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  1. Carbs

    What size do you need? I have some smaller ones from the AMT Indy Lotus and some larger ones from the AMT '63 Corvette. They are originally downdraft, so are not strictly the correct type.
  2. '48 Chevy Aerosedan

    Good job! I recently did a '48 in two-tone green.
  3. My models

    Great flame job on the '58!
  4. Daytona

    The Daytona/Superbird were the most outrageous of the muscle cars of the '60s. And you could go buy one!
  5. There's something wrong with Baby.

    My teenage daughter came home one day and said: "the brakes are making a funny noise." A quick look showed the pads down to the backing plates! I didn't want to even drive it to the car club, so I replaced the brakes right in the apartment parking lot. All girls say is: "so fix it." I even had a special plastic container just for brake jobs. That really helped. Such adventures!
  6. Parnelli roadster-DONE!

    I just finished refurbishing a survivor model of the Parnelli Jones roadster of 1963. Not only did this car win the Indianapolis 500 in '63, but started on pole. In addition this car was the first to qualify at over 150 mph in 1962. It started with the AMT kit. As stated in the workbench forum, the tires are all wrong for this car. I used the front tires on the back and used passenger tires for the front. Decals are from Indycals. Some of the contours are really tricky to get the decal to conform. Scallops especially. The photos are for research purposes. The other cars are also survivors from 30+ years in storage. Center is Bobby Unser from '68 and right is Johnny Rutherford from '74. In a mere 10 years, tires got wider, wings appeared and speeds jumped 50 mph!
  7. New guy from Utah

    Are you near Bountiful? There are only a few of us from Utah.
  8. There's something wrong with Baby.

    This is why I used to do all my own car working on. At least if it's screwed up, you know what's screwed up and how it got screwed up.
  9. KAR 120C Is Completed

    The Lotus 7 is a perfect sports car: nothing on it that doesn't help it go faster. Save those survivors!
  10. extreme Indy roadster

    In the '50s and early '60s, efforts were made to put as much weight on the left (inside) side tires as possible. The other priority was to lower the profile of the car, to reduce drag and lower the center of gravity. One of the most radical efforts was made by Epperly and Lesovsky, locating the engine far left in the chassis, then laying it over to the left. The result was the top of the engine protruding through the left side of the car! Although a layover car won consecutive 500s ('57 & '58), the design never really caught on. Upright engines on the left side became the way to go. I was always fascinated by these radical cars. So I started with the Jones roadster and adapted it to the laydown configuration. This is as far as I got. This model is another survivor. I always liked the look of the injector stacks sticking out of the hood. I am also working on the Parnelli Jones roadster, documented in another thread. Thanks for looking.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen: My C7R: 2016 Daytona winner

    Mind blowing!!! I have been following the thread and you put a LOT if work into this project. I need to get started on mine.
  12. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    My wife watches a LOT of murder shows on Investigation Discovery, especially when one spouse kills the other. Should I be worried/wary?
  13. Solo

    I guess this movie proves that you can get too much of a good thing. If the audience wasn't familiar with the overall story, the movie wouldn't be as good. OBTW, Mad magazine just issued a special edition spoofing sci-fi and fantasy movies.
  14. CanAm Lola

    Regarding the passenger seat: the rule specified that the seats had to be positioned equally on both sides of the vehicle centerline. I call that the "Roger Penske Rule." Remember the old Zerex Special Cooper? That was a wrecked Cooper Formula 1 that RP made into a sports car. Its passenger seat was hung outside the frame on the left side. The driver seat was moved 1/2 inch to the right. Conformed to the letter, but not the spirit of the rules. First application of the "Unfair Advantage."
  15. 2018 Indy 500

    Sorry if I created a controversy. If you recorded the race, watch it anyway. Lots of close intense racing.