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  1. If your into Farming

    Lots of neat stuff!
  2. Steampunk Frankenstein Lab Lamp

    That is an absolutely fantastic project you did her......I love it! Incredible imagination and making it all come together. AWESOME!!!!!
  3. TAT Mack B-61

    Be careful masking especially to a painted edge....................it will sometimes lift the edge when unmasking. I usually paint the first color without masking it off. Then I let it dry, dry, dry, mask it off, hit the oversprayed area with more primer, and then paint the second color. Again, just personal preference, but in my case, the way I used to do it when I painted the full size stuff.
  4. TAT Mack B-61

    There is no backwards, as long as it works for you! Looks great by the way!
  5. TAT Mack B-61

    I usually spray the interior first, let it dry fully, and then some, and then mask off the whole interior for the two tone paint. I USUALLY would paint the gray first, and then the black, just because the black is easier to get marks on when masking it, so I would do the gray first, then the black.
  6. Share the Love?

    A few NNL Easts ago, I found a note from that other mag, asking to photograph one of my builds. I actually had to ask someone what that was about, as I had no idea. To my absolute surprise, my truck made the mag soon thereafter. I was absolutely amazed. Two years ago, I found a note again on the same truck, which had been lightly spruced up. So I went to the photographer again. He asked what I guess is a standard question........."has this build already appeared in the mag?" Yes, I told him, whereupon he explained that they would rather shoot someone else's build in that case. I totally understood that and thanked him for his consideration. The next contest issue came out, and low and behold, there was a build from someone else, who had the same build appear in the issue that mine had. And it was in again, from the same show that my build had been asked to get photographed again. And then I started wondering, and did some review of contest issues, and it is apparently very common that the same build does appear many times, in the same mag, at different shows, in following years as well. So, yes, it does appear that there is favoritism. Surprise, surprise! Who would have thought that a model contest was any different than life itself! I would also suggest that the OP contact the magazines, or the photographers themselves for a more accurate answer. I would also say, it was a privilege and honor to have one's build published......................but not having it done is certainly not a world ender. I never expected such, nor really even wanted to have it shot, as I really thought there were better builds and better quality work to be seen by other people. End result, cool, but again, to echo Steve, I really don't care.
  7. Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy, WIP

    Those are very old resin cast tires from Mark Savage, back in the 80's. The wheels are from Moluminum, and are superb.
  8. 1950s Era Trailer

    That is a very nice looking piece for the front of the trailer. Are these available somewhere?
  9. Pontiac Air

  10. Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy, WIP

    Well, true to my established form, I HAD to change gears in the middle of the build, and go backwards for a bit. So, I cut away all of the small cross beams that came with the Double Take kit, and replaced them with more prototypical, at least to me, larger H beams. I then changed the tail side beams to match trailers I used to work with. Have to cap them off yet. Then I cut the wood deck to fit. Am going to use the excellent drop deck suspension from Jamie at Moluminum, and outriggers and d-rings from Shapeways. It's getting closer.............no idea yet what color to paint it yet, but probably yellow or red.
  11. Ford LNT 9000

    That engine is fantastic! Great detailing....................but come on, admit it...............didn't you feel just a LITTLE temptation to paint it Driptroit Green??? LOL! Great work Brian, and an inspiration to try that level of details myself!
  12. Excellent detailing on a great quality build................and period perfect color choice! GREAT WORK!!!
  13. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    Very interesting build...............keep the photos coming!!!
  14. 1969 Peterbilt 359 with Fruehauf Reefer

    Very nice work, KJ!!!!!!!
  15. Big Boy 4-8-8-4

    Nice build! Saw one of those at Steamtown when it was in Bellows Falls, VT, and again when they dragged her south to PA. AWESOME!