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  1. Thanks Charlie! I am going to experiment to see which one my shaky hands can handle but it does look like attaching them before paint and them blacking them later is the way to go.
  2. Nicely done Mike! Got any more photos of that build? Looks great!
  3. Finished making the window gaskets. Now I have to see if I trust my painting abilities with a tiny brush so I can attach them before I paint the cab and then paint them black later. I feel a lot better about attaching them that way, but my hands shake so bad.....!!?? Also hinged the cab doors and started the latches. The farther I get with this the tinier the parts get!
  4. Started making the window gaskets tonight. Got three of the seven done which is about all my hands can take in one session, but they are exactly what I hoped for. Charlie, (Chariots Of Fire), gave a great tutorial on how to make them, and I kind of modified the method a bit. I made a template from the window opening on card stock. The I cut it out smaller than the opening, transferred it to .030 styrene, cut the opening, and then cut the whole thing out as a gasket, larger than the template, resulting in a great gasket. I then rounded the edges. I plan on painting the cab, painting the gaskets black and then attaching them with CA cement to the opening, and then attaching the glass from behind. So far so good! This was the part of this build that had me most concerned, but I think it's going to be great. And a TREMENDOUS shoutout of thanks to Charlie!
  5. Man, you keep those guys in your shop BUSY! They do nice work!
  6. There is a drag link to the front axle, shown in one of the previous posts, as it has a mechanical link to the steering wheels. It also has hydraulic steering. The rear axle is either locked or allowed to steer hydraulically. None of the steering cylinders have been installed yet. It can do conventional four wheel steer or crab style steering.
  7. Thanks Dennis......................I used work for a very large construction company and used to run the shop where we rebuilt heavy equipment in the winter time. From rust repairs to dump body rebuilds and complete teardowns and new cabs on Mack trucks to repairing rolled over cranes and everything else in between. The best way I found to make sure everything got done in a timely manner and in order was a punch list. When I ran my own body shop we used the same method. I guess some things just can't be forgotten! And, even better, it works!
  8. Installed the boom swing swivel joint and the hard piped portion of the hydraulics for the winch, winch brake and the crowd cylinders. All the rest of the piping will be flexible hose after paint. On to the cab window gaskets and door hinges and tons of small details seemingly everywhere, and then the power plant details, and wheels and then paint! On a roll now!
  9. Great reference! Thank you.
  10. These pics show only one build in progress, have about another ten going! And this is only a day after I neatened up a bit!
  11. Beautiful work! Love the power choice and execution.................and the colors are perfect!
  12. Added the lower half of the hydraulic swivel joint and all of the fixed piping to the chassis today, this will get painted. Added the hydraulic motor for the boom swivel and all of the control hoses. Still have to add the flexible hoses for the steering after paint. Now it's on to the boom and the fixed piping there. One step at a time!
  13. Extremely nice work and absolutely perfect color combo!
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