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  1. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    Wow looks amazing
  2. Molotow Pen Question

    This is quite a good report on molotow chrome:
  3. Molotow Pen Question

    Mr Levelling Thinner. I haven't tested any others. Regular lacquer thinner would probably work well, just not quite as self levelling, but would dry quicker. This maybe no problem as it self levels anyway as is. There's still a lot to learn about Molotow chrome I believe. Of course it can be applied without thinning as well. I guess it probably just depends on what you are doing with it.
  4. Molotow Pen Question

    You can thin down to about 3:1 and get great results. Just remember to turn your psi right down otherwise it will run. This will make the chrome last way longer! I don't see any purpose in Alclad Chrome or Spazstix Chrome now. These are redundant. Especially considering you don't need gloss black underneath the molotow.
  5. Molotow Pen Question

    Molotow can be thinned down about 3 or 4:1 with lacquer thinner for airbrushing. I'd say a lot more cost effective than alclad and easier to get a good result. The more layers you have to add to a paint job, the more chance of failure. That is where Molotow wins. However the downside is Molotow is quite fragile without a clear coat.
  6. Upcoming Belkits...Kits

    Aoshima makes the Beemax kits. Not sure about the others.
  7. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    The Asian companies are thriving at the moment. Probably because they focus on say 1980's and later cars which still has some major gaps. American cars from the 70's and earlier are well over done.
  8. Nail Polish

    Use mr levelling thinner to make it dry slower and therefore flow better. I have never painted by hand brush, but this works great for airbrushing. Even the clear nail polish is great for those who don't want to use 2K clear, as long as there are no decals to cover.
  9. 70 Mustang Track Car

    Looks great. I took a picture of this car at Ruapuna this year. Is this the one you modelled?
  10. Buying my first airbrush Questions.

    I've just used a cheap ebay airbrush for about 4 years now. Still goes great. I think the most important thing is the type of paint you use and adding mr levelling thinner to stop tip dry and rough finishes during hot weather. Mike
  11. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Gidday, I used Gaianotes fluro orange (basecoat was Tamiya Orange - cant remember the number), Tamiya light green TS22, Tamiya black and Alclad ALC101 aluminium. Then 2k clear, decals and then 2k clear again. The colours suggested in the instructions are way off BTW. Regards Mike
  12. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Thanks for all the comments.
  13. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Gidday, Thanks for the comments. The decals were not so bad (a couple I had trouble with). All the colours were painted on btw. The main issue is getting the body onto the chassis at the front (warped), and also the wheelbase or gap between wheel arches are different on each side which was tricky to fix.
  14. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Tamiya Mazda 787B - done. It was a big challenge, but I enjoyed the build. Mike
  15. Gidday vintagerpm, I think you are referring to Alclad chrome or polished aluminium. ALC101 aluminium does not require a gloss black base, and if done over a gloss black base, will come out darker - more like steel.