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  1. Winning Corvette

    October 13, 1962 saw Riverside Raceway stage a 3-hour race for sports cars. Notable among the entrants were three brand new '63 Corvettes. They were part of the initial batch of 'Vettes with the Z06 option package. They were so new, they were not yet recognized for SCCA production racing. The organizers created an "Experimental Production" class to allow the new cars to run. There was also a new California hot rod called Cobra entered. Winner of the race was Doug Hooper driving one of Mickey Thompson's Corvettes. The kit is one of the old AMT annuals I already had built as something else. The numbers were printed on white decal paper with black font background to get the white numbers. The emblems are from the excellent Vintage Racing Miniatures. Wheels and tires are from the parts box. Thanks for looking.
  2. Collection pics!

    Very impressive collections! And I thought I had a big collection; at least that's what my lovely wife tells me. The shelves have to share space with building materials and books. At least until the models need more space.
  3. Engine wiring question

    Be sure to do some research on the engine you are wiring. Twin-cam engines have their spark plugs between the cams. Pushrod V8s usually have theirs along the lower edge of the head. Some V8s route the wires directly to the plugs over the valve covers (big block Chevy), while others route theirs underneath the exhaust and reach the plugs from below (small block Chevy). It all depends on the engine in question. Fortunately, there are plenty of pictures available. Enjoy!
  4. My New Years Modeling Resolution

    I know just how you feel. I have to fight the impulse to try and multi-task builds. If I had a 4 x 8 work table, maybe I could.
  5. BP Corvette

    When I was a tech inspector with the SCCA in the mid-'70s, I noticed there were still a lot of C2 Corvettes still running in the Production classes. Class A for the big blocks and Class B for the small blocks. This model is a tribute to those intrepid souls who raced these cars. This particular one is in Class B with the small block. Except for a local sponsor who might donate spark plugs or a set of tires, the cars were largely self-funded. They carried on despite a factory who didn't know nor care about racing successes. Even lowly British Leyland would give you $100-$200 if you won a national points race driving a Triumph or MG. This came from a Revell "67 kit. It fits well with good detail. And it had the 427 Stinger hood. Although the Stinger hood did not come on small-blocks, owners were permitted to install the cowl-induction hoods. The engine is from the AMT '63 kit with slots for the metal axle filled. Since the interior is exposed, it got more attention than it might have. I scratch-built a '70s legal roll bar. Note the mandated cutoff switch in the extreme upper left, the Big Donkey seat, fuel and fire extinguisher lines and blanked off dash. Thanks for looking and enduring my tirade.
  6. Dick Thompson 1962 Corvette

    Dr. Dick Thompson was a Washington, DC dentist and early Corvette racer. He won the SCCA 1962 A Production National Championship. His was the last Corvette championship before the dark days of Cobra domination. So this was naturally on my "to do" list. I started with the Revell '62 Corvette Special Edition kit. This is a good kit with lots of detail. For my purposes, the separate windshield and bumpers were a blessing. My only complaint was not having any open wheels. Wheels and tires are from the parts box. Roll bar and racing decals were self-made. The windscreen was made from some stiff plastic page protector. A Molotow liquid chrome pen was used to clean up the border around the side coves. I need more practice with this tool.
  7. 1962 Corvette

    Nice build! I especially like the Viet Nam ribbon on the front plate. I believe the "latches" on the rear deck are brackets to hold the back of the convertible top when up. At any rate, the BMF is appropriate.
  8. Franken-Vette

    The effect I'm going for is a '66 Vette with a '67 hood. It's the one with the "shark teeth" on the front corners. I have a spare hood from the AMT "USA 1" with a blower fairing that I'm trying to make into the '67. Thanks for the tips.
  9. Franken-Vette

    Does anyone have the cowl induction hood for a '67 Corvette? Do any resin casters have one? I'm building the AMT version from spare parts.
  10. '67 Road race Camaro

    Very good work! I am considering this kit for Trans Am application. Is there a molded-in rear seat, or is it removable?
  11. 1968 STP Turbine

    #70 was the first over 170 mph at Indy. I purchased this kit in a bag at a show. I didn't seem to have the fitment problems others had. It was a straightforward build. The body was left loose for display purposes. I did remove most of the solid center of the wheel backs so you can see through. Two major kit errors: It comes with Goodyear tires, but the decal and the real car had Firestones; Although the contingency stickers seem to have changed during the month of May, none of them matched what is in the kit. I had to use some from the stash.
  12. Monogram's "Long John" dragster

    I remember building one back in the early '60s. It looked good back then. OBTW, I believe the Potvin front-drive blower predates the top-mount. I have an old Hot Rod Magazine that has an article about blower drives. I think that is what it said.
  13. Ford GT-40 Mark II #98

    Another resource for the time is the book Go Like Hell by A. J. Baime. Miles and Ruby Won at Daytona and Sebring. Miles came within a car length of being the first to also win at Le Mans in the same year. Unfortunately, he was killed testing the 1967 car.
  14. 1965 Corvette Jump Start with More Pictures

    Nice detailing! I especially like the "bare" gray floor and leaving the stock door panels. According to the rules at the time, interiors could be gutted but had to have two seats and door panels..
  15. AMT 1969 Chevelle

    The red engine with the orange "Fram" oil filter is a nice touch. I like the color.