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  1. For mine I used Fred Cady decals purchased (I think) from Mike's. I hope they weren't one of the companies that gave bad service. You obviously have done some research on the detail work. Good luck!
  2. Here are the two extreme 1967 Chevys: the green one is the Biscayne 4-door sedan; the yellow one a fully-optioned Impala SS427 2-door hardtop. Which one would get takers in a stop-light drag race (at least for a while)? Which one would the cops chase first?
  3. I posted a starter thread in the WIP forum. I wanted a 4-door Biscayne that looked like an old grandma car but with the 427 engine. The only giveaway is the "427" badge on the front fender. The decal is from a Corvette sheet (thanks VRM). The kit does have a bench front seat which adds to the illusion. The molded in black was a hurdle to overcome, but is consistent with the vehicle. It started out with the Supernatural Impala hardtop kit that I modified to look like a Biscayne by adding the door post, window frames and removing the Impala tail lights. The kit has good chassis detail without being too fiddly. I still have to dry-brush the grille (chrome plating is a bit thin here) and get the hood to fit properly. I couldn't duplicate the Biscayne trunk lid, as it includes the trim around the tail lights and the center part below the lock. But I hope I at least created the illusion of the cheap model Chevy. As previously stated, this is one of those kits with a lot of possibilities. Four-door versions are so seldom done as kits. I noticed some of you are building the Supernatural version. Thanks for looking. I hope all this makes sense.
  4. I have always liked the offset supers because they are so bizarre. Outstanding scratch building. You seem to have thoroughally thought out the car with the detailed plans.
  5. I guess the real question is: Is anyone building a Supernatural Impala. My Biscayne make-over is almost done. This is one of those kits with endless possibilities.
  6. He was the definition of multi-talented: actor, writer director. He could do it all so well!
  7. Looks pretty good! The chrome trim around the wheel wells is really tough to get right. I'm still working on mine.
  8. Is anyone building the Supernatural Impala 4-door OOB? This is one of those kits you can make anything out of. I'm turning mine into a Biscayne 427 that looks like an old grandma car until one pushes the gas. In 1967 the 427 with 4-speed was an option, not a model. One of the changes is to remove the Impala taillights (two stop lights and one back-up light) and fabricate one stop and one back-up per side. Evergreen strip will be used for the lights. There is a bit of work in turning an Impala 4-door hardtop into a Biscayne 4-door sedan. The side trim had to be removed. The B-pillar had to be added. Frames for the door windows had to be added. Reference photos are in the background. The interior had to be plained-up to reflect the cheaper trim level from Impala to Biscayne. I was glad to see the kit came with a bench front seat. The new kit itself seems to be pretty good. There is a lot of detail, especially the chassis and engine compartment. I won't be able to exactly duplicate the Biscayne changes, but it should do a good imitation. Primer went on today and paint should happen tomorrow. Dark green. I invite anyone else working on one of these to submit your WIP.
  9. Some of those streets seemed barely wider than the car! It would scare me to death to drive a car like that on the street. But that's what it was built for.
  10. Fabulous work! What scale are these? They look too detailed to be 1:24.
  11. Looks great! I just got mine I'm going to turn it into a Biscayne 427. A grandma car street sleeper.
  12. GUMBALL!!! The Camaro looks great, given not a lot of research material is around. This movie convinced me the producers knew about cars: Which car didn't make it out of the garage; which car broke in two. I just got a DVD of the movie from Amazon.
  13. In the WIP forum, I posted pictures of the Ferrari P4 that I originally built circa 1970. It has been in storage off and on since then. I got the idea that I could rebuild this and clean it up. Here it is after rebuilding and awaiting decals. I lost the windshield wiper in the past decades. Indycals came through for me once more , providing markings for the Daytona 2nd place car and the Firestone tire logos. OBTW, the last photos were taken with a different camera and different lighting. The car is red and not oranfe.
  14. I built one a few years ago and also added parts from Big Donkey. Yours looks good.
  15. I always thought the D stood for "Debarkation Day." When everyone got off the ships. So many of the young men storming the beaches were only 18 or 19 years old. I once saw a documentary about B-24 missions and they mentioned the 22 year-old pilot. My son was 22 at that time and I couldn't imagine him commanding a bomber aircraft. Extrodinary times bring out the best in people.
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