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  1. Revell 49 Merc part

    Rob, Thx for the input. That's what I thought.
  2. Revell 49 Merc part

    DR Kerry. Great awaiting your confirmation. Where in SE WI. I'm originally from Milwaukee County.
  3. Revell 49 Merc part

    I am looking for the tail lights from Revell 49 Mercury coupe. These are not stock Mercury, but resemble the 49-50 Lincoln tail light, as pictured. I believe they are in Kit 85-2860, part number 103 R/H & 104 L/H. Not sure if the lenses are separate or built in. If separate I need the lenses also. I show I am in Thailand but have an American shipping address for ease of shipping. Thank you.
  4. 46 chrysler coupe

    What happened? Where's the finished product?
  5. Russian Car

    Has anyone seen this car in 1/24 1/25? I think Russian called a GAZ 11-73. I can find it in 1/43. But once I saw it advertised in 1/24. Maybe a typo.
  6. 1941 Lincoln Phantom Fastback Wild Custom

    At first I wasn't even going to view it. But you did a helluva job there. I'm very impressed.
  7. Recommended Handle for #11 blades

    I use a surgeons scalpel handle with scalpel blades.. I'll never go back to exacto stye handles.
  8. 1965 Ford Galaxie 4dr sedan

    Love to see the 4doors. Any make. I would really like some 1930-40's 4 doors. I built a resin bodied 41 Ford 4 dr. Used a resin body from a 1948 with the front group from a 41 woody. was both 1/25 scale but the resin body was a full 1/8 in wider than the front group. had to some cutting and glueing and bondo and....
  9. Paint Stripper for a Promo Car

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. Maybe time to get the sandpaper out.
  10. Paint Stripper for a Promo Car

    I guess we still don't know. Castrol Super Clean is not available where I live (Thailand). I can get sodium hydroxide (lye), but now am afraid to use that. They are made from acetate plastic? I'll have to try to research that. Thanks for all the replies and open to more.
  11. Paint Stripper for a Promo Car

    Tom, Hahaha....Thanks. At least now I know NOT to use it.
  12. Model cars and Bodybuilding

    My fore fingers are so strong after years of this hobby. I'm proud of myself. Used to be I would get sand kicked in my wrists...But now those bullies leave me alone when they see my forefingers.
  13. I have acquired 56/57 Lincoln Continental Mark II promo car. It needs paint stripper. I usually use brake fluid. Is that safe to use in that era promo car? If not, what should I use? Thanks.
  14. Bent spoke Kelseys

    I also am in the market for the Buick Caddy type wheels.
  15. Now Here's an Idea

    I think this is a really cool build. Something similar might be done in plastic. https://www.rodauthority.com/news/swell-longroof-rhd-1962-kustom-jeep-from-down-under/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=swell-longroof-rhd-1962-kustom-jeep-from-down-under