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  1. Here's one I just finished up. I'm off to a slow start for the year, but hopefully that will change soon. This one started off as the AMT 1950 Chevy 3100. The box was tossed in favor of a stake bed yanked from the Lindberg 34 Ford pickup. Aside from your typical wiring, plumbing, and a good amount of weathering, I kept this one pretty basic. Hope you guys like it!
  2. Lindberg 66 Chevelle SS

    I'm in desperate need of a decal sheet for the Lindberg 66 Chevelle for a replica build I'm doing for a family friend. Direct replacement or tips on where to find a compatible aftermarket set would be greatly appreciated. I don't expect anything for nothing, of course. Paypal or money orders are doable, also open to trades if that's what's desired. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Class of 17 - Rods and Rigs

    Thanks again guys!
  4. Class of 17 - Rods and Rigs

    Thanks a lot guys! Very much appreciated!
  5. Class of 17 - Rods and Rigs

    So here's my year in a nutshell. I recently decided to take the plunge into the world of model trucks, so in addition to my car stash, it was another year of spending money I probably shouldn't be spending lol. I managed to get 5 cars, two trucks and two trailers finished up, so I'm pretty happy with this years output. Now I just have to get into building more shelves. It was also the year of the build off for me, with only the T-Bird and Roadway Ford being the only models built without the purpose of being in some sort of contest. It was actually nice doing it this way, as having a deadline kept me from getting lazy. Well, here's my year. Happy New Year and see you guys in 2018!
  6. I decided to end the year with another truck build, and two and a half months later, it's done. I started off with the Mack R685 reissue from AMT and their Fruehauf van trailer. Knowing that my company use to run Mack's for the longest time, it seemed like a good way to go. I'm not sure if we ever had trucks with this wheelbase, or if we had bead side trailers, but I'm no rivet counter haha. The truck itself was painted with Valspar paints which for some reason appear a bit off in the pictures. The orange was almost a dead on match for our colors. No crazy modifications were made, just simple things like engine detail, some weathering, and some scratch built airlines/gladhands. The decals were made on MS Word using Testors decal paper, which was honestly the most aggravating part of the build. All in all, it's a great kit with the exception of AMT's poor instructions and long frame rails that are prone to warping. Mine took a little finesse to get everything straight, and I still ended up having to deal with a few issues during final assembly. Still a nice kit I'd do again, though. The trailer was I nice, straight forward build that I decided to complicate by adding some homemade decals and a detailed interior. The sides were warped pretty badly, but the basswood I used for paneling actually helped that situation a bit. Three feet of tape and two big C-clamps helped even more lol. The e-tracks were made using cut down wire ties. The only hiccup I encountered with this one was the barn doors needed a bit of sanding on the hinges to make them operate correctly. After a little reflective Line-O-Tape and a get of gladhands to match the tractor, I loaded it up with some freight I made for my last trailer and called it a day. Well, that about sums it up. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thank you, and sorry for the late reply. With some sanding around the edges, removal of the ejector pin marks inside the tracks, a piece of Gorilla tape across the entire door, and A LOT of patience, it can be made to work rather well. I wish there was a secret, but it really just comes down to playing around with it until it works. The biggest pain is getting everything looking good, only to have it keep binding up on you.
  8. White Western Star logger

    Between the weathering, details, and photography, it's pretty hard to tell this is a model, especially in those black and white pics. Very, very nice job.
  9. Very impressive builds. Those little details on the trailer are awesome
  10. 1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    What a work of art. I love everything about this one
  11. 1929 Ford Tow Truck

    Now that's cool! Every now and again, a model comes along that belongs in a museum, and this is definitely one of them. Love it!
  12. PayStar 5500

    Very nice, clean build.
  13. Int 2500 Highway Plow with Sander

    That's just too cool. I really wish they'd reissue this kit. That cab is perfect for a build like this.
  14. TRANSTAR 4300.

    Great looking build!
  15. Double Big Mac(k)

    Very nice, clean build. I never thought of these as show-type trucks until now. I always thought they were kind of ugly, which is perfect for a fleet truck or a good weathering project, but this one changed my mind.