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  1. On 4/18/2020 at 6:47 AM, Dann Tier said:

    Look at all that killer detail!!!...did you add the wrinkles to those seats?

    Thank you. No, I wish I could take credit for that, but it was a complete accident. The satin black I was using did some funky things over the resin. Luckily, it ended up actually looking better than it would have lol

  2. It feels like forever since I've actually got something done, so one of my dream cars seemed like a good way to get the ball rolling again. I always wanted to build as close to a factory built LO23 Super Stock Dart as I could get, but wanted to get more comfortable with building something as a replica and not a fantasy car, especially when reference photos are so hard to come by. 

    This one started out as the Revell Hemi Dart kit, but to make it a true LO23, the rear fenders had to be redone, front fender line scribed, master cylinder relocated and cut away from the booster, battery tray shaved with battery relocated to the trunk, rear armrests removed, block off plates for the heater and radio added, window cranks removed and replaced with seatbelt material, GTS buckets replaced with lightweight A100 seats and aluminum brackets, center hood scoop pin removed, and probably a few other inaccuracies overlooked by Revell. The stacks sitting on Fireball Modelworks awesome carbs were also drilled out and covered with screen from a paint filter to give a little more of a convincing look. Overall, a really fun project that I'm happy to finally have off the bucket list.














  3. Ok, so after getting frustrated with my paint mishap and walking away for a bit, I decided to get back at it. The body's been reprimed and painted and is just waiting for its clear coat. Don't mind my filthy paint booth, I'm kind of a slob lol. Anyway, I also started chipping away at the engine and can call it done with the exception of the air cleaner.




  4. The No Drama Underground Scale Model club based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania will be hosting our first annual model show/swap meet at the America On Wheels automotive museum in Allentown, PA on October 26, 2019. 

    $10 gets you a fun filled day of consisting of the show itself ($1 per entry), the swap meet featuring over 40  tables from well known vendors such as Mike's Decals and Detail Masters along with other sellers, and full access to the museum for some 1:1 eye candy. The museum also has a cafeteria with great food to fuel a long day of soaking up the sights. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to respond on this thread and I'll be sure to answer you as promptly as possible. For more information, please feel free to visit our Facebook by searching Halloween Bash Model Car Show or visiting the America on Wheels website. Thank you, and hope to see you there!!!







  5. Well, tonight I learned that Plastikote T-18 is an enamel primer. The good news is, I figured that out while applying duplicolor over a Mustang I'm working on. The bad news is, both cars were primed with the T-18. I guess I should have realized that when it was sanding so easily, but having it written somewhere on the can probably would've worked a little better. At least the purple pond should take care of both overnight. Stripping enamel sure is easier than lacquer. Thanks for the very helpful labeling and instructions, Plastikote.

  6. 6 hours ago, Luc Janssens said:

    Just make sure to sand the top of the roof smooth, cuz remember that my copy of this kit showed the engraved remains of the vinyl top from the GSS release.

    I think gtx is right. Mine was perfectly smooth on top, same as my 68 Hemi kit. I'm thinking someone swapped the body on you or Revell's quality control was out to lunch. Not exactly unheard of. I once got a 57 Chevy body in a 56 Del Ray kit straight from the hobby shop.

  7. 3 hours ago, gtx6970 said:

    1968 SS/EA class car. 440 auto, fender well headers . yet had the full exhaust still mounted

    Black interior bucket seats, aftermkt shifter  auto on the floor but no console


    I have a magazine around here some where with more info. I will be in the garage the rest of the day,, If I get a chance I  will see if I can dig any other info up








    You're a gentleman and a scholar, sir. Thank you. If you do manage to dig up more info, I'd definitely appreciate it. It seems like Revell got it right with the auto 440, but only mention the fenderwell headers. Good thing they included the full exhaust in the kit lol. The buckets are also in there, but the interior floor calls for the console. I'm undecided on whether or not I want to go through the trouble of fixing that. The only other inaccuracies I can see going off of the pictures is the hood trim vents are supposedly red, but appear black on the real car. The brake drums also appear to be painted red, but interestingly enough, the kit doesn't even provide brakes. The wheels just mount to the axle. I understand the real focus of racing is to go as fast as possible, but I would think being able to stop may be of some interest lol




  8. Got some gray goo laid down today. I was originally going to use a black primer, but Landy's cars appear to be a brighter silver, so gray should work good for the undercoat. I must say, it's a joy working with gray primer as opposed to my usual white. Being able to actually see how much you're putting down makes life soooo much easier lol


  9. As part of a group build for the club I'm a part of, this is the kit I decided on for the theme being "Cars That Ran Englishtown Raceway Park". The theme is for an upcoming show we will be hosting in Allentown, PA. (I'll post more information on that for anyone who may be interested)

    Researching cars that ran that particular track in the old days was a particularly difficult task, but nothing compared to finding info on this particular car. It seems everyone has info on the Hemi that Landy ran, but not the 440 that Revell made a kit after. Given that fact, I'm going to wing it on a few aspects of the model. That being said, if anyone has any pics of the 440 he ran, I certainly wouldn't mind if you shared them lol. 

    Well, this is the starting line (pun absolutely intended) I guess. I'm starting the basic prep work like subassemblies, deepening panel lines, stripping a little chrome, etc. Hoping to start getting some paint laid over the weekend.



  10. Well, despite numerous attempts to save the yellow paint, the clear last night was the final nail in the coffin. The clear I was spraying started pulling the color away from the higher edges, so in the pond it went. I also learned that Super Clean SUCKS at stripping MM lacquers. 91% rubbing alcohol is the way to go.

