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  1. Have you actually tried the stuff? It is much harder to cut on the model than BMF with a scalpel (I compared it in a quick test on the same day with same blade - but not a brand new blade). it is very very flexable, means when you put a scalpel through it, it tries to pull the chrome instead of cutting it, unlike BMF which cuts very easily with a scalpel on the model. But as I said before, it looks much better than BMF and if pre cut, I can see it being a better product for that situation. Mike
  2. The problem with the Hasegawa mirror finish, is that it is very stretch and therefore hard to cut....You have to apply a lot more pressure than BMF so therefore is going to damage the paint work if you get it wrong. Looks much better than BMF for reflectiveness however. It probably works great if precut to the correct shape and size. The thickness isn't really an issue...
  3. His channel is great, does not cover everything, but in general an excellent source of colour paint choices over different base coats. This guy is a legend!
  4. 2k clear all the way, but I know Mr Color UV cut is very popular in Asia.
  5. Hopefully a falcon and a torana xu1 coming later.
  6. Hi guys, work in progress nissan silvia s14. Engine added (was curbside). Still clear coat + a lot more work to do.
  7. Gidday Steve, Mr levelling thinner works fast as a paint stripper for Tamiya paint/primer. I use this on small parts all the time with perfect results. But to keep things cheap dot3 or 4 will do the job....
  8. Its a shame the tyres are too high profile and the wheels are so far inside the guards (narrow track I mean). This looks stupid to my eyes!
  9. I do own the LP smoke but haven't tried it yet. I believe the result would be the same - just down to how dark you want it.
  10. Yeah see attached photo. It has LED lights on in the photo BTW. If you want it a brighter red, just lightly tint the clear plastic with smoke on the inside. I used the spray can lacquer smoke btw. All paint on the inside as far as I recall. Mike
  11. Painted on inside - Tamiya smoke then Tamiya LP clear red which is much more "red" than Tamiya acrylic clear red. Chrome backing on body if i remember correctly.
  12. Maybe someone can translate to see if it is true that the Skyline 2000 GTR is coming out from Hasegawa: https://carsmeet.jp/2022/04/01/219224/?fbclid=IwAR0u4OWydnOJKvRVy_YF4c_ZiBTKsGyT3I6Ur5F4YRoeYuGdV4CRxiZu89Q
  13. Very easy to fix by spraying the black over again in those areas carefully. The clear was applied too heavy so it melted the below paint.
  14. This happens usually because the part is left to dry in the sun with the tape left in place. The tape etches into the paint. This question often comes up on facebook and is not usually, if ever - residue. Ever since I stopped this practice, the problem totally disappeared for me. Mike
  15. I'm guessing this is chrome vinyl. I have some at home that looks something like this.
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