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  1. Favorite Car

    A 1969 Triumph Spitfire Mk. III in British Racing Green with the factory hard top. Just not as a daily driver. I was fortunate to have one many years ago.
  2. What do you do with your built kits?

    When I started building again some years ago, I did dioramas. That was an effort to legitimize my hobby to the wife. Now the collection has swelled to 65 models, built and unbuilt. I had to disassemble four dioramas to make room. Four dioramas remain. I did give a Ferrari Enzo to a friend as a wedding present. Otherwise, I keep all of them.
  3. Revell '66 Impala Lowrider

    Really great work!! Did you have some experience with the 1:1 lowrider?
  4. '58 Impala

    Thank you for the kind comments. I don't do street cars much, mostly race cars. That way all the chrome trim is removed. I took out the kit 348 engine to be a '63 Z-11 427 and put in a small block from the bin. There was nothing remarkable about it so I didn't photograph it. I learned to drive in a '58 wagon with 6 banger and 3 in the tree. It was my street racer. Didn't win much.
  5. '58 Impala

    My dad always liked the look of the 1958 Chevy Impala. It had a certain understated classic look. We ended up buying a '59 instead. This is the AMT version, an OOB build. I built one decades ago and it looks like this was from the same tooling. Lots of flash and sinks. I did this one as a street version tribute to my dad's memory. And I heard the '58 was a real dog of a race car. Since the doors open, the interior got more than usual attention. There sure was a lot of chrome back in the day! It took two days of masking and painting one section at a time. I also have a '48 Chevy. This photo shows the changes in 10 years.
  6. 64 GS Corvette (PE Hood)

    I someone had the time and resources, several of these kits could be built reflecting the different configurations under which these cars raced. There was Nassau '63 (Mecom), Sebring '64 (three versions) and Sebring '65 with the big block engine. It's all in the book.
  7. black under chrome?

    Does anybody know if there is a technical reason many kits use black styrene for the chrome sprues? I do mostly race cars with very little chrome and the black plastic is a bit difficult to cover. Just seems funny when the rest of the kit is white.
  8. "Older Than Dirt" Quiz

    I got 20 out of 20! One of the few tests I ever aced. I heard of S 7H stamps, but we never used them. I had a Tom Corbett metal lunch box. Had LOTS of fun at the drive-in movie. Memories, memories. Thanks for posting.
  9. Celebrity Crushes?

    Ingrid Bergman always exhibited classic beauty.
  10. How Many Do You Work On At Once?

    I usually try to stick with one to completion. While waiting for paint or glue to dry, I occasionally start on another. I applaud the diversity of responses on this subject. Just remember: It's your model and your hobby; do what works for you.
  11. The future of Motorsports ?

    I have to agree that I hope my time is up before robots take over motorsport. It's already gone too far IMHO. Removing the human element also removes the human interest. Robot vs. human? I saw Jay Leno beat an autonomous Audi at Willow Springs. That probably won't last long.
  12. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day🤣😨

    My wife was born on a Friday the 13th, so I can't complain.
  13. My son's first model

    Mean looking!!
  14. Murphy was right!

    Fond memories! I was so glad when I was finally able to use CAD. For the last few years, I was the only one in my group equipped to do "ink jobs." Even 30+ years later, I could still feel my old teacher looking over my shoulder.
  15. Junk.

    Amazing work, both the models and the photography.