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  1. Love the hoist engineering! And the truck is pretty cool too! Awesome work, Charlie!
  2. Found some bench time.........roughed in the rear suspension. The axles are old Mark Savage resin casts, and the walking beam is a modified AITM resin. There is no spring or air suspension on this crane, just a super heavy duty walking beam. Lots of bits and pieces and several cross members to be added, but it’s looking the part quite well.
  3. My six year old grandson Avry is totally enamored with the Titanic. He has books, videos and all sorts of data about that great ship and it’s sinking. He actually knows facts about it that I had never heard of. So, when he asked me to build him a model of it that breaks in half, I of course said sure! Then I had to figure out how to deliver! Off to the hobby shop, and got the Revell Titanic. He worked with me as we assembled it, and he actually painted the deck and I let him operate my airbrush to paint the black on the hull. Then I got out the Dremel and a cutoff disc and chopped her in half. Gouged a gash in her bow, and made it so it would hook together and come apart easily. Gonna give it to him tomorrow night. Was a good build for me as Avry helped me, but it served as a reminder of why I like building trucks!
  4. Finally got enough parts together to get this show on the road! Laid out all the dimensions on the bench, and made up the frame rails and front and rear crossmembers. The frame is a double frame and is very heavy duty. The tires are 14.00 x 24. This is going to be a huge build!
  5. That is VERY nice work! Love the engine, as well as the cab!
  6. Hi Pat, those come from Jamie at Moluminum. I sand them on a piece of sandpaper on a flat piece of glass to get the openings to show. They are superbly done resin.
  7. Fantastic Charlie! It is always enjoyable to watch your builds. What with everything going on right now, I come home at night and collapse, BUT, I always spend time here on the forums, watching builds by incredibly talented friends....................and you always lead the way sir!
  8. Absolutely stunning work sir!!! And the engineering put into this is beyond belief! The hydraulic and air fittings look like the real thing............................incredible!!!! WOW!
  9. Wow.............you're on a roll! Beautiful work. And GREAT subject matter!
  10. Yup, as a retired paramedic, I've seen it too......................flashing lights in WalMart for example. Even our ambulance lights can be disruptive. Epilepsy is a very real and serious disorder, misunderstood by many.
  11. For sure..........the Cummins needed a twelve foot long shoehorn to get it in! I actually swapped one years ago in a fire department tanker.................what a ROTTEN job. That old girl was about 18" short of qualifying as a cabover!
  12. Thank you............and thank you for the lead on the 73 Grand Am!!! It's a small world!
  13. Used to drive one of those exact trucks with a flat bed on her hauling hay in from the fields about 50 years ago. Amazing thing is that old truck is still around and in better shape than I am. The grandson of the farmer still has it, and actually has it for sale at this moment in North Adams, MA. If that one you are building was a faded green flatbed, I'd swear you had a shrinking machine!
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