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  1. dptydawg added a post in a topic D7 Cat dio 10/17/16   

    Great job of building the D7. I wish e that they would build this kit in 1/24 or 1/25th scale for all of us non military modelers
  2. dptydawg added a post in a topic looking for a generator...   

    Years ago someone cast a white metal generator. I don't remember where I got it or who did it but there are/were some out there. It may possibly been a Don McClean model

  3. dptydawg added a post in a topic Western Star Log Hauler   

    Great job of weathering and detailing on this model, Dave.
  4. dptydawg added a post in a topic 1:25 Tractors   

    Pat, There is not a lot of 1/25th 1/24th scale agricultural stuff available. Ertl produced a few diecast combines. Someone produced a plastic diecast version of a 1/25th scale Allis Chalmers D14 tractor awhile back but it is extremely rare. 
    One site you might check out is Buffalo Road imports. They list a bunch of various diecasts in various scales. http://www.constructionscalemodels.com/en/.  
  5. dptydawg added a post in a topic When did color fall out of favor?   

    Other than an oatmeal coloured Grand Cherokee, that the price was very right on, everry vehicle that I have owned has been red, green. blue or purple including these two. I hate blah coloured vehicles. I can't figure out why anyone would drive one in an Ontario winter. 

  6. dptydawg added a post in a topic Chrysler DOHC Hemi   

    I think it was in the 70 street custom kit. I have one in still sealed in a Walmart 4 pack .  I was told it had a DOHC hemi but I can't verify that.
  7. dptydawg added a post in a topic One car for life   

    I would think that the best vehicle from the year of my birth would be a Dodge Power Wagon. Its sort of like me...solid, reliable and not too fast
    There was not a lot of choice back in 46
  8. dptydawg added a post in a topic Plum crazy purple with what interior color   

    I've seen both white and black interiors with Plum crazy, but I prefer black. That's the colour of both my 1:1 Challengers. However I think that white striping looks best on purple cars.
  9. dptydawg added a post in a topic Lost in Space robot Done !   

    There is also a 1/24th scale robot in the Chariot kit.
  10. dptydawg added a post in a topic TRULY RAREST OF THE RARE 1/25 MUSCLE CAR KITS OF ALL TIME   

    I have a few kits in the stash that might qualify as rare or at least as scarce.
    top of the list is a   1971 Dodge Challenger by PMS ( a Palmer kit ) The box says its a 440 Six Pack but the kit has a Hemi in it.
                                1970 Plymouth Barracuda by MPC molded in bug juice green plastic
                                1970 Dodge Challenger by MPC molded in purple plastic
                                1969 Pontiac Firebird by MPC comes with Chrysler turbine engine and clear hood
  11. dptydawg added a post in a topic 1/24 LeTourneau L 800   

    Great piece of model building. Well done.
  12. dptydawg added a post in a topic Speedway?   

    At onetime the Marx toy company made a 1/25th scale promo bank  of the International tanker. The attach pic is one that I converted to Supertest livery. The model is injection molded plastic so it is easier to work with than diecast,

  13. dptydawg added a post in a topic LOOKING FOR OBSCENELY LARGE MOTORS   

    If your want something stupidly large in 1/25th scale, Norscot has a V16 cat LNG/Propane powered engine. They also have a 3516B gendset in 1/25th scale
  14. dptydawg added a post in a topic 5th Wheel Car Hauler   

    Thanks Guys for all the interest. This build went together rather easily, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I found some larger rubber in the parts box. I think it looks better that way. I'm glad that some of you may get the erg to do something with the racers wedge kit. I wasn't impressed with it as an add on to a pickup chassis.
    The 68 Cuda is a resto of an old MPC glue bomb with parts from the 69 repop. It is a tribute to my first new car, complete with the Craiger SS mags and 383  4 gear.

  15. dptydawg added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    5th Wheel Car Hauler
    This project is a bit of a kit bash of some parts kits that I had in m stash. I used a Revell race car trailer and the AMT racers wedge kit to form a 2 car 5th wheel trailer. I sectioned the trailer frame on either side of the axles and mounted it under the wedge. I then reattached the beaver tail to the front of the trailer frame and mounted it on the top of the wedge, The upper ramps are from a Gallaxi trailer kit. I added wood trips to fill in the upper deck. The pull truck is temporary as I;m converting a Monogram F350 to a flat deck. once its completed I'll install the hitch at the propper hight.



    and with a cargo... 68 Cuda and a 70 Challenger SE



    Thanks for looking
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