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  1. how many models have you built?

    I have about 80 on the shelf or in the stash, plus another 20 I left with my son when I moved (that's part of his inheritance). Like most people on this forum, there have been several incarnations of my model activity over the years. I built my first car model in 1960 with aircraft for a couple of years before that. I sure wish I had back some of those kits and projects that are now long lost.
  2. Penny Marshall

    I would recommend everyone read her book My Mother Was Nuts. Insights into one of the most enjoyable directors in Hollywood.
  3. AMT '63 Corvette kit

    I've been building AMT '63 Vettes since '63. I agree the older releases are a bit primitive by today's standards and the newer ones are parts bonanzas. Here are a couple of survivors: Doug Hooper won the Riverside 3 hour race in late 1962 for the Stingray's first win. Mickey Thompson put the '63 Mystery Motor in a Vette for the American Challenge race at Daytona. Primitive as they are, a lot can be done with them.
  4. Couple of completions before the new year

    That's an interesting diorama in the background. Good looking builds.
  5. Schmid Dodge

    My uncle, Don Schmid owned a Dodge dealership in Wichita, Kansas during the 1960s. He embodied the American Dream, rebuilding a junker after WWII, selling it and buying another. Over time his dealership sold Studebaker, Dodge, Renault, Peugeot and Fiat. This project is a sort-of tribute, depicting a Super Stock he might have raced in 1964. It is an early '64 using the 426 Max Wedge. Later that year the wedge was outclassed when the 426 Hemi was introduced. The kit is the AMT Color Me Gone. Pie crust slicks are from the AMT Parts Pack. Decals are a combination of kit, homemade and Gopher. The chrome trim is my first effort of using air conditioning tape instead of painting or BMF. I need more practice. Also pictured is the Ramchargers Hemi in A/FX. The old man would never have sprung for one of these, even if he could have got one.
  6. The Ballad of Scary Jerry, or The Jerry Awakens

    What a great collection!! Cool cars that tell a story. That's good modelling!!
  7. Post retirement modeling

    I've been retired over three years now. I thought I would have all the time in the world for building. But it seems like other things creep in and now I seem to have less time than when I was working. Sometimes I go for a week without touching a project. I have to keep in mind this is not a production job. At least for me I can only work on a project when I feel like it and no interruptions. A friend of mine who retired some years before me had several 1:1 projects going. He said that the urgency was gone. You had to get a car running to get to work. Now, there's always tomorrow.
  8. NYPD Tragedy

    Police officers are always telling us: "I've never unbuckled a dead person."
  9. Some talk on car movies.

    All my favorites have already been mentioned, but here are my thoughts: Gumball Rally was the most enjoyable. I thought the producers really knew about cars from the one that didn't make it out of the garage (XKE) and the one that broke in two (Corvette). Grand Prix was the most artistic, although slightly inaccurate. I remember reading about the making of the movie in 1966. The first really first-class racing movie made. Le Mans was probably the best racing movie. Made by a racer for racers. The hero didn't win the race, tore up his car and didn't get the girl. Rush is a close second, more of a study of two diametrically opposite personalities. I also remember the F1 season of 1976. Ron Howard produced it, which explains why the movie is so good. I have DVDs of The Crowd Roars and Big Wheel (with Mickey Rooney). They send chills to see guys racing in coveralls over shirt and tie, slacks and polo shirt and cardboard helmets. But good films. One film I did not see mentioned is The Love Bug. A real hoot and the top grossing movie of 1969. My first car was a VW, just like Herbie.
  10. What a topic!! With a model at least you know how it will turn out. If it's screwed up, you know what's screwed up and how it got screwed up. You know what it will look like in 20 years. A model doesn't complain where I scratch myself. But having said that, I don't think I would trade my 45 year human relationship, even though the model relationship has 10 years seniority.
  11. '66 Barracuda Funny Car Rebuild

    I remember the original Hurst ad for this car. There was a napkin sketch of the car with the caption: "Put a Hemi back here … and run like hell." Nobody thought it would be popular as a wheelstander. OBTW, did you see Jay Leno's Garage when the current owner of the car crashed it trying to turn a corner? leno was in the passenger seat with all the cameras attached. You have a good start saving an old build.
  12. Revell ‘66 Suburban

    Good start! The great thin about this kit is you can do almost anything with it. When I did mine, I put in the 435 HP 427 engine from the Corvette. There was also knobby tires and mag wheels. Happy building.
  13. Read any good books lately?

    Such a varied range of topics! There's something for everyone. Our apartment complex has a book club which meets monthly. Probably the best was Boys In the Boat which celebrates the 1936 U.S. men’s Olympic eight-oar rowing team—nine working class boys who stormed the rowing world, transformed the sport, and galvanized the attention of millions of Americans. The current book is Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. This is the book that inspired the PBS series of the same name. Although it would probably be of more interest to women (not that there is anything wrong with that), it does point out how primitive things were in poor London even by the 1950s.
  14. Life is on hold

    This is about the biggest hit life can throw at you. Best wishes for your son's recovery. It's amazing how the body can recover from such horrendous injuries.
  15. Some questions on Double kits

    In addition to the Ferrari/Porsche double, there was another European racecar double. It was a Formula 2 Matra and a Formula 3 Brabham. I bought both of these in the '70s and wish I had another. There was an Indy double by AMT, which was the '63 Watson roadster and Lotus boxed together. Please excuse the condition of the box, it holds all my Indy car parts from 40 years.