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  1. As you probably guessed, this one's going to be a foxbody painted in a beautiful shade of peepee yellow. The project just got off the ground, so I don't have much to show other than Revell's curious interpretation of the 90 Mustang body. I'm no Mustang expert by any means, and my eyes definitely aren't the best, but it looks to me like they've taken the liberty of chopping the top for me lol. No big deal. It looks like a great kit, and to tell you the truth, I actually kind of like the lower roofline.
  2. Gotta love that attitude, sir. I watch just about every video you and Right on Replicas put out. Are they all full detail, museum quality, six years in the making masterpieces? Not really, but they still look great when done, give a few good tips to new builders and seasoned vets alike, and also give you a honest, detailed explanation of exactly what you're getting. Sometimes I saved a few bucks after realizing what was ON the box didn't accurately portray what was IN the box. More often, I ended up getting three of a kit I wouldn't have been interested in otherwise. You'd fit in great in our club down here in PA. Our unofficial motto has become "quit whining and build the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH kit" lol
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys! Always very much appreciated! Thank you. That's actually out of the Revell 65 Chevy 2n1 pickup. I used the custom air cleaner on the one I built and had that stock one laying around for a while. Between that and the SBC intake from an AMT parts pack, I think you get a much better look than the kit setup with almost no work involved.
  4. So here's my one week slump buster build turned one month project. This one was supposed to be a back to basics, low detail, spray bomb build that took a new course simply because I couldn't stand that early fuel injection system included with the kit. If you're going to change one goofy looking thing, why stop there, right? Alterations to the base kit include opening the grill and putting a piece of screen behind it to mimic the 1:1 stock grill, swapping out the fuel injection for a carb, adding a little extra under hood detail, adding detail to the interior side of the doors, and using some aluminum tube to beef up the exhaust tips a bit. Color is all shades of red from Krylon. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  5. I usually listen to something from the same era as whatever I'm building. If I really want to get into it, I'll even go with the theme. For example, if I'm building a stock 55 Chevy, I'll listen to something like Bill Haley. A chopped up hotrod will usually call for some Horton Heat. The 77 GMC I'm building now has a CCR/Skynyrd/Waylon Jennings mix going on. Next up is a '90 Mustang drag car that may need a little Slayer or Anthrax to get in the mood. Funny thing is, not only does doing this put me in the right mood, I also have a much broader taste in music now. The 30's and 40's blues, jazz, gospel and swing music was particularly enjoyable.
  6. Just when work starts picking up again and I think I'll have some extra dough in my pocket, Moebius has to go and put me back in the poor house. I may need 3 or 4 just for that engine, especially considering Revell just put out that 57 Sedan gasser.
  7. Love it! Man, do I wish they would do a metal roof version of one of these. One of the most beautiful cars ever.
  8. Tyler62990

    Model a

    In the vast sea of chopped A's dragging their oil pans across the pavement, it's really cool to see a stock roof height highboy Model A. Does it still have the little 4 banger in it?
  9. It's always a treat seeing what comes off your bench. Everything works together beautifully on this one.
  10. Oh yeah, that's my kind of car. Very interesting color combo and a lot of eye candy under the hood and on the chassis. Really nice build.
  11. I'm working on Revell's 77 GMC now. Should be done in a couple of days or so. Once you get rid of that goofy injection system, it's really not a bad little kit, especially for getting out of a slump.
  12. Extremely well done Caddy. I had to pick one of these up today after seeing this one. Definitely one of Revell's better kits in terms of underhood detail, that's for sure.
  13. I really love that finish. Very realistic.
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