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  1. So it's done! I finished this up a couple months ago, but I haven't gotten a chance to post it yet. This is the 2 bay garage kit from SMBC on a wood base, modified to accept a wooden roof and lighting. It was packed with tools and parts from 3 in 1 kits, Fujimi Tool kits, and various resin suppliers, along with more than a few scratchbuilt items. The Fujimi welding unit was modified to be functional using flashing LED bulbs. This project took about 5-7 months from start to finish. There's a lot I could talk about, but I'll let the pictures speak lol. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks again for the kind words gentlemen. Try out the Tamiya powders for military models. They come in a three pack that looks like a makeup case and seem to stick better than regular pastels. I use the "snow" one for my salt, but the rust, soot, and metal ones have been useful many times. Useful to the point that they're the only thing I use except for a wash here and there lol
  3. Man, that is just perfect. I really like the grill and the interesting engine choice. Flatheads, Hemis, and SB Chevys are cool and all, but those old straight 6s just have an undeniable cool factor. I want to do one similar to this, but with an old Hudson engine. Those were just too neat looking to keep hidden by hoods and fenders.
  4. Very nice build man. It has that perfect old school look
  5. Love it. The weathering looks great and the missing trim piece is a great touch.
  6. It's all been said already. Drop dead gorgeous build.
  7. Tyler62990

    '29 Rat

    I like this one a lot. It's not over the top, which is great to see because the rat rod trend has been a bit ridiculous for quite some time now. I mean lamp shades for air cleaner covers? Come on now, lol. The wood slats, door handles, club plate, bomber seats, and paint work great together. One question, though. I'm really digging the header wrap. Care to share your technique?
  8. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it. Yeah, that was poor planning on my part. I ransacked my house looking for something suitable but it was a futile effort. The solder was the only thing I could think of at the time, and despite my best attempts to keep them identical, they didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped. I'll leave it as is though, because I like seeing marked improvements as the shelf collects more subjects (and I'm lazy lol). Anyway, thank you for the tips. I would've never thought of that. Flats cars are some of the coolest out there, IMO. I'll definitely be building more in
  9. Here's my take on the Revell 29 Roadster. I've never really been one for roadsters, but as soon as this kit hit the shelves, I saw it as a Bonneville Flats car. This is the channeled version, basically out of box with the exception of a few mods. I started out by dechroming almost everything and painting it semi-gloss black or MM silver chrome for a more muted finish. The interior was painted with MM Leather, exterior with MM Dark Green, the wheels with a mix of Testors flat yellow and gloss white. This was also my first time using an airbrush (SO much more fun than rattle cans lol) Once every
  10. Thanks for all the very kind words guys! Always appreciated Mostly paint and my heavy handedness. The only problems with the kit itself are the engine has to be mounted perfectly to get the hood to close, the door handles, rearview mirror and those god forsaken two piece side mirrors have no locating pins/holes (great if you're going for the shaved look) or they're very faint, the bumpers are a real pain and the dash assembly gave me PTSD lol. It really is a good kit, but definitely not a throw together.
  11. Now that's just a thing of beauty! A little custom flash, but still reserved. My kinda rod!
  12. NICE! That paint job really sets this one off
  13. So here's a Monogram 55 Chevy convertible I just finished up. One word sums this one up... nightmare. It's a really decent kit, I just had a lot of problems for some reason. Anyway, this one was built to resemble how I'd build a 1:1. The engine bay was wired and plumbed, the suspension modified to put her a little closer to the ground, and some leftover sidepipes from a Revell 49 Merc for that kustom look are the only real mods that seperate this one from a box stock version. It was painted with Duplicolor touch-up paints and cleared with Testor's Wet Look, both from the can. After sanding and
  14. Thanks for all the kind words guys! I really appreciate it
  15. I've recently had the pleasure of building the Moebius Tim Flock 55 Chrysler 300. I can honestly say I've never built a kit molded with such surgical precision. Yes, it is that good! Anyway, this is it, finished and ready for the shelf. It's built mostly box stock, with the exception of some under hood details and BMF trim. It was painted with Tamiya Racing White spray cans. The paint REALLY gave me a headache due to lack of coverage. When there finally was satisfactory paint coverage, most of my panel lines were gone, making foiling a real treat. That explains the incorrect thickness of the s
  16. That's a beauty! Looks like a real nightmare to foil, too. Great job!
  17. I LOVE this build. Awesome job!
  18. Great job on this one. The color and details suit it perfectly. Very traditional and very cool.
  19. Thanks again guys! Sorry for the late reply, I forgot I posted this haha. As always, your kind words are much appreciated.
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