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  1. I guess the real question is: Is anyone building a Supernatural Impala. My Biscayne make-over is almost done. This is one of those kits with endless possibilities.
  2. He was the definition of multi-talented: actor, writer director. He could do it all so well!
  3. Looks pretty good! The chrome trim around the wheel wells is really tough to get right. I'm still working on mine.
  4. Is anyone building the Supernatural Impala 4-door OOB? This is one of those kits you can make anything out of. I'm turning mine into a Biscayne 427 that looks like an old grandma car until one pushes the gas. In 1967 the 427 with 4-speed was an option, not a model. One of the changes is to remove the Impala taillights (two stop lights and one back-up light) and fabricate one stop and one back-up per side. Evergreen strip will be used for the lights. There is a bit of work in turning an Impala 4-door hardtop into a Biscayne 4-door sedan. The side trim had to be removed. The B-pillar had to be added. Frames for the door windows had to be added. Reference photos are in the background. The interior had to be plained-up to reflect the cheaper trim level from Impala to Biscayne. I was glad to see the kit came with a bench front seat. The new kit itself seems to be pretty good. There is a lot of detail, especially the chassis and engine compartment. I won't be able to exactly duplicate the Biscayne changes, but it should do a good imitation. Primer went on today and paint should happen tomorrow. Dark green. I invite anyone else working on one of these to submit your WIP.
  5. Some of those streets seemed barely wider than the car! It would scare me to death to drive a car like that on the street. But that's what it was built for.
  6. Fabulous work! What scale are these? They look too detailed to be 1:24.
  7. Looks great! I just got mine I'm going to turn it into a Biscayne 427. A grandma car street sleeper.
  8. GUMBALL!!! The Camaro looks great, given not a lot of research material is around. This movie convinced me the producers knew about cars: Which car didn't make it out of the garage; which car broke in two. I just got a DVD of the movie from Amazon.
  9. In the WIP forum, I posted pictures of the Ferrari P4 that I originally built circa 1970. It has been in storage off and on since then. I got the idea that I could rebuild this and clean it up. Here it is after rebuilding and awaiting decals. I lost the windshield wiper in the past decades. Indycals came through for me once more , providing markings for the Daytona 2nd place car and the Firestone tire logos. OBTW, the last photos were taken with a different camera and different lighting. The car is red and not oranfe.
  10. I built one a few years ago and also added parts from Big Donkey. Yours looks good.
  11. I always thought the D stood for "Debarkation Day." When everyone got off the ships. So many of the young men storming the beaches were only 18 or 19 years old. I once saw a documentary about B-24 missions and they mentioned the 22 year-old pilot. My son was 22 at that time and I couldn't imagine him commanding a bomber aircraft. Extrodinary times bring out the best in people.
  12. IMHO, Le Mans is the best car-racing film ever made. It was made by a racer for racers. The hero didn't win the race, tore up his car and didn't get the girl. You have made a perfect representation of the essential working car.
  13. My wife's family had a '56 Dodge in the early '60s. From what we are able to determine, it was a Custom Royal model. She remembers all the push-buttons including the transmission. It was similar to the one shown below: Their car had black (charcoal) color on the bottom, white in the middle and pink on the top. She remembers it was easy to find in parking lots; just look for the pink top. Does anyone know about these cars? We would like to get a picture to put in a family history book.
  14. I bought this kit because I built a '65 Wagon when it was new. I don't remember it being a surf wagon. The new kit has lots of extra parts to make it a surfer, drag racer or crew version. Because I almost can't build a stocker without making some kind of racecar out of it, I did some research to determine into what category it would fit. Finding different advertised horsepower and shipping weights, I discovered the car would not have an advantage in the Stock category (a very handy source is the NHRA rule books in another thread). My thoughts then ran to Modified Production but that would mean cutting a hole in the hood for the hi-rise manifold and fabricating a cover for the carbs. I was looking for something unusual and got the idea of using the Corvette fuel-injection 327 and run in B/FX. 1965 was the last year for the fuelie engine and in the class, not much weight would need to be dropped. The NHRA might or might not have approved such a combination. I found no evidence of a Chevelle running a Corvette engine. Underneath: modified kit headers inspired by Snake 45 and fabricated traction bars. Rule say you have to keep the stock exhaust, but all examples I have seen have mufflers deleted. Also note a modified deep oil pan. I had Corvette valve covers, expansion tank and fuel injection parts in the bin. The air meter (right side) is from the parts bin. Fabricated air inlet from the grille (may or may not be legal). I substituted some American mags for the kit Cragers, as the front ones would be too wide for front tires. I repeated the mythical Rocky Mtn. Chevrolet sponsor, also used on the SS/F '68 Camaro previously done. Decals made with clear background and yellow lettering completely vanished on application. So I had to resort to white background paper (to use white lettering) and inserted text boxes with blue background. The blue color is not quite a match for the paint shade. I have enough white drag racers with red, blue or black lettering. The problem with running an FX car is that it is only eligible for the current model year. After that it has to go into Modified Production or some other category. Someone interested in doing that would have to buy a car as soon as it was available (assuming the factory would not supply one pre-release), then modify it real quick in order to be ready for the first meet of the year. Pretty tough running a Chevy with no factory support. This project brought back some memories. Thanks for viewing.
  15. Great rescues! I may have built most or all of those kits in the day. These were good projects on which to learn model building.
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