find that there is a lot of potential in diecast models. They offer subject mater that doesn't appear in plastic. plastic parts are easily combined with diecast metal using Ca or epoxy glues.  Check out some of the work done by the Reid  brothers in Model Cars Magazine. The  Power Wagon in the display case looks like one of the Ertl diecasts. It is a very well detailed model and comes in several versions.
  12. dptydawg added a post in a topic Satin black   

    As far as I know John Deere paints are only available through JD dealerships. TSC store brand tractor paints are way less than wonderful and I wouldn't recommend them for modeling. Their paint is often followed by a dip in the purple bath..
  13. dptydawg added a post in a topic Satin black   

    I'm a big fan of John Deere Blitz Black. it is available at JD dealers and goes straight onto styrene without the need for primer.
  14. dptydawg added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Wheels 08-22-2015)   

    You're coming along nicely, J.T. Its too bad that RoG scrimped on the detail on the power plant. I guess since it is not very visible they didn't bother with it. Looking forward to more progress
  15. dptydawg added a post in a topic Background diorama   

    Your floor looks more like painted concrete than the sandpaper did. I might suggest that you put in a couple expansion joints though. On large floors they're usually 24 to 30 feet apart. the doors look good