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  1. 70 Dodge Charger - New year update

    Thank you! No, I just popped it in there. I had a look at the box, and it does seem rather low, but it looks fine when you build it. It wouldn't be the first time Revell screwed up the box art lol.
  2. AMT 40 Ford Straight-liner

    Thanks again guys!
  3. Six for 2018

    Here's my 2018 builds in a nutshell. I only managed to get six done this year, but the complexity of each build is higher than most I've done in previous years, so I'm pretty happy with that number. I'm slowly learning the value of quality over quantity lol
  4. 70 Dodge Charger - New year update

    Well my plan to get this one done by the end of 2018 didn't work out, but no big deal. Here's where I'm at now. Pics are kinda self explanatory, so I'll spare you the long write up.
  5. 2019 Revell (Germany)

    Same. The Deutz, Porsche, and MF that Heller just repoped are on my "stuff to buy after Christmas" list. Weathering heaven lol
  6. 70 Dodge Charger - New year update

    So here's where I'm at for today. Well, so far anyway. I'm trying to get this one wrapped up for the last build of 2018, so if I really grind on it and all goes well, I just may get this done and clog this post up over the next two days. Anyway, I got the engine done with the exception of the blower hat and linkage. I had to kick the belt forward a bit so the alternator would clear the dual distributors, so here's to hoping final assembly goes to plan. Otherwise, this one may be running without a fan shroud. Weight reduction, right? I also tried my hand at making a racing harness from strips of Tamiya tape and plastic strips. It doesn't look nearly as good as the photoetch stuff, but it should add a little interest to an interior that will probably be difficult to see anyway. Gotta love modeling on a tight budget lol.
  7. AMT 40 Ford Straight-liner

    Thanks guys! As always, very much appreciated!
  8. AMT 40 Ford Straight-liner

    Here's my take on the classic AMT 40 Ford coupe. I was given this kit for a club build in which we partner up with someone, then give them a kit from your stash to do themselves. I have a Revell 40 that's going to end up as a hotrod at some point, so I figured the drag option was the way to go with this one. This tool shows its age, with it's shallow engraving and simplified design, but it was still a very enjoyable build, with most complications being caused by myself as usual. Anyway, there isn't much to say about the build that can't be seen. The vast majority of the parts are straight from the kit, with the exceptions being a couple decals, wiring and plumbing, and the scoop that comes from Revell's 55 Chevy street machine. Paint is Duplicolor Sealer (to hide the orange plastic), Duplicolor White Primer, Duplicolor Toyota silver, MM Chrysler Yellow, and Testors Star Spangled Blue. Thanks for looking!
  9. If this is really their plan, that's very unfortunate. I was on the Revell doom and gloom train, but was very pleasantly surprised to see their new lineup under the new owners. Hopefully it'll work out the same way for Moebius. The new tools of off color subjects like Hudsons and such were undeniably great contributions. Now, hopefully I can still get the replacement bodies the guy I talked to has been searching the warehouse for over a year to find lol. Those Melrose Missile and International Prostar kits weren't exactly cheap.
  10. Revell 1964 Chevy Impala SS

    Hahaha I just saw this yesterday on a trip to Michael's to use up some old gift cards. I showed the box to my girlfriend, who has very limited knowledge when it comes to cars, and even she spotted that in seconds. That gave me a pretty good laugh. I was going to buy it, too. Unfortunately, someone decided to steal all of the lowrider parts out of it. I could do without them, but it's the principal. Sometimes I don't really like people very much. Anyway, nice to see this one back out. Gotta love these old boats.
  11. 70 Dodge Charger - New year update

    Quick update. I got the paint polished up, some BMF applied, and the panel lines blackwashed. I'm also entertaining the idea of a 16 plug Hemi. I do love a busy engine bay...
  12. AMT 40 Ford - final mock-up 12-18-18

    Thanks guys! Hoping to wrap this one up tonight to make our club Christmas meet this Saturday. I forgot how fast things start going together during final assembly, especially on these simple AMT kits of yesteryear. Can't wait to get the decals on there.
  13. AMT 40 Ford - final mock-up 12-18-18

    Ok, I've been neglecting the posting in favor of building. Here's a quick mock-up of what I've got going on now. The paint was touched up and cleared, then given a good polishing. I decided to paint the firewall a polished aluminum color to give it a little pop. Foil was applied, then the panel lines blackwashed. I got the chassis put together, then put the body over it to snap a quick picture. Next up is making windows from acetate sheet, as the ones from the kit are just way too thick for my liking.
  14. AMT 40 Ford - final mock-up 12-18-18

    Somehow I knew you would say that haha. I have a Revell 40 in the stash that'll be keeping its flathead. It almost hurt putting the Nailhead in this one, but a stock flattie doesn't make for the best drag car unfortunately. I wish I had that kit. That scoop looks really nice.
  15. AMT 40 Ford - final mock-up 12-18-18

    So not too much to show. The paint was touched up in places, but quickly became an even bigger problem. I think I'm finally getting that squared away, though. I did manage to get the engine done. For being a big blob of plastic for the most part, it does build up into a pretty nice Nailhead with a little detailing. Here's where I'm needing suggestions. Should I go with the kit scoop (primer), or this nice Crower (chrome) I dug out of the parts box? I like the idea of keeping it Hilborn on Hilborn, but that kit scoop is pretty iffy. What do you guys think?