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  1. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Anybody here?   

    Welcome to the world of retiree modelers!
    I retired two years ago and since have acquired enough builds/rebuilds to last me  a year of full-time work.  Just don't get busier than when you were working.
    This forum is a great place for advise and help.  As I remember, the '62 Darts had a unitized body/chassis.  Are you looking to separate the drive train from the chassis plate? 
    For more exposure, post this message in the On the Workbench section. 
  2. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic 2016 Builds...Let's See 'Em....   

    Here's mine, just finished.  It started as a Papa Truck, Kenworth Aerodyne with some changes.  This is my first big rig after building race cars for years.  It attracted my attention because it is a race car hauler and you don't see many cabovers any more.  It is featured in the on the workbench and under glass sections.

  3. Lizard Racing added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    papa truck?
    This is the finished project noted in the On the Workbench section.
    I am not creative enough to come up with a special paint job, so I left it white and modified the kit decals to remove the Papa Truck designation.  I supplemented these decals with a side decal from the USA-1 '63 Corvette.  Never throw anything away.
    OBTW, do any of you regulars know more about the Aerodyne with the extended frame?  Was this a custom, or was it a separate Kenworth model? 

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  4. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic The engine that rewrote F1 history   

    It is the mark of a superior design to do not only what it was meant to do, but things it was not originally meant to do.
    The Cosworth DFV also won the Le Mans 24 hours and, in turbo form, won the Indy 500 several times.  To the best of my recollection it is the only engine to do so.
  5. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic papa truck?   

    Here's the chassis completed.  Obviously I'm not doing the Papa Truck.
    I couldn't get all the stacks to look right, so I fabricated a single exhaust and relocated the intake.  This is probably not correct in the 1:1 world.
    One tip that you big rig regulars probably already know: Because of the long frame rails, be sure to check that they are not warped or twisted.  I wish I had checked that BEFORE I assembled the chassis. Some tweaking will now be necessary.
    I'm still debating on the body color.
    Thanks for your attention.

  6. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic papa truck?   

    Yes, I remember from the instructions that the frame was gold and the engine white.
    I guess I've decided to make it into something else.
    Thanks for the comment. 
  7. Lizard Racing added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    papa truck?
    After building race cars off and on for many years, I decided to try a big rig. 
    I chose the Papa Truck because it's a race car hauler to start with.
    I can't decide to build it a Papa Truck, or something else.
    In the meantime, I am working on the chassis and engine.  There's a lot of parts to this!  Here's what I have so far.
    Ideas?  Thanks for your attention.

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  8. Lizard Racing added a topic in Under Glass   

    racing corvettes
    I just finished a tribute to the 1959 Washburn Corvette that was such a terror on the Pacific coast 1959-1962 in the hands of Bob Bondurant and others.  The kit was IMC's 1960 Vette, but I'm calling it a 1959.  The decals are from the excellent Vintage Racing Miniatures for both cars pictured.  The other car is a tribute to Washburn's 1963 Sting Ray, the last successful Corvette prior to the Cobra "dark days."
    Excellent source material is Corvette Thunder by Dave Friedman.  I have built several cars inspired by this book.

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  9. Lizard Racing added a topic in Under Glass   

    Just finished a phantom supermodified from the '60s.  It's the DTR/Monogram Edmunds Super with Big Donkey Resin wheels, tires and headers.  Decals are from the Vintage Racing Miniatures set for the Kurtis Midget.  I built one of these back in the day, but this one came out better.

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  10. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose Indy Car   

    I saw your car at GSL.  Now everyone can see how great it is.  Picture was taken from my phone, so is out of focus a bit.
    As I remember, Lloyd qualified poorly, but moved up rapidly.  A drive gear broke and put him out.  The car was a development of the Brabham chassis that first appeared in 1964.
    For old Indy cars, I heartily recommend Karl Ludvigsen's series Indy Cars of the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s.
  11. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Allison Chevelle   

    Just last year I rebuilt My old Monte Carlo with new decals and wheels.
    I have a Chevelle in the stash to be made into the Cale Yarbrough '71.  Now I may have to get another to make an Allison car.
    Good work!
  12. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic '69 Corvair: GSL Earl Scheib special   

    Actually a lot of paint shops have ready-made covers to go on the wheels.  So that detail is not entirely inaccurate.
    An unusual entry in the GSL.  I will look for it.
  13. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Revell 1963 Corvette   

    If you hadn't told me, I would have thought it was a real car!
  14. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Revell 62 Impala SS   

    I thought this forum was for models, not 1:1 cars (LOL).
    Great presentation of the car and the diorama!
  15. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Junior Johnson '63 Chevy   

    Here are some underhoods as requested. I should have included them before, since it was so much work.

    Online photos of the 1:1 came in handy to be accurate.

    Here are the two 427 engines from '63.  The one on the right is the Z-11 based on the 409 for the drags. Sadly, both projects were cancelled during the season.