    Time to start over, I guess. I'm thinking a black metallic body with this cool burnt copper for the stripe. I think I like that better than the yellow idea anyway.




  11. Still not a whole lot to show, but I have a quick update on this one. I got my body color down, but I must've gotten a bad can of Model Master lacquer. The primer was sanded very smooth, but I still got unbelievable orange peel in the color which I'm chalking up to thick paint/low pressure. Even heating the can up and doing fast passes close to the body did nothing to alleviate the problem. No big deal, though. I pulled some from the can to be thinned and shot though my airbrush later tonight.

    Part two for my update is I got some engine work done. I've always loved the look of unpainted, bare metal race engines, so I decided to go that route here. I know it looks like a spikey wire mess, but after a few touch ups and everything is routed where it belongs, it should look pretty decent.

    (Excuse my horrible pictures. My white background was killed in action thanks to about 16 oz. of black coffee)



  12. As you probably guessed, this one's going to be a foxbody painted in a beautiful shade of peepee yellow. The project just got off the ground, so I don't have much to show other than Revell's curious interpretation of the 90 Mustang body. I'm no Mustang expert by any means, and my eyes definitely aren't the best, but it looks to me like they've taken the liberty of chopping the top for me lol. No big deal. It looks like a great kit, and to tell you the truth, I actually kind of like the lower roofline.


  13. On 7/14/2019 at 9:08 AM, hpiguy said:

    I wish I was retired! Thanks for the nice words. :) 

    It's very true, I don't sweat the small stuff on my models. I like old school fun model making, and for me, fun means getting it built and painted so that it's a reasonable facsimile of the real thing. Perfection isn't my goal and I make that pretty clear, as you've seen and heard watching the videos. 

    I'll handle some seams or mold marks at times but I don't let it mire me down. A lot I don't see as an issue and don't even bother. Flash I'll take off 99% of the time, but there will be times I miss that too or didn't see it or thought it was part of the part to begin with. When I notice it, I think, oh well, this isn't a contest model and it's not a real Cuda selling for $400,000.

    When I'm done with a Buick Regal or Chevelle kit, anyone I know will look at it and say, yup that's a Buick Regal, that's a Chevelle, etc. 

    I try to get more people into the fun side of the hobby, buying and building kits, any kits, of any genre, and just enjoying themselves. Especially kids, who feel overwhelmed when they see the posts about 'This kit sucks' or 'You HAVE to have an airbrush if you want to make nice models'. It makes them not even want to take the kit home.

    For those that demand scale perfection, cool. More power to them. I don't cut them down but I'll make remarks that if perfection is your thing and little issues send you into a rage (you should see the comments I delete, some grown men really go overboard with the F bombs about a small issue on a model or misspoken word about a part) , my channel isn't for you. 

    But for me and most of my viewers, my style suits us best. I get a lot of calls from some sponsors that they love that style too and they hear from people that I'm the reason they got back into making kits after being burnt out on the perfection and 'you must be an expert on that subject and models to make a model' type attitudes. 

    Thanks again and I hope to keep making kits as long as my finger work!

    Gotta love that attitude, sir. I watch just about every video you and Right on Replicas put out. Are they all full detail, museum quality, six years in the making masterpieces? Not really, but they still look great when done, give a few good tips to new builders and seasoned vets alike, and also give you a honest, detailed explanation of exactly what you're getting. Sometimes I saved a few bucks after realizing what was ON the box didn't accurately portray what was IN the box. More often, I ended up getting three of a kit I wouldn't have been interested in otherwise. You'd fit in great in our club down here in PA. Our unofficial motto has become "quit whining and build the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH kit" lol

  14. Thanks for the kind words guys! Always very much appreciated!

    19 minutes ago, alexis said:

    Great looking build. Where'd you get the Air Cleaner? It looks perfect for the truck!

    Thank you. That's actually out of the Revell 65 Chevy 2n1 pickup. I used the custom air cleaner on the one I built and had that stock one laying around for a while. Between that and the SBC intake from an AMT parts pack, I think you get a much better look than the kit setup with almost no work involved.

  15. So here's my one week slump buster build turned one month project. This one was supposed to be a back to basics, low detail, spray bomb build that took a new course simply because I couldn't stand that early fuel injection system included with the kit. If you're going to change one goofy looking thing, why stop there, right?

    Alterations to the base kit include opening the grill and putting a piece of screen behind it to mimic the 1:1 stock grill, swapping out the fuel injection for a carb, adding a little extra under hood detail, adding detail to the interior side   of the doors, and using some aluminum tube to beef up the exhaust tips a bit. Color is all shades of red from Krylon. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!

















  16. I usually listen to something from the same era as whatever I'm building. If I really want to get into it, I'll even go with the theme. For example, if I'm building a stock 55 Chevy, I'll listen to something like Bill Haley. A chopped up hotrod will usually call for some Horton Heat. The 77 GMC I'm building now has a CCR/Skynyrd/Waylon Jennings mix going on. Next up is a '90 Mustang drag car that may need a little Slayer or Anthrax to get in the mood. Funny thing is, not only does doing this put me in the right mood, I also have a much broader taste in music now. The 30's and 40's blues, jazz, gospel and swing music was particularly enjoyable.

  17. Just when work starts picking up again and I think I'll have some extra dough in my pocket, Moebius has to go and put me back in the poor house. I may need 3 or 4 just for that engine, especially considering Revell just put out that 57 Sedan gasser.

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