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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I have heard good things about the Great Wall kit. I bought my Revell kit about 10 years ago. I followed the MAAM project doing my research for the build. What a monumental project! Anyone interested in warbird restoration should check the link.
  2. I built one back in the day and one recently. I agree the suspensions sit a bit high and I had a fit problem with the exhaust.
  3. This is the first aircraft I have built in a long while. The kit has been on the shelf for a number of years. The P-61 has always been an interesting design for me, which is why I finally bought the kit. P-61 does not receive enough credit for its contribution to the war effort. It was the first aircraft designed specifically for night fighting with radar assist. It was not deployed until 1944 and by that time there were not many enemy aircraft to shoot at. However, the radar proved useful in night interdiction missions. The PSP base is from Verlinden, as are three of the figures. The others came with the kit. Look closely and you will see that I am not done with the display. I need to scratch-build work stands for the engine man and the radar tech. I built the kit with all options: 4 external tanks and all hatches and doors open. This version was flown by Col. Carrol Smith, the top scoring P-61 ace of the war. One of the Verlinden figures is wearing a flight jacket, so I placed him in the cockpit. Thanks for looking.
  4. excellent build of a little-known model!
  5. In my poorest phase I had a '64 Rambler. A normal brake job ended up with three trips to the parts store (modified shoes) and catching the car on fire. It went to the salvage yard.
  6. During one of my previous-life jobs, I did some research and found that the X-Acto knife was statistically the most dangerous tool in the tool box. They were just thrown in the box with no protection. The plastic end from a ball point pen over the knife blade stopped the injuries. As long as the guys used them.
  7. Anybody seen the new Star Wars movie yet? My daughter's family scored special tickets for midnite show last night. Episode IV was the first movie she saw when she was a baby. I can't go until Saturday.
  8. Driver, owner, team owner, builder. Junior did it all.
  9. If not already mentioned, the Monogram '67 Corvette 427 Roadster was molded in red. At least the one I have.
  10. Just got back from the movie. A few factual errors (speedometer in a race car?), but the general public would not notice. Really good flick.
  11. Just saw the movie. It was really good! I remember when all this happened. There were a few detail errors and interesting story points missed or changed (like 1967 Ferrari P4s used for 1965), but a good movie none the less. GO SEE IT! I still recommend the book book Go Like Hell by A. J. Baime.
  12. Looks like you will have a slice of Paradise when you're done.
  13. A wonderful build of a little-known subject.
  14. Well, several weeks ago I watched Grand Prix for the umpteenth time since it came out. I got the idea to build a 1966/67 F1 from my parts box . The car was to be loosely based on the McLaren M2B. This was McLaren's first F1 car and used a de-stroked Indy Ford engine. Teams had two years' notice of the move from 1.5 to 3.0 engines but everyone was still scrambling to find power. I had several MPC and AMY Indy Lotus kits from years past that had been made into lots of other projects. I started with an AMT Indy 4-cam with intake and exhaust from other sources so it wouldn't look so much like a Ford. The basic chassis is an MPC unit from at least two kits. I lengthened the nose and eliminated the step-in at the front. Suspension bits are from AMT and MPC kits as well as some scratch-built parts. The windscreen is a bit ratty, but it is from a kit bought in 1964. Clear plastic gets even more brittle as it ages. The engine cover is scratch built. Good old Evergreen. But at least it came out mostly like what I had in mind. Thanks for looking.
  15. Nice clean build. Good to see one without the supercharger.
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