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  1. Mack R685ST

    That is extremely nice work, top quality all the way!
  2. Otto von Bigsmark - 28 mm Scibor Miniatures - READY

    That is great detail paint work and also a very interesting subject!
  3. DAF 3300 with trailer

    Absolutely wonderful work! NICE!!!
  4. Revell FLH

    Very cool!
  5. What Irked You Today?

    That can be a stressful situation on both sides. I had to let one of my help go about 3 years ago, and it was VERY hard. THAT was also the totally right decision and the bottom line reflected it very quickly as soon as the register receipts started matching the amount of money actually in the till at the end of the day, if you know what I mean!
  6. Man how we love out pets

    One of the biggest injustices ever foisted upon mankind is that we outlive out furry friends!
  7. Fotki is SO far superior to PusBucket that they could pay me and I wouldn't go back to them!
  8. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    WAY back in the 70's when I was an engineer for a textile machinery company, I used to travel a lot. I spent a bunch of time working on some machines we built in Aliceville, AL. We could not find a decent place close to there to stay so we stayed in Columbus, MS. No problem, only about 40 miles to the mill. One morning we got up to leave for work and found about 1 1/2 to 2" of snow on the ground. That is nothing to a New Englander. So we left for work, big deal. We probably saw 150 cars off the road on our way. We also got behind an Alabama "sand truck". It was a single axle dump truck with three laborers in the back, shoveling GRAVEL out of the bed onto the road. Not sand, gravel, probably about 1 1/2" minus stuff with stones the size of golf balls. Amazing! We got to the mill about ten minutes late due to the incredible number of accidents on the road, and the totally inept drivers, only to find they had shut down for the day due to the weather. We took our time going back to the motel, and spent the day drinking beer. Never saw anything like it.....................it was incredibly entertaining!
  9. Did you experience the Blizzard of '78?

    Yeah, the '78 blizzard dumped a ton on us in western MA. I can remember using the old Moto-Skis to get around town. Any other time, we would have gotten arrested, but things became far more lenient when a snowmobile was the only way to get around!
  10. I drive a 2012 Chevy 2500 Silverado. It has about 80K on her and has been fantastic since I got it. I have tires that have a very aggressive tread and full studs just for plowing snow in the winter. Last spring, when I took them off, my summer tires were worn beyond safe, so the tire shop had a set of used summer treads of the same size that he gave me a great deal on. I had them installed, and once I got to 63 MPH, a couple days later, the truck started shaking. So, back to the tire shop I went. He rebalanced them, and I tried it again. Yup, still a shake. So, back again, and he did it again, with the same results. He told me that it must be a problem with the CV joints, or the driveshaft that was masked by the aggressive tires. OK, could be, so I put her up on my lift and went through the whole drivetrain inspecting everything, and nothing was wrong. Mind you, by this time, I am at about wit's end. This whole thing has taken about 2 months by now, and it kept shaking the dickens out of me at about 59-63 MPH. So, I went back to the tire shop to have him take the summers off and put my winters back on.............the heck with the studs, even if it was June, as I live in Vermont, and studs can be on anytime. He took the tires off the wheels, and found about 1/2 to 1 full cup of water in three of the four tires, which is impossible to balance out, and would raise havoc at highway speeds. I had those tires put on in early April, and apparently, there was a bit of ice inside each one, as they had been outside. When it melted, it caused all KINDS of balance and vibration problems. The winter tires were not put back on, the summers were redone, DRY this time on the inside, and it ran fine! Little things......................!
  11. Loadstar Brush Truck

    Absolutely incredible!!! The power train looks exactly like two all wheel drive LoadStars we had as plow trucks back in the late '80s in the Town of Savoy, MA. Tough trucks!
  12. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Yeah Dan, I absolutely love the square bodies..........................! I've had many trucks in my life, but the one I still kick myself for getting rid of is the '85 K3500. There's just something about those looks! And, I, like you, have several squares in the works...............a 1984 K3500 with a Holmes 475T body, (again a replica of one I had), a short bed, and a CUCV, eventually!
  13. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Yup, I used the predecessor to the Deserter, the Fall Guy kit, to make a commercial version of the CUCV, a 1985 K3500 with a proper 8 foot box, correct Dana 60 front axle, 14 bolt GM rear, correct interior, and dual tanks, and tons of other details. LOVE the square bodied GM's!!!
  14. Early Bronco

    Superb work.........................looks great! I also use Fireball's parts.............they are the best!
  15. I believe that the door is an engine access and the grille is to let fresh air in for the intake. It could also serve to let hot air out as suggested above. On all of the references that I researched for the 3000 that I built, and can be seen in my avatar, the carburetor air intake is immediately behind that grille. The sleeper version actually has a small sleeper box incorporated into the cab as can be seen in the attached photo.