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  1. GMC 9500 Tandem Tractor

    Brings back memories of a very similar truck I used to have, only difference is mine had the flip nose and a 24 foot roll back equipment body. BEAUTIFUL build!
  2. Mack DM800

    Classic old workhorse......................NICE!
  3. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    Absolutely beautiful build.......................................even if it ain't a green leaker!!

    Very nice build!
  5. Auslowe Model Truck Parts Under Attack!!

    Exactly as so many of us hoped it would! Well Done!
  6. Auslowe Model Truck Parts Under Attack!!

    Thanks Warren, they truly do make great stuff. And, it is indicative of a great businessman to be concerned when he receives criticism, but I hope he discounts the sources it is coming from. In this day and age when it almost seems a sport to attack people from the annonymity of a computer, way too many good businesses get attacked, and unjustly so.
  7. One of the best makers of resin parts for all of our builds, be they American, European, or Australian, has been being attacked on social media pages for the times it has been taking to get their items delivered. As they are in Australia, they are subject to all of the slowness and other problems from Australia Post, problems that are beyond imaginable. Shipping, as with ANY aftermarket supplier, or internet seller, is out of the control of the vendor, but there are always those keyboard commandos who attack vendors over things they cannot control. They are considering closing their shop, and that is going to be a huge loss for the entire hobby of truck building. Please take a moment to contact them through their website, https://www.auslowe.com.au/ or message them through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/auslowe/ and give them a word of encouragement. As we all know, doing resin bits is an art, and is not one that can be done in a minute and have the item, which was made to order, on it's way within the hour, though there are those who think that way, believing that they are the ONLY customer, and therefore should have their order shipped within seconds of receipt. I use resin parts from many suppliers, KFS, AITM, Auslowe, Double Take, Moluminum, Gary Wallace, and several others, and all of them are superb. Losing just ONE will make a a huge hole in our hobby. Sure, there are those who sell resin bits who take your money and then do not deliver in a timely manner, but those are the fly by nighters, and they rank in the same low place as those customers who use social media as a weapon to attack those GOOD companies such as Auslowe. Auslowe has been in business for 25 years and needs our support. Please lend a hand!!!
  8. Last B Model Mack

    THAT is VERY cool! Thanks for the pictures, though you do know, you just whetted our appetites! Any more info or photos?
  9. Revell 1969 Camaro Z28---Done!!

    A beautiful build of my favorite year Camaro! NICE WORK!!!
  10. Wooden Russian submarine 1721 kit. Done !

    Fantastic work!!!!
  11. Finally finished Pete Tridem Heavy hauler

    Nice build..................just the right look!
  12. If your into Farming

    Lots of neat stuff!
  13. Steampunk Frankenstein Lab Lamp

    That is an absolutely fantastic project you did her......I love it! Incredible imagination and making it all come together. AWESOME!!!!!
  14. TAT Mack B-61

    Be careful masking especially to a painted edge....................it will sometimes lift the edge when unmasking. I usually paint the first color without masking it off. Then I let it dry, dry, dry, mask it off, hit the oversprayed area with more primer, and then paint the second color. Again, just personal preference, but in my case, the way I used to do it when I painted the full size stuff.
  15. TAT Mack B-61

    There is no backwards, as long as it works for you! Looks great by the way!