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  1. Looks like a clean build so far.
  2. ya I need something for a Dodge truck month group build...lol. this is what I came up with. Just updated this post check it out
  3. This is a build that started out as a "let's see what happends" kinda build and has really gain some personality because of it. I started by cutting out the trunk, then braced it up to cut the roof off. After removing the top I moved on to the chassis which went together quickly, added wires and hoses along with transmission linkages. First time using a muffler, two in one out to the side. Got her cleaned up and in black primer, ride hight was worked out. The front required some scratch built drop spindles. The rear end needed major sanding to the top of the differental.. I'm happy with the look so far.Testers purplelisous came out nice with a bit of clear. The interior and the bed still need some work, going from a race car to a street car is never easy. I knocked down the chrome wheels with a dusting of black primer. It was more of an accident but the results are better then expected. More to come soon.
  4. Wow, this is great, I applaud the effort in this build. It's such a small body but you've already done a lot to it. Kutgw
  5. Nice build, I dig the blacked out look.
  6. Wow! looking great so far, the frame building itself was awesome, cant wait for an update. Hope your knee is getting better.
  7. ^^^ exactly what I was thinking, keep it up, there's something new to learn with every build. I did a build on this kit a while back, look up "two builds two breeds" I have love for this car, I drive one everyday.
  8. Wow, thats a ton of body work, I'm currently working on this kit but in no way to this degree. The flash was so bad that it was almost scrap... Its coming along ok. Kutgw
  9. Thanks guys, this was my third build after getting back into the hobby. Since this i've finished about six, this truck always catches myeye in the case. See ya next time
  10. Yes this is a very "what if" model built by pure imagination. Heres a chassis shot and also the dash board before install. I added a few things to motor such as a hard fuel line, fuel pump, radiator hoses, overflow tank and distributor along with a dash mounted ignition box, all scratch. The oil filter relocater and oil cooler were supplied but I plummed them to make it right. The stance was lowered, wheel base legnthened along with the drive shaft. The exaust was made in a nascar style to finish it off. Look out for more builds by Cancinoevil.
  11. in hindsight yea but since it did get the motor swap l figured what the heck. Besides im a Chevy guy anyway lol
  12. Thanks everyone, I'll add a few more pictures of the chassis and motor, I have to dig through some files first. Heres a w.i p. Shot for now.
  13. I had a great time with this truck, it is a bit rough compared to a lot of what I see here but non the less I wanted to share this. I swaped the drive train and most of the suspention also. Plummed and wired the motor. The bed was fitted with the fuel cell along with the filler tube a battery and then covered with a custom bed cover and support bars tied into the roll cage. The drivers compartment has added nascar safety equipment, once i'd gotten that far I figured why not decal it in the full MGD theme. All I really wanted to do was swap the NASCAR wheels on it and be done... Yeah right. I had a blast and it came out half decent.
  14. Love the look of this build, imitation is the best form of flattery right? I cant wait to build this in a similar way.
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