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  1. The Dan Gurney Lotus Racer will be interesting. If anyone knows which kit this is, please share. thanks
  2. I have been watching this person's youtube channel for a while. He is very interesting to watch. You can learn a lot very fast from these kind of videos. Mike
  3. Mr levelling thinner takes off paint immediately of any kind. Just brush it on...
  4. I dont think you need to spend a decade or more building cars to make a very nice model with shiny paint. I think you can learn the most important things quite quickly if you spend time reading/ watching youtube. There are some key elements that really make a big difference.... Mr levelling thinner really helps reduce orange peel for example. People who use 2k clear, more often than not, get amazing results. I know I was amazed from the first time I used it. You don't need an expensive airbrush to get good results.... Of course practice does make a difference, but if you are using the wrong materials, you can practice all you like and fail badly. A lot of the failed attempts I see on here and other places, are all things people have done multiple times before, people can learn a lot from other peoples mistakes. A bit like how many people spray Tamiya lacquer over decals then wonder why they melt. Or lacquer over enamel is another example. Lessons learnt by others can really help you not make the same mistake. Mike
  5. Tamiya tape or equivalent washi tape works great, but also bare metal foil is really great the few times I have used it.
  6. I have had good luck with nail polish, but also had one model which faded a bit. The blue colour turned purple over time on the light facing side. I also used nail polish clear on that particular model so probably didn't have the UV resistance like other models covered with 2k clear. Never left in the sun (always in covered).
  7. There has been some news on facebook that Tamiya are producing the Team Suzuki ECSTAR GSX-RR '20 motogp bike in 1/12 (December release). We will see if that is true... Mike
  8. New improved chrome turned out pretty good here...
  9. Tamiya ENAMEL X-22 also works well as a clear coat for Molotow - maybe slightly better than S-02 chrome sealer(way better than future). It may yellow over time however? I have also heard the testors enamel clear may work very well too... One of the best all around chromes is actually SMS super silver. It is not as bright or reflective as molotow, but seems to be ok to be handled etc. Probably the best compromise. Mike
  10. Gidday its tamiya 1/20, paint is tamiya primer, tamiya gloss white, gaianotes orange then the very important step - maximum 3 coats of gaianotes fluro red, then 2k clear. Masked using bare metal foil mostly. I built it as a curbside to as this will not go in any shows. The rear wing is a pain to build!
  11. Gidday, I built the one in the link below. Took a lot of work to transform it!
  12. Sprue goo can also work very well, but it can be hard to sand. The problem I have is if the filler is not white, it can show through or shadow once the paint is applied (on light colours). Thats what makes the Tamiya white putty appealing. The super glue over tamiya white putty idea is great however!
  13. Just wondering, almost all files i see on the net dont have windows. Is it possible to 3d print windows in clear resin for example, or are they too thin to be possible? Thanks and great work.
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