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  1. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic 1962 Corvette   

    Nice build! I especially like the Viet Nam ribbon on the front plate.  I believe the "latches" on the rear deck are brackets to hold the back of the convertible top when up. At any rate, the BMF is appropriate.
  2. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Franken-Vette   

    The effect I'm going for is a '66 Vette with a '67 hood. It's the one with the "shark teeth" on the front corners.
    I have a spare hood from the AMT "USA 1" with a blower fairing that I'm trying to make into the '67.
    Thanks for the tips. 
  3. Lizard Racing added a topic in Wanted!   

    Does anyone have the cowl induction hood for a '67 Corvette?
    Do any resin casters have one?
    I'm building the AMT version from spare parts.
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  4. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic '67 Road race Camaro   

    Very good work! I am considering this kit for Trans Am application.  Is there a molded-in rear seat, or is it removable?
  5. Lizard Racing added a topic in Under Glass   

    1968 STP Turbine
    #70 was the first over 170 mph at Indy.
    I purchased this kit in a bag at a show.  I didn't seem to have the fitment problems others had. It was a straightforward build.  The body was left loose for display purposes.
    I did remove most of the solid center of the wheel backs so you can see through.
    Two major kit errors: It comes with Goodyear tires, but the decal and the real car had Firestones; Although the contingency stickers seem to have changed during the month of May, none of them matched what is in the kit. I had to use some from the stash.

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  6. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Monogram's "Long John" dragster   

    I remember building one back in the early '60s.  It looked good back then.
    OBTW, I believe the Potvin front-drive blower predates the top-mount.  I have an old Hot Rod Magazine that has an article about blower drives. I think that is what it said.
  7. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Ford GT-40 Mark II #98   

    Another resource for the time is the book Go Like Hell by A. J. Baime.  Miles and Ruby Won at Daytona and Sebring.  Miles came within a car length of being the first to also win at Le Mans in the same year.
    Unfortunately, he was killed testing the 1967 car.
  8. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic 1965 Corvette Jump Start with More Pictures   

    Nice detailing! I especially like the "bare" gray floor and leaving the stock door panels.  According to the rules at the time, interiors could be gutted but had to have two seats and door panels..
  9. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Chevelle   

    The red engine with the orange "Fram" oil filter is a nice touch.  I like the color.
  10. Lizard Racing added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ferrari Enzo giveaway
    I found this Revell kit at a thrift store, so bought it right away.  A friend was getting married soon, so I thought of making this a wedding present (more for him).
    It is box stock and mounted in a display case with an inscription.  I told my friend not to look at it too closely, as I am not a master modeler.  But I'll bet they didn't get a gift like this.
    This is the first project I have given away.  Hopefully it can get across the country intact!

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  11. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Cale's Laguna   

    Great build!  Mine is in the "Cale's 75/76/77 below.
    I see you used the correct rear suspension and you got the hood to fit and still keep the nose down.
    Good work!!.
  12. Lizard Racing added a topic in NASCAR   

    Cale's '75/'76/'77
    Just finished the '75 version of Cale Yarborough's Chevy starting with the MPC Laguna kit with PPP wheels and tires.  The MCM article was the inspiration for the project.

    It came out just OK.  This article along with the one on the Randy Ayres forum were very helpful.  It's just a shame to spend $20+ on a kit then need two extensive articles to make it look right.
    I haven't added the window net and am still working to get the hood to fit.

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  13. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic Hyundai Azera at port of entry customs 1/24 scale   

    What an unusual idea!
    I would think some personal knowledge and research was used to get the masking just right.
  14. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic The Beginnings Of Our Interstates   

    In 1919 there was a bold experiment called the 1919 Motor Transport Corps convoy, which was one of the first crossings of the United States by truck. 
    Commanding this expedition was  then Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    This adventure, along with observing the Autobahn in Germany made him a champion for highways across the country.
    And the rest is history.
  15. Lizard Racing added a post in a topic How does your family deal?   

    Growing up in the '60s my Dad, a Great Depression survivor, did not support my hobby.  I think it was because he had to work as a youth to help support his family.
    When I got married, I made it clear my wife had to at least be tolerant.  She didn't have to be rabid about it like I was, but at least tolerate.  Now I have my own "craft room." 
    It is important to be sure to allow your spouse to pursue his/her interests and activities.  It's only fair.