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  1. conversion woodies, panels, pickups, wagons

    Some very inspirational builds there.
  2. How Old Are You

    Cale, We need more young guys like you. Thanks for joining us.
  3. AMT Sun Cruiser 51 Chevy

    Nice job...my first car was a 51 Chevy...but a 4 door.
  4. 1968 Cadillac de Ville Convertible

    Outstanding. Love the interior...looks like real leather.
  5. Carpeting

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this carpeting. If so, could you give a review? Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hoppin-Hydros-BROWN-Interior-Carpet-Upholstery-Model-Car-Hobby-1-24-1-25-scale/160914965295?epid=1000652088&hash=item257747832f:g:sasAAMXQBlJR-cCc
  6. Advice For Those Needing Parts

    Don't be so vague in the Title Box. State what you seek. A title box that says "I Need This" is seldom opened. A title box that says "I need a rear bumper for 57 Plymouth" will get read.
  7. 1965 Lincoln Projects

    Love those Lincolns. Especially that black stretch model. I am in the process of stretching a Pyro/Lindbergh 1948 Lincoln Continental. A terrible kit just to build stock. Maybe post some pics soon.
  8. 46 chrysler coupe

    That's gonna look great. Of course you meant Continental. I have some Continental fenders and a hood plus grille and plan on doing a woody using the 41 Ford woody body. First going to do a stretch Continental. Just finishing a box stock Continental...whew!!!
  9. AMT 1957 ford

    Pretty sure I have one too
  10. Bondic and Lazer Bond

    Chris, Thanks
  11. Bondic and Lazer Bond

    This is for you chemists and scientist types. We know about Lazer Bond and Bondic. Is there generic resin??? we could use with a UV flashlight that would work the same?
  12. Hot Rod Lincoln?

    I'm about to finish a 48 Continental. What a nightmare. But it came out pretty good. More than a 3 month project though. Mine has a Pontiac engine...just because that 12 cylinder that came with it looks more like a shipping pallet than an engine and I had a Pontiac engine in my parts bin. Took some serious surgery to the transmission hump to mount it. I think the Lincoln 430 would be a cool job.
  13. Why doesn't anyone market a specific Carburetor color paint ?

    I'd say the reason nobody markets a specific carburetor paint is due to demand and the volume of paint that would be sold. Think of how small a 1:25 carburetor is. Now think of how many carburetors you can paint with an ounce of paint. Also factor in that once a model is built, you can barely see the carburetor(s). So the demand is so terribly low, there is little market for the product.
  14. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I forgot the 1946-48 Lincoln Continental (forget Pyro/Lindberg Junker), 1956-57 Lincoln Continental
  15. What would YOU like to see as a model

    1938 Buick 4 dr, 1941 Buick Convertible, 1955 Pontiac Catalina, 1957 Old 88, 51-52 Olds Super 88. 56 Buick 4dr HT.