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  1. 72 Bobby Allison WIP

    I built one of these in the '70s and rebuilt it in 2016. I didn't know it was re-issued. It's a good basic kit with all the hard work of turning a street car into a racer done. A lot can be done with this kit. Yours looks good.
  2. Flamed 55 Chevy Bel Air

    Absolutely stunning!! That Corvette grille really looks good.
  3. A 409 story

    It's just amazing the things that should have killed us in those days. Every effort went into making the car go. Stopping and cornering were an afterthought. Wonderful Days!!
  4. Hello from Utah

    Welcome to the forum. This is a good resource for the builder. Your tag line caught my attention. I am in bountiful and there is another Utahan in south Ogden.
  5. '69 340 Dart

    My cousin had one of these. He was as wild as the car was. Yours is a good re-creation.
  6. Ford vs. Ferrari Film

    A really good companion book to this movie is Go Like Hell by A. J. Baime. An interesting character contrast between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II.
  7. 1961 Gurney tribute

    Dan Gurney was arguably the finest international race driver America ever produced. He was a winner in sports cars, Indy cars, Can-Am, Trans Am and Formula 1. He won four Grand Prix races and gave three makes their first wins. He holds the distinction of achieving the only all-American grand Prix win and Le Mans win-within two weeks! Jim Clark said the only driver he feared as a rival was Dan. The cars he built were winners also in Formula Ford, Indy cars, Formula 5000 and IMSA prototypes. In 1961 Dan took a Chevrolet Impala SS 409 to England to contest the Saloon Car Championship. The car was essentially stock with race preparation. He competed in only one race, at Silverstone, where a rear wheel broke on the last lap while leading. Unfortunately, politics and prejudice prevented further racing. But he certainly got everyone's attention. Here is my tribute to Dan Gurney. RIP. This is about the only picture I could find of the actual car. The kit is Lindberg's. I fudged a little bit using the heavy-duty six lug wheels, as these were the only open wheels I had in the stash. If Dan used these, he may have won the Silverstone race. From a video of the race, it looked like the colors were blue exterior and gray interior. There's a lot of chrome on these old cars, especially in street trim. The mighty 409. Like the rest of the car, essentially stock, but blueprinted. Dan wanted to drive the car on the road between races. That must have been a blast!
  8. 61 Gurney tribute

    Being a Chevy man, it was hard to find a Dan Gurney Chevy tribute. But in 1961 he took a Chevy SS 409 to England to race Jaguar Mk IIs. Although he won no races, he certainly got their attention. This is the Lindberg kit, pretty much oob, as the real car was surprisingly stock. Just started final assembly and will probably complete this week.
  9. 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster

    I have always wanted to do a model from the year I was born. This is the 1948 version of the Galaxie Limited kit. It has very good detail and fitment. I did have some trouble getting the hood to fit right. There's a lot of chrome on this car, especially after the race cars I usually do. I think I'm getting better with the Molotow pen. Colors are MM Sublime Green and Testors Gloss Green. My research shows this isn't a factory combination, but I didn't like the original colors. I hope this looks stylish '40s. I couldn't help hot rodding the engine. The easiest way back then was add more carbs. The distributor is a pre-wired from Morgan Automotive Detail. They are plastic and come in 4, 6 or 8 cylinder.
  10. Happy AMT/IMC/MPC/Revell Day!

    This is like Pi Day, 3/14. We need a fun thread like this occasionally.
  11. 1967 Corvette road racer

    I did a DX Corvette (blue and white) some time ago. Trying to get the color separation to follow the top fender line is really tough and you did good.
  12. Removing Decals

    Have you tried applying scotch tape and pulling them off? I assume you want to avoid damaging the underlying finish.
  13. 63 Corvette

    This looks like the AMT original kit. I've been building these since '63. Still have three in the collection. A simple kit can still look good, as you have proved.
  14. Another track closing

    A funny thing about airports and race tracks: They are housing magnets. A facility is built in the middle of nowhere, and before you know it, people start building houses and complaining about the noise. Didn't they know that racetrack/airport was there before they built houses? There are plenty of places to build houses, but not so many places to build racetracks. Then hear them complain about the street racing.
  15. Junior Johnson 1963 Holly Farm Imapala *WIP*

    Great build of a great car! I finished one last year. Here is a u-tube video of Junior guiding a tour of the car. Priceless stuff.