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  1. You have the "look", Charlie..........................absolutely awesome work!
  2. Yup, the original has an 8v71 NA in the carrier and a 6/71 in the upper. Just got the cab and front fenders and bumper all made and attached. Lots of finish work to do but hours and hours of fab work yet.
  3. Working on carrier cab and engine enclosure and grille. One piece at a time!
  4. Following this Brian............................going to be awesome!
  5. Yes sir, plans sure do help, especially with things like this, especially when they can be directly measured from for the parts. I have heard another phrase used for building stuff that looks real, kind of like imagineering................gizmology. Works for me!
  6. Instead of a ruler and a pad on my kitchen table, figured it was time to unearth the real drawing board! Seems like a lot of extra work but it sure helps to have blueprints to make the parts from.
  7. Well said Charlie. Yup, met Tim at a show many years ago and remember that term. And it is spot on. If it has the “look”, it works!!!
  8. Thank you Charlie............................means a LOT to me coming from you! Some of the details are a little crude, but when done, painted and weathered, it will be fine. I think I enjoy the research, engineering and design, and conversion of the real thing to 1/25 scale plastic than I enjoy actually completing the build. Every time I step outside my comfort zone, I learn from builders like you, and develop my own skills, which is no mean feat as we get older and our fingers get a mind of their own! Finally got out of the builders block I had going on, and am having a blast doing this now. Stay safe and healthy my friend!
  9. Off to the drawing board.........using measurements I took, factory diagrams, and the photos blown up to 1/25 scale and then measured, looking good!
  10. Rear suspension done with radius arms installed and driveshaft from the creeper transmission in place. Suspension pivots just like front. Brake cans still need to be installed when piping is being done. On to the cab.........
  11. Front suspension and steering all done. Radius rods added, suspension travel bumper stops added, steering cylinders and steering box in place, front of frame trimmed as per actual prototype. On to the rear.......
  12. Thank you. Having the real one to photograph sure helps too! Of course, count the number of bits and pieces involved, triple it, and you come maybe somewhat close to how many pieces I made before I got to this point!
  13. Tried to attach a video of the linkage working in the previous post. Click on the arrow. Hope it posted!
  14. Steering linkage done with the cylinders. First time I’ve ever made a twin steer let alone one that works. Kinda fiddly snd so forth but makes me happy! IMG_5413.MOV IMG_5415.MOV
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