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  1. Yeah diffently havent been all at once. Had redone the petty car after seeing the Vermillion decals and just got those few weeks ago. Did cales car late summer and just hadnt got back too it but going to. Childress and dw cars started around november had seen pic of cars from RCR museum. Heres pic of both cars not a great pic one of him in pits
  2. Hey yeah i have two of the pontiac 2+2 one rusty's Kodiak and other Neil bonnetts Valvoline, & getting two of the later monte carlos do terry labonte bud jr johnson car and bonnetts bud. Have a model built of the 1985 car wanna aerocoupe to go with it.
  3. 1) Richard Petty MC, Tamiya French Blue, Powerslide decals Vermillion, have to fix rear end came apart why sitting so high. 2) Cale Yarborough Holly Farms MC, Testors Grabber Orange- White & Red, Powerslide decals. 3) Darrell Waltrip Gatorade MC, Tamiya White Testors Green on Interior, Powerslide decals. 4) Richard Childress MC, Testors Black Powerslide decals. seen pics of car from RCR museum.
  4. Hey Kirk nice job, Your black race cars always come out so clean. Awsome job!!!
  5. Here's my 2020 builds!!
  6. Been wanting to do this car finally finished. Tamiya Italian Red Testors 1261 clear, Decals are combo of Powerslide & kit decals, Amt cot kit.
  7. Nice build a to do build for sure!!
  8. Very cool!! always like all the cars of Alan and him too. Did that car back in the day wanna redo it sometime and build some of his other cars. Nice work
  9. Yeah originally was Shane Huffman driving the car dont think he was getting the job done and jr got in the car at daytona july race. Idk if it was team thing or sponsorship deal. Its Navy seals car. Brad did drive white navy car later then go daddy afterwards.
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