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  1. Welp, today has not gone as expected.........

    I have to add my amen to what has been said. If you start feeling bad, DON'T IGNORE SYMPTOMS!!! I just got out of hospital with congestive heart failure after ignoring symptoms for weeks.
  2. Wow

    and that's only 1/8 scale!!! What must the 1/1 be like? No plastic trim I'll wager.
  3. Name that movie quote

    Words with k's in them are funny. Alka Seltzer is a funny word. A funny aside to this great movie. this was the first movie George Burns made after Gracie died (another great loss), his first in 20 years. Producers were concerned that he would not be ready. He showed up on the first day of rehearsal not only with his part memorized, but everyone else's too. This led to a second career on screen and stage until he was 100 years old!
  4. Name that movie quote

    i don't remember the exact quote, but once Willie put a metal plate under his coat and Al had his finger in a bandage for a week. It was not unheard of for a team to do a routine 100,000 times, with six shows a day, seven days a week forever.
  5. Name that movie quote

    The Sunshine Boys. I highly recommend this movie just for the interaction between Burns and Matthau.
  6. Niki Lauda dead at 70

    Lauda and Prost were thinkers. Drivers like Hunt and Senna relied on their abundant talent. I agree Rush is the best F1 or car racing movie ever. When I heard Ron Howard was going to make it, I knew it would be good. I remember the big crash in '76. There is no way he should have survived. Every safety feature of his car (and on him) failed. Brett Lunger waded into the inferno to pull him out. Lauda was so straight forward and to the point, people thought him cold and uncaring. He was once criticized for giving one of his trophies to a car wash. He said he knows what he did and didn't need a trophy to remind him. RIP Nicki
  7. 1957 Corvette

    Dig the C1 Corvettes!!
  8. 300 SLR paint

    I've just started a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR by Monogram. I am concerned about paint. I previously used Tamiya bare metal rattle can on a P-51, but some of the decals don't stick well. Would something like Testors silver work better? On the positive side, the car doesn't have many decals.
  9. What is your favorite year for American automobiles?

    I always maintained that 1969 was about the last years we had decent cars. Most cars were simple and you could tune them with a screwdriver and a timing light; sometimes you didn't need the timing light. After 1970, the conflicting regulations of emissions and economy took over. It took the industry around 30 years to recover. Cars today are pretty good.
  10. Another Great Gone - Tim Conway

    Now that he's gone, maybe he will be recognized for the comic genius he was.
  11. Another good one gone...........RIP Doris Day. :(

    She never made a bad movie.
  12. Chaparral 2D Daytona

    I saw the 2D in another post and was inspired to try my own. I'm a Jim Hall fan from way back. The kit is the Monogram curbside/slot car body. The rear wheels were widened with a wheel half from the parts bag. Also from the bag is the SBC with carbs from another Chaparral kit (I can't remember which one). The rear number was a challenge. The kit decals have a white interior, so I had to make a duplicate on clear decal paper and cut to fit. Since this is the car as ran at Daytona, the oil cooler on the right fender had to be scratch-built. For reference, i highly recommend the book Chaparral by Falconer and Nye. The Chaparrals were backyard specials (really special) from Texas that took on the best in the world-and beat 'em!
  13. 1962 Bel Air

    Great build! That's a trick Chevy (and others) did in the '60s. The 409 and later 427 was an option on all full-size cars. It looks like an old grandma car until you jump on the gas.
  14. What is living?

    Bell bottoms, bushy hair, sideburns and wild colors: I kind of miss that. But I don't miss the cars of the '70s; underpowered engines and fall-apart technology. Change is part of life.
  15. Chinese tariff war and models

    good point! Any tariff attorneys out there?