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  1. "Old Reliable" Chevy

    Dave Strickler drove Chevys in the '60s for the Ammon Smith Auto Co. Previously, I built the '69 Camaro campaigned in SS/C. That inspired me to acquire the kit of the '62 409 Bel Air. Strickler won the SS/S class at the '62 Nationals, beating Hayden Proffitt, who won Top Stock Eliminator the next day. This is the AMT kit built OOB. 4-speed, dual quad, Posi Traction 409! This is how they ran in the SS/S final. I built the Proffitt 409 many years ago. Smith/Strickler "Old Reliable" from '62 and '69. So much development in seven years!
  2. This seems appropriate

    It's really interesting the diversity of views expressed. I have to restrain myself at times, to take a breath and slow down. The object is not production, but enjoyment. People have asked similar questions here before. The best answer is to what pleases YOU. Years ago I raced karts. I entered the sport later than most and I had no illusions that I was going to set the world on fire. All I wanted to do was go fast and scare myself. I achieved that. By the time I had to leave, I was a genuine mid-field runner. But I had a good time. Model on!!
  3. Throwing in the towel. Need some advice

    I agree with Mr. Obsessive. You seem to have a lot invested in the hobby and will bring pennies on the dollar if you sell. Get some good boxes and store. Safe space for storage can be a problem. One way to legitimize your hobby is to get some other family member involved. Good luck!
  4. Project Absurd. Prowler 3.5L V6 in a Morris Mini

    I remember in 1962 John Cooper toyed with a twin-engine Mini. One engine in front and one in the back, similar to your installation.
  5. Boxes

    I used to keep boxes years ago to store parts in. Here's a sample:
  6. "QuickSilver" - Pirahna-based retro LSR Car

    I like the way this turned out. Looks like a genuine '60s streamliner!
  7. So it begins...

    Been there and done that. Keep in mind how good it will be when the boxes are out.
  8. How aluminum airplanes are built...

    Really good video! I was 34 years in Aerospace and I was continually amazed how complex an airplane is. My first program was the Cessna 425. I couldn't believe it weighed the same as a full size car.
  9. TODAY

    Some people have compared 9/11 to the Pearl Harbor attack. But they were different. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had the intent of neutralizing our Pacific Fleet. A military aim. The 9/11 attacks had the intent of killing the most people possible. A terrorist aim. The only crime or offence those who died committed was to show up for work that day.
  10. 62 Impala SS Converible

    Looks like it just came out of a sales brochure. Very well built and photographed.
  11. 1953 Hudson Hornet....

    A real classy and classic look. They just don't make two-tone paint options any more, do they?
  12. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    The cool thing about modern livery is the film application. A livery can be changed/installed in less than a day. Much better than trying to paint. You can do anything a computer can print.
  13. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    Here is a TRUE race car livery!
  14. Strickler Camaro

    I had this '69 Camaro on the shelf, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. After Grumpy Jenkins wrecked the "Giant Killer" Nova in '66, he ran a big-block Camaro. Dave Strickler was an early drag racing hero of mine and I remembered that he ran Camaros under the Smith Chevrolet banner. This was when Super Stock became its own classification and not a single stock class. Wheels and tires are from the parts box. Decals are Fred Cady. The decal sheet covers the SS/C '69 Camaro and the SS/F '98 Z-28. But he left out the Champion and NHRA stickers. 396 c.i. and 380 h.p.
  15. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    Isn't it interesting (weird) that the cars some of us grew up with are now "classics" or "antiques"? There is a TV commercial where a grandpa is showing his granddaughter his Bronco. No blue tooth, touch screen or power windows. She eventually thought it was cool.