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  1. redneckrigger added a post in a topic 1/16 scale paint question   

    As with any type of finish, be it a paint job, a chrome plating job, bluing or nickel plating on a firearm, or the refinishing of a fine piece of furniture, the actual application of the finish is secondary to the results. It is the preparation UNDER that finish that is number 1, 2 AND 3 in importance. As Bill said above, once you have PERFECT bodywork, then you can proceed from there, and he nails it perfectly.
  2. redneckrigger added a post in a topic 66 Chevy - began painting the body today   

    I have been using regular automotive paints for my builds for the last 45 years. One thing I do different, though YOUR mileage may vary, is that when painting my models, I do not use hardener. I use acrylic enamels, and I use a medium temp reducer. No hardener. I find that it drys plenty fast, has great gloss, and as it is not exposed to the weather, it retains that level of gloss forever. Hardener just puts another potential wrinkle into the mix, and as most hardeners are toxic to breathe, since I am spraying in my cellar, I don't want to introduce that into my house. When I ran my bodyshop years ago, of course we used hardeners, but for the little stuff, I have found it is not needed at all. If I want a lesser degree of gloss, I use a flattening agent along with the reducer. I also have never used any particular ratios for reducer to paint, as you will find after time that you just know what viscosity will spray right, and it is always easy to add just a drop or two more as needed. Enjoy the airbrush......................it is an awesome addition to any modelers tool box!
  3. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Mack Manhatten   

    Very cool, and YES, very different!
  4. redneckrigger added a post in a topic 1947 Labatt's Beer Truck   

    Miniature PERFECTION!
  5. redneckrigger added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    Absolutely superb work Charlie! The town I used to live in, Savoy, MA, had two of these that were all wheel drive, and had Hydro-Turn plows and dump bodies. So, NOW, I have another project...............but THANK you, as your work is always so inspiring!  And, I didn't think you had any other paint colors than red !  Nice work!
  6. redneckrigger added a post in a topic NNL Nationals plus a car museum :)   

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Double-Take Replicas   

    KJ does fantastic work, at super prices as well!
  8. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Help looking for certain resin seats or kit with them.   

    That looks exactly like the one the OP was looking for! Well done!
  9. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Deepening panel lines   

    I use the back side of a number 11 x-acto blade. If that is too sharp, use one that has the tip broken off.
  10. redneckrigger added a post in a topic 1969 GMC Pick-up   

    Looking super so far!
  11. redneckrigger added a post in a topic To glove or not to glove   

    When I owned my body shop, I tried to use gloves, but they drove me nuts by sweating inside them, and just didn't feel comfortable. Bear in mind that I was a Paramedic for years after that and HAD to wear them.........but I didn't have to LIKE it! I do not wear them to paint now, as I have issues with my hands and wearing them lessens my sensitivity I have, and so, I get paint on my hands.........and have been doing so for about 50+ years. I ain't dead yet, but it IS recommended that you do wear them. At the very least, it can prevent your hands from drying and cracking due to exposure to the solvents. Safety is always a good idea. If you are going to wear gloves, make sure you don't have a latex allergy if they are latex, and for painting, stay away from the powdered ones.
  12. redneckrigger added a post in a topic International Paystar 5000 & Lowboy Trailer & Stalowa Wola HSW L-34 (hand work)   

    Holy cow!!!!!! That is stunning work. Would love to see details of the lowboy gooseneck and how it connects to the trailer. Do you have in progress photos of the lowboy and loader? Simply awesome!
  13. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Lexten   

    Very imaginative build! Keep the pictures coming!
  14. redneckrigger added a post in a topic International Harvester Truck kit's ERTL's First Models.   

    The Ertl kits set the standard for truck kits at that time, IMHO, and it is a standard seldom achieved by anyone else since that time. They were great kits at that time, and still are!
  15. redneckrigger added a post in a topic Helping MCM   

    Got my latest issue Thursday, and as always, well worth the wait. It just keeps getting better! Thanks Gregg!