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  1. dptydawg added a post in a topic Southwestern Ontario modelers?   

    Good news that Tim is not retiring completely. St Mary's is actually closer for me but it is a bit off the beaten paths that I usually follow.  The last time I was in McCormick's it was a sad place with barren shelves. 
  2. dptydawg added a post in a topic Dodge L-700 with stake body and crane.   

    Hi Pat
     Somehow I missed this project. Just noticed it this morning. You are doing your usual terrific job of scratch building and kit bashing. I like where you are going with the V-10. Way back when I had a Dodge 2500 with a V-10 and 5 gear. I was a great driving truck. I liked that engine better than my hemis. 
    Keep up the great work
  3. dptydawg added a post in a topic Consensus on Plum Crazy   

    If you go to a large Mopar show you'll see about a dozen different shades of Plumb Crazy even though they all specced paint code FC7. Every paint supplier seems to have a slightly different tint. I think that the colour on my Challenger is close to Chrysler original paint code. The right rear rim is factory original paint. The paint on the other rims is a slightly different shade from the paint on the body but both are supposed to be plumb crazy.

  4. dptydawg added a post in a topic Tractors   

    Nice restoration work on those diecasts. I think there is 1/25th scale version of a D17 Allis out there some where. I believe that it is a plastic diecast. I haven't found one yet that was for sale at price I was willing to pay though.

    I have built the there Ertl tractor kits and the IH and |JD plows. I've never seen the kit of the Massey plow. I've also restored a couple 1/25th scale Ertl diecast construction models. Diecast is a bit of a challenge to work with but the results can be quite impressive.

  5. dptydawg added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Painting of the Beast 07-03-2015)   

    your making good progress , JT . Half the fun in model building is the imagineering that's required to get the job done right. That's a good solution to the short pins. You could also salami slice some plastic rod to get small disks.
  6. dptydawg added a post in a topic Scratch/bashing a 702   

    An amazing piece of art! Your skills are those of a watch maker. I like the way you have broken this project down into a series of little projects that all tie together to create a masterpiece.

  7. dptydawg added a post in a topic Loader Cat 918 F   

    Great conversion work on the 918, Alain.. This just proves that a diecast can become a great model in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Your weathering is spot on.
    There are a few 1/25th scale construction models now available in diecast. A 941 crawler loader and a Fiat-Allis FL10B crawler loader. Both would make good loads for flatbed trailers.
    Great work
  8. dptydawg added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Painting of the Beast 07-03-2015)   

    JT I'm looking forward to seeing your Orange Crush Simba. I did mine up in the more traditional Bug Juice Green.

    I had problems with warppage of the body panels. Once I got them pulled , clamped, and glued into place the body remained square. The tires on this models were OK but I had troubles with a Unimog kit's tires
  9. dptydawg added a post in a topic '69 Beaumont convertible   

    Hi Steve
    its nice to see this model again. I remember watching you build it way back when. Always liked the Beaumonts but never attempted a conversion after following your build.
    Back in the day I drove a Canadian Valiant that had a Valiant front clip and a Dart rear clip. Darts were not available in Canada then. I think it looked better that either of the American cars.

  10. dptydawg added a post in a topic Scratch/bashing a 702   

    Pat it looks like you are making good progress on the intake manifolds. its amazing the amount of time that scratch building can soak up. Great job on the 702 so far.

  11. dptydawg added a post in a topic Why Do You Build The Scale(s) You Build?   

    The only aircraft that I've built were both 1/24th scale helicopters. The Rambo Huey as an air ambulance and a Hobbycraft Hughes D500 chopper as a news/traffic copter. I read somewhere that the huey was going to be repopped again.
    As I said before I'm a scale bigot.
  12. dptydawg added a post in a topic Why Do You Build The Scale(s) You Build?   

    I only build 1/24 or 1/25 and all my scratch building is done at 1 mm to the inch (1/25.4) Since I do a lot of dioramas its much easier to swap out items when everything is the same scale. Lack of subject mater does induce some extra creativity especially for figures and construction subjects.
  13. dptydawg added a post in a topic Anyone make DESOTO/ Merc. Grills?   

    When I did a conversion of a 55 Chrysler diecast to a 55 Desoto I ended up scratch building my own grill.

    I used an oval shaped swizzel stick and carved the teeth out of it. After it was finished I realized that I was a tooth short

    The finished grill was chromed with Alcad


  14. dptydawg added a post in a topic Hemi Hydro's   

    great looking pair of boats. I always figured that the trailer should have had tandem wheels. The axle on the kit trailer looks to me to be too far forward producing negative tongue weight.
    Great paint jobs

  15. dptydawg added a post in a topic Need 1/25 scale set of tank tracks and associated "wheels and drivers"   

    looking at pictures of the Canadair CL-91 I would suggest using tracks from a small 1/35th scale or maybe a large 1/48th scale tank. they should be close to what you need in 1/25th scale.