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  1. Ok.......stripe and grey metal flake test looks good, now to paint and stripe the truck
  2. Ok, starting something I have never tried. Just opened the AMT 1950 3200 truck and painting it scarlet and grey with OSU stripes. Any suggestions on paint or build would be appreciated
  3. My name is Ken Wentz. I gave been into model cars since I was I kid. My brother and I used to build every model we could get our hands on. Really regret not saving them now. I just got back into it a lot as an adult and love this forum. I never really gave touch thought to the details of any of models til now. Live the pics here and hope to learn quite a bit from everyone here
  4. Thought I would make it a show car. Thoughts?
  5. I decided to make it a show car instead of Nascar
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