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  1. Very nice work....................awesome paint too!
  2. White 3000 Updated Nov 16,2018

    Superb looking build! Love those 3000 Whites for sure! This one is from a Rick Manz slush casting, also on a Doge chassis, with a scratchbuilt 6 cylinder White Mustang flathead six engine.
  3. Galion Two Drum Roller Complete!

    Thanks Charlie, one day I will try it, as I have a couple of those weathering sets. I just have a hard time getting myself to go against the bodyman/painter in me and take something that I worked hard to make look new, and make it look used! Add to that the doubt in my own abilities, and it is just so much easier to leave it alone! But I will try it on a junker to see if I can manage it. (If you can't tell, I venture outside the box VERY seldom!) Thank you all for the great words about this build. It is probably the one time I HAVE ventured outside the box and actually gotten acceptable results, even to my most picky critic, me!
  4. 1941 Chevy Garbage Truck

    Nicely done! I wonder how many people this thread influenced to getting a garbage truck kit to try doing one themselves? I can tell you one!
  5. 1/48 Mack B81

    Those are beautiful builds and a great layout! Scale is secondary to the subject matter, and yous is superb!
  6. Revell Auto Transporter

    That is superb work! Love those old Dodges.
  7. Mack DM800 Bicentennial Decals Bleed Through

    Not sure about the original factory decals, but modeltruckin makes superb decals that will work. Check them out: http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_143_24&products_id=769
  8. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    Looking great! Keep the updates coming!
  9. Some eBay Weirdness...

    I have bought on eBay for almost 20 years.............but as time gets more precious and I find myself less able to sit at the keyboard with my finger hovering on the bid button, I now use bidnapper.com. I find that I can enter my bids whenever I see the item and simply put it out of mind. If I win, cool, if I don't, wait until the next time. And as long as my maximum bid is high enough, I win, and always at the last second, and almost always at considerably less than what I would have most likely paid against an active counter bidder. It is very efficient, and it allows me the freedom of not being tied to the computer at the end of the auction. That said, it is no where near as exciting as sitting there entering bids as the auction winds down, but it works for me!
  10. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    Hey, it could be worse.................they COULD have decided to take a journey across the hood, up the A pillar, over the roof, down the C pillar, and finally giving up the ghost half way down the trunk lid! Ask me how I know...............had it happen many times on 1:1 cars before I had a super spray booth. One or two suicides in single spots can be handled!
  11. All good things take time, and this is a REALLY GOOD thing! Enjoyed the build thread as well as the various methods you used to make the various shapes that went into it! AWESOME!
  12. Boxes

    Absolutely fantastic sorting of parts! WOW! I keep my parts sorted by categories, but no where near as well as you. I keep all auto intakes , heads, engine blocks, interiors, chrome trim, radiators, firewalls, chassis, suspension/driveline, and pretty much the same way with large truck parts, though with the trucks I keep tote boxes full of specific make frames and bodies and associated parts separate from each other. As far as wheels, all car wheels together, and all truck wheels together. Tires go all by car or truck, and reside in about 4 full pillow cases! At least I know which b ox to go to to find that one of a kind part, though I often never find it! All in all, not counting my very large cache of resin, my parts for all cars and trucks, would fill about 16 thirty gallon storage totes. But I really LIKE your system!
  13. TAT GMC crackerbox

    Sorry for your loss, sir, prayers out to you and your family!
  14. Moebius 1970 4x4

    Extremely nice build.......great colors!
  15. Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy, WIP

    After a summer off doing outside stuff, back at it again.........................got the suspension fitted, from Moluminum. Final fitted the deck and finished the deck extensions in front of the frontmost rear axle. Also repaired the flip down ramp on the front that somehow became detached along the way. Next up is hydraulic piping for the gooseneck and the stinger. Also have to do the brake piping. And......................gotta get the old B815 out of the shop and done as well! One step at a time!