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  1. AMT 40 Ford

    So after a coat of sealer and a few coats of white primer, this is where I'm at. It's looking like the orange plastic is good and buried. For the paint, I'm thinking a white bottom half, dark blue top half, and a yellow separation line to go along with the decals I want to use.
  2. AMT 40 Ford

    That's the plan. If it doesn't work out, I'll probably go with thread. I remember trying to glue the material you're talking about and it being a nightmare lol
  3. AMT 40 Ford

    You know, welting is just one of those details I ALWAYS seem to overlook. I just may have to give it a go on this one. I may use some thin black plastic beading string I have. I think I would want more of a rubber look. That is really looking great. Seems like I'm running into the same issues you've found. The engraving on my trunk is also terrible, but even after a few coats of sealer primer and a few coats of white primer, by luck or divine intervention, the lines are still visible. I love the engine choice you made. I'll be sticking with the kit Nailhead on mine.
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that I couldn't get them to work. I had a set of painted whitewalls for the front, but they got a bit messy when I went to put the wheels in. I'd rather go blackwalls than scuffed and cracked whites any day.
  5. Special Order Sunliner.

    Man, I love this one! The body and interior colors, the steel wheels and hubcaps, it's just my kind of ride. I actually like the fact that the Molotow dulled a bit. It gives it the character of a car that was well kept and aged like a fine wine. Excellent work.
  6. 1952 Hudson Hornet

    Absolutely stunning. Very nice, clean build.
  7. 2 59 Caddy's

    Great builds and photography.
  8. 1971 plymouth satellite

    Very nice!
  9. AMT 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Your builds never fail to impress. That is just gorgeous. Funny thing is, I've heard soooo many people say this isn't a very good kit, then you see a finished product like this.
  10. AMT 40 Ford

    I'm getting ready to dig into this one as part of a club build off. There's a pretty good amount of flash, heavy mold lines, and very shallow engraving, but we'll make it work lol. First up was a bit of scribing and cutting out the hood for the blower. My plan is to paint half of the body white as well, so here's to hoping the sealer I sprayed on the parts tonight keeps that orange from showing its ugly face. Hope to have more updates tomorrow.
  11. Here's the latest to roll of the bench. Hope you like it! Lindberg 34 Ford pickup Frame z'd front and back with stock buggy spring in the rear, modified stock front end with Revell 32 Ford hairpins. Front wheels from kit, rears from AMT Lil Vicky Hudson 308 with modified kit exhaust. Cap chopped and box shortened. Both channeled over frame. Modified kit grill and headlights. Cowl steering. Taillights from Revell 32 Ford Testors Root Beer lacquer with wet look clear.
  12. Matty Winspur's 54 Hudson... with a twist

    Thanks again guys! To tell you the truth, I don't really know lol. The other window markings that came with the kit (class markings and so on) wouldn't really work with the mods I did. I did want to put something there, however, so the dollar signs it was.
  13. Matty Winspur's 54 Hudson... with a twist

    Thanks a lot guys!
  14. This is my take on Matty Winspur's 54 Hudson offered by Moebius. As much as I love the real car, I thought it would be cool to give it a little more flash. The straight six provided in the kit will be used for a 34 Ford I'm slapping together at the moment, and was traded for an early Hemi from an AMT parts pack. To accommodate the much larger engine, the fender wells were cut out. In addition to that and the interior color, the only other thing different from the original is the roof, which admittedly was just a paint experiment I decided to run with lol. The colors used were various grey primers and Rust-Oleum satin navy for the interior, Tamiya light metallic blue over Testors diamond dust for the main body color, and a combination of the aforementioned colors along with Tamiya white primer, Testors blazing black, and Duplicolor metalcast blue for the roof. It was then treated to a few coats of Testors gloss coat lacquer and a good polishing. Hope you like it, and thanks for looking!
  15. 47 Chevy Hot Rod

    Thanks guys! Sorry for the super late reply. The desktop bit the big one and I'm slowly learning how to use the forum from my phone